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Crazy birds are people too
I had a strange dream...I was barely treading water in the ocean, it was horrible, and I only had two options, a boat or an island. Naturally, I chose the boat, hoping that it would be able to get me back to the mainland.

When I woke up, I found Kit sleeping by the fire, I didn't see anyone else and we were getting very close to time to leave for my appointment, so she and I just went alone.

When we got to the barracks, Cecily greeted us, he's so nice, but so blah about everything, it's very odd. He took me back to speak with Meirta. She told me that she saw Raul stab Alea on the beach. She said that they were arguing, but she couldn't hear what they were arguing about. I have to say, I believe her. I hope I'm not wrong about her, but I really don't think she did anything wrong with this. Before I left I asked her if I could deliver a message to Vias and she simply said to tell him to hang in there.

After we left, we went to breakfast and we decided we should go talk to Ana. We think someone overheard me telling Kit everything that Meirta said, so we'll see how that goes I suppose. When we get to Ana's, we find out he's at lunch, so we go back to the tavern.

When we find him at the tavern, it seems as though people are listening, so we tell him we will meet him at his station after lunch. On our way out, we see Exra and T'axis having lunch with Mr. Kluckles. Apparently they had been shopping for a new bowtie or him. He seemed upset with Ezra. When we left, Kit walked T'axis back to camp and Ezra and I continued to Ana's.

After Ana came back, ezra told us the full story of what happened at the docks. Poor guy, he's had a rough week. Then, out of nowhere, a giant crane attacked me, We all tried defending from it, but Ana ultimately accidentally killed it and apparently it told Ezra that someone took it's eggs. So now I really want find those eggs and save them from the stupid people that took them.

After all of this was over, Kit told us that she thinks the best solution is to force them to cancel the show and the prospect of losing the money will make the city take a closer look at the case and free Meirta. we convince 4 of them to threaten to walk if they don't free Meirta. Everyone seems apprehensive about the whole thing, but maybe it will work. I really just wish we could get a confession out of Raul. That would be the easiest way to put this to rest. Though, I'm almost certain they would somehow just say Meirta was in on it with her or something.
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Pointer-left Kit_thumb

A strange fog rolled in while I was on patrol. It made me feel uneasy. I fell asleep by the fire just in case something happened. I didn’t want to have to fumble around in my tent. I had a strange dream about water pouring into a room that I couldn’t escape from.

Bastet woke me a few hours later to leave for her appointment to talk to Meerata at the barracks. I had nothing to do while she was talking to Meerata, so I kept myself busy by reading pamphlets in the lobby. They had a pretty funny one based on addiction. Apparently, they have some program to help people who are addicted.

Before we left the barracks, Ash and Daksh wandered in. They were planning to do some sort of paperwork or something. After that, we all headed over to the tavern for some breakfast.

While discussing our next moves, Daksh noticed someone from the press leaving the tavern. It was time to make our move. Time has run out as soon as that reporter publishes their story. I could only think of one viable option. Convince the artists to drop out of the competition and cause the city to lose money. Doing this may convince them to take the investigation seriously and release Meerata.

Meerata had told Bastet that she saw Roul stab Alliah on the beach that night. So we started by telling Ana that Roul was the killer, so it was easy enough to convince him that he should go along with our plan. Rat was also fairly easy to convince since he was in love with Alliah. Dimara was the most difficult to convince. But with some effort, we were able to do so.

No one is convinced that this plan will work. And I am half ready to walk right over to Roul and confront her about what Meerata said. But I think the smarter move here is to see what Daksh and Ezra were able to uncover on their side of the investigation.
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Weird Dream
I had a weird dream where I was lost in a forest at night approaching a fork in the road. Looking at the left road reminded me of home and the right road reminded me of my friends. I headed down the right-hand road and woke up feeling refreshed. I don't know if it's of any significance or not. I'm not good at dream interpretation. At least I got a good night's rest!

That morning, I accompanied Daksh to "look at a body" at the barracks. It was a great start to my day. Afterwards, Daksh, Bastet, Kit and I ate lunch and discussed the murder case. Daksh noticed there was a person close by dropping eaves on our conversation so we left shortly after that.

Bastet, Kit and I go see The Rat and Dimara to discuss them both dropping out of the competition. After some lengthy conversation, they both agreed, separately, to drop out. We'll have to wait and see if this works.
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Pointer-left Kit_thumb

We Built This City, On Blood and Bone
We were sitting at the tavern having a nice meal when we heard that there was some sort of mob at the docks. According to the shouts, they were attempting to drown someone. I took off at a sprint. Bastet right behind me.

I arrived to see a gathering of over fifty creatures. I immediately began forcing my way to the front of the crowd. Nothing was more important than stopping this public lynching.

When I got to the front of the crowd, I saw Biyous being held back by a guard. He was in bad shape. I asked the guard if it was alright if I used my powers to stop this madness. He suggested that I not cause any casualties. This is easier said than done with my power, but I did the best that I could. I slashed a man who was in my path near the dunking device they were using to partially drown Meerata.

Bastet dodged the opposite way that I had gone, so I thought I could serve as a good distraction to whatever she had planned. I stepped up to the admittedly dashing halfling male holding the rope that worked the dunking device. I told him to cease at once, or be struck down. He smirked at me and dropped Meerata into the water once more.

After he thoroughly slashed me with his sword, I was in a bad way. I knew that I would only be able to take one more hit like that before I was done for. I hoped that I had bought Bastet enough time to complete whatever she had set out to do. I took a deep breath and prepared myself.

