Welcome to the world of Devanroth! Travelling in "the territories" is a caravan of mysterious characters. Each with a different background and set of beliefs they have found a family in the Outlanders. Each day a different adventure, a different town, a new show to perform. What will they learn on the way? What mysteries will be solved? Find out!

We will continue with journals with this campaign. You can use it as an actual journal, case notes, or what have you. This is your way to theorize what is going on for the campaign or to let me know what you like or don't like about the story/stories.

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You've got small manhood, come at me.
So, captain evil travels through mirrors. How fun. I really wanted to confront him about what he did to my friends, so I tried to coax him out of his mirror and maybe mentioned that he was possibly lacking in the downstairs department, but he didn't fall for it I guess. I just hope he comes back, not that I know everything he's done, I really have no problem killing him. I know that's not what we should probably do, but I don't care, if he goes to jail, he'll just get out. We have to kill him to stop him.
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Orourla You Listening?
I spent some quality time in jail with the shop owner. I wanted to ask her if there was anything that she could think of that would help us find Desta. She couldn’t remember anything relevant. This guy is a professional con man.

I was offered the opportunity to leave jail after a day, but I opted to stay. If something had happened to the shop owner, I would never have been able to forgive myself. I knew that she was innocent, and I wasn’t going to let anything happened to her while I was around.

After a day. All of the mirrors made by her were gathered in front of the sheriff's station and destroyed. With this done. The shop keeper was released. She thanked us and gave me a very special gift.

There was a terrible storm that night. I decided to patrol the camp during the storm to make sure that no one was in danger. During my stroll, I saw an image of Steve appear before me. He asked me why I let him die. Just then I hear a cry from help coming from nearby.

When I approached the cries, I saw what I can only describe as a half-orc half-angel. An Orimar? She had been pinned by a tree that fell in the storm. I grabbed a weak branch the first time, and it broke causing the tree to fall back onto her. The next time, I really put my back into it. I was able to free her.

She told me that her name was Orourla, and that she was a traveling oracle. I took her to Ari’s shelter to rest and recover. I went back out into the storm.

Steve appeared in front of me once more. It was terrifying. Most of the time, I only see him when I close my eyes. I thought I might have been going crazy. But the next morning I learned that the storm had magical properties. It was quite the relief for my fragile psyche.
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Final Desta-nation I
The sheriff dismissed us with great frustration. It was clear she wanted this case closed by the end of the day. We headed back to camp to gather some more information, and check on everyone after the deadly fog.

I went to check on T’Axes. She introduced me to Mr. Cluckles, a chicken that was wearing a bow. I was confused, yet satisfied, with my experience.

I saw Murial and Bastet rushing from the camp. Bastet told me to follow them. She explained to me that this Desta fellow that I had met one of our first days here looked a lot like a man who was responsible for the death of her family. We found Ash on the side of the road, and she joined our excursion.

We asked everyone we could think of if they had seen Desta. Someone said he left town the day before. And someone else said they had not seen him leave. He can disguise his form, so he could literally be anyone. We even stopped at the Sheriff’s station to see if there were any missing person’s reports. I thought maybe Desta might kill someone and assume their identity. The Sheriff scolded me and told us to leave. Bastet offered to stay behind and help clean up the glass that still littered the floor.

I decided to try to seek out information at the requiem of the spear guild. It cost me five gold, and I didn’t get anything worthwhile.

Ash and I went to get some supplies that had gone missing from her tent. When we stopped at the general store, I saw the mirror store where I had gotten the Catnip a few days ago. I thought I would stop in while Ash was distracted. But even that didn’t work out. The store was closed. Damn my luck today.

We went back to the sheriff’s station, and the Sheriff told us that she had arrested the owner of the mirror store for the murders that had taken place. She wasn’t even a person of interest for us, so I wanted to ask her a few questions. She sheriff seemed a bit perturbed by my prodding. So I told Ash and Murial to back off. I then told the Sheriff that if she had such a solid case, a few questions wouldn’t be able to mess it up. She arrested me. I am going to get some answers one way or another. I won’t allow an innocent to be locked up simply because the Sheriff can’t be bothered to follow through with an investigation.
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# 4.3 He tips his hand
Finally had contact with the perp. While investigating the now deceased Serif, Ezra noticed that Ashe was behaving awkwardly. I took a risk. We had little viable information about the creature. I wanted to see how it would handle direct confrontation. The method was simple. This entities' mechanism for imitation is only superficial. It can look and even sound like the victim, but it doesn't gain any of its unique abilities. If it was indeed just an exhausted Ashe, she would have no issue producing her fire fox.

And we learned so much. Hardly a simple demanding conversation and an over obvious hand signal. It reacted as any overly confident creature would: choosing a brash ambush -- hoping to gain the advantage and instill chaos and fear. It could of attempted subterfuge. I had little evidence that Ashe wasn't simply being moody or drunk. But it chose action.

That's how we're going to capture it. Oh yes, we have to capture it now. It made reference to Ezra's little sister; the subject that still haunts him today. I have my suspicions about whether it actually knows anything or if its simply reading his thoughts. Either way, we won't stand idle. We shall play to its ego and force it to a situation where it believes it has the upper hand.
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Mirrors and Ghosts and Shapeshifters, oh my!
I've about had it with this town. First, I hear about someone who matches the description of the hideous person who slaughtered my friends, then there's all this weird stuff with mirrors and then Ezra is a ghost and now, Ash has tried to kill us. Technically, a bunch of Ashes tried to kill us.

Now, we need to find the actual entity that is shapeshifting into all of these people and I'm wondering now if the person that was previously described was actually him or if he is the actual shapeshifter and I just have so many questions that I'm not sure I will ever get answered.
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