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Treasure from the Necromancer's Chamber
800 cp, 9000 sp, 2300 gp, 70 pp, Bolt of Brass Cloth (250 gp), Bolt of Silver Cloth (250 gp), Porcelain Vase carved with Knotwork (250 gp), Silk Gown threaded with Gold (250 gp), Electrum Cloth Pennant (250 gp), 2 x Spell Scroll (Poison Spray) (common, dmg 200), Spell Scroll (Thunderous Smite) (common, dmg 200), 3 x Potion of Healing (common, dmg 187)

1 coin - Lucky Coin - Rubber it once a day to gain an advantage roll after failing a roll.
1 coin - Unknown

Porcelain Vase - A communication tool with a being that has massive life-force and another that has no life-force. There is another item paired with this and the other connection to the undead. Xi thinks it can communicate with other undead.
Electrum Cloth Pennant - "Gravewatch" - Undead roll at a disadvantage to attack you and damage from them is reduced by half. Saving Throws are +3 against Undead magic.
Silk Gown - +2 AC, +2 Saving Throw
Session: World of Orphel 2.0 - Necrodungeon Aftermath - Sunday, Jun 17 2018 from 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM
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