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Episode 1: Murder and Poverty
After sharing a few 'ronas in the local tavern, The Dirty Shame, our group of heroes got into a brawl with some ruffians led by a corrupt ex-guard captain. A few blows were thrown, and the Monk accidentally committed murder! All seemed lost, but clever thinking and quick witted words stopped anymore bloodshed. Visiting the paladins father, Rick, the adventurers were sent to exterminate some "rodents". This proved to be more complicated than assumed, as the rodents turned out to be some local poverty-stricken citizens. Without a second thought, the group quickly dispatched each and every person they found. Impressed by their skill, Rick then sent them to the Guard-Captain Valentia, who gave them a quest to rescue a group of young children from the Dire Swamp, located south west from Rivers-cross.
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