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6/28 - Into the Aerie
Awarded XP for all players: 1150 XP

After the brief passage into the cafe and dispatching a pair of Trolls (killing one and scaring another) who acted as guards, you found a small village near the top of the mountain that inhabited by assassins that work for Rhaxilicles. You slipped past some frightful mountaintop swamp of Gloomsbourough. Further into the cave, you found an opening for the Aerie. After your delved into the Aerie, you ran black dragon wyrmlings, a Night Hag and an Obsidian Portal that you could only access with some coins you obtained from the trolls.

On closer examination, Thelander is able to find the words: "Neytalos Hymyrrym" near the door of the Obsidian Portal Room.
Session: World of Orphel 2.0 - To The Aerie - Monday, Jun 25 2018 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM
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Tags: thelander