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    Flossin Javits Human/M/Spell casting hippie with a spear
    "Gerry is my copilot"
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    Tyla Deepneau Human/M/Novice
    "Now, let's not be too hasty!"
    Description:Late 50s, Jovial, Friar Tuck + PT Barnum + Varys the Spider. The penitent promoter whose life has been changed from his early days of crime. Director of a small, modest orphanage and the "Carnival of the Forgotten," a small troupe of child performers. Some connections to the wealthy elite, par...
    Background:Born outside Illik-Ving in a commune of lumberjacks. At age five, bandits wiped out their small village. Their parents dead, he and his twin sister, Tayna fled to the city and were constant companions as they scrapped and fought their way through life. They ventured through the eight cities as th...
    Details:Guild connections: Players Guild - Member Thieves Guild Beggars Guild Religions: Never afraid to profess faith in specific gods. Most pious with Arrumeht, God of the Stage and the twin child gods, Tesca & Tanno. ------------- Traits: Agility - d4 Smarts - d8 Spirit - d8 Strength -...
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    Lysa Oliviet / Sob "Ricky" Riquet Human/?/Thief/Seasoned
    "L: All the world's a stage...; S: Another round!!!"
    Description:L: Popular stage actress, 5'6", early 20's, short sandy brown hair, attractive, is agile and has a definite stage presence. S: "Retired" seaman, 5'6", early 30's with red hair and a goatee. Has a significant limp on his right leg.
    Background:L: Actress at the Golden Theater. Former Tyla Deepneau orphan and member of the Circus of the Forgotten. Found professional success acting at Ms. Caroleen Marchiiti's Golden Theater as the witch in 'The Tangerine Stocking'. Member of the Players' Guild. Mentor of Bastion Arno. Mentee of Billy Mul...
    Details:Guild connections: (SR) Shippers - Retired (LO) Players Guild - Member (both) Thieves Guild - Billy Religions: (SR) Church of Cephlopodi (maritime chaos) (LO) Legion of the Chameleon (many faces) ------------- Hindrances: Overconfident (Major) - High esteem of abilities Loyal - to ...
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    Margon Ghoul/F/Priestess/Novice
    Description:Appears to be about the equivalent of a 30-ish year old human. Stringy gray hair, lean, but always has amazing posture. Also translucent
    Background:Has no memory of her clan from well outside Lankhmar. Was brought into the city as a young ghoul and left on the streets. Found by a priest of the church of Mortis Dei and raised as an accolade within the church. After being in the city for about a decade, went into a religious trance and when...
    Details:Has a general distrust of ratlings due to their secretive and ascetic behavior. Also has a great affinity for the moneyed class due their lifestyle, even though Magora seems to be in constant poverty, she loves the way the wealthy enjoy life to the fullest through their money.
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    Genet Fouts Human/M/Courtesan/Assassin/Novice
    "Love is more deadly than steel"
    Description:Technical details: Late 30’s in age, with a thin, athletic build and not overly bright. He relies on his good looks and charisma to navigate polite society. When that fails, he will not be goaded into combat, instead preferring the non-violent demise of his adversaries. Gene is an attractive...
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    Marat de la Mulot Ratling/M
    "I smell cheese!"

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