A guard grabbed the halfling’s arm and restrained him from any further attacks. The man ended up dropping his long sword into the water in the commotion. I grabbed the rope and yanked as hard as I could to get Meerata back above water. What I did not know was that Bastet had rescued Meerata during the fight. In my frantic pulling of the rope, I broke the device and sent the chair part flying through the air. I watched in horror as it soared through the air. It crashed into Bastet who was tending to Meerata onshore.

Using all of my force had knocked me on my ass. I patiently waited to be taken into custody. After a lot of questions, I was released. Bastet and Ash were waiting for me at the entrance. I wanted to go to the tavern to gather some information on the mysterious halfling man. I heard that Thenri was his name, and unsurprisingly he is a very influential man in Darya.

When we arrived at the camp, we found that Ezra had made a new friend. I’m not sure what is going on, but I need to focus on the matter at hand. Today was spent trying to figure out who murdered Aliah. I think this may have been a misstep. We don’t need to know who murdered her. The most important thing is to clear Meerata’s name. And let these savages sort out the rest. My next move is to figure out who this supposed witness is, and what they know.
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Rude Sailors and Kidnappers
After rummaging through the victim’s room for clues, Bastet and I went downstairs for some lunch. We ordered and I was enjoying my chili cheese dog smoothie when some random guy burst through the entrance and yelled that some guards were drowning someone at the docks. We all rushed toward the docks, some in a quicker fashion than others but we all eventually arrived to the docks with a large crowd. While approaching the docks, I saw Esra boarding a ship for reasons only Esra knows.

As much as I tried to move through the crowd, there were just too many people. I ended up missing the entire thing. I decided to make my way toward the boat I saw Esra on earlier. As I was about to walk on the plank to board, two sailors appeared on the boat. I don’t know why but before I knew it, I blurted out “Ahoy!” at them. I don’t think they appreciated that because they told me they weren’t interested in “my halfling cookies.” Jerks! I lost interest in figuring out what Esra was doing and walked away.

On my way back, I saw Kit and told her what happened before we both were rounded up and interrogated by the guards about the incident at the docks. I don’t think I was much help because I didn’t participate or witness much of anything than transpired at the docks. I was released and decided to wait just outside for Kit. That was a mistake. Two sleazy men approached me and asked if I wanted to see their boat. I was already not in a good mood because of the two sailors from earlier and having to be interrogated. I bluntly told them to fuck off. This clearly wasn’t the correct response to their question because they grabbed me and dragged me away.

I struggled to free myself for what seemed like forever before eventually slipping away from them and running as fast as I could in the opposite direction. My freedom was short-lived. I made it only a few feet before I felt a strong grip on my ankle and I immediately hit the ground and was dragged away. I was able to unsheathe my dagger and swiftly stabbed his forearm. He released my ankle and I was able to escape for good this time. I ran straight back to the barracks.

I saw Bastet inside in the lobby. I must’ve looked awful because she stared at me with a concerned look on her face before asking for help to heal me. They take me into a small room and heal me and ask what happened. I described the two men as best as I could and recounted the whole ordeal. I regret not summoning Cal; I don’t think they would’ve approached if he had been there.

After that, I joined Bastet back in the lobby. After a few minutes, Kit, Bastet and I go back to camp after stopping for dinner (and a well-deserved drink) at the tavern. Kit asked us both to define evil on the way from the tavern to camp. She says she’s been contemplating murdering Myreta’s killer and was wondering if that is an evil action. I honestly don’t know. That’s a dilemma.
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Racism: Because finding the truth is too much work.
Can’t we just have a nice meal without arguments and talk of bodies? While at breakfast, Kit and Daksh began discussing whether or not we needed to talk to the local guard again. Daksh wants to look at the body, but Kit wants to wait until we have some hard evidence to combat the towns racism towards Meirta. Again, I can see both sides of this argument, but, honestly, I agree with Kit. I don’t think an outside investigation will be welcome at all and I believe, in this case, we should ask forgiveness instead of permission.

Anyway, while they are discussing, someone says the riot mob outside is drowning someone at the docks. Kit jumped up and took off, so, naturally, I followed her. When we got down there, our fears were realized when we saw that they had Meirta tied to a chair and hooked up to some sort of pully system. Kit pushed her way through the crowd and I followed closely behind her, the crowd was so dense, I wasn’t sure I would have been able to push through on my own. Once we got down there, Kit looked ready to fight.

Once I saw that Kit seemed to have the fighting under control, I went to save Meirta. I jumped in the water and swam under the docks, trying to stay unnoticed and eventually got to her. I struggled with the ropes at first. I’m not terribly great in the water, not horrible, but I definitely would lose the edge if I had to fight someone. I eventually was able to get her free and I had to pull her back to shore. She had already been held under for who knows how long. Once on shore, I got Daksh’s attention, hoping he would be able to do something to help her, but he couldn’t heal her. We needed Ezra, but I wasn’t sure where he was. He’s been a little absent in this town.

Not long after we got onto the shore, Vias spotted us and ran over. He was completely freaking out. I did my absolute best to comfort him and try to calm him, but I’m not sure how much it helped. He seemed a little calmer, but I can’t blame him for being so upset. Ultimately, she was taken back to the barracks where the guards said she would receive medical attention. We were also taken back to the barracks and asked for our version of the events that had transpired at the docks. Most of us were questioned and released quickly, but Kit was held for a while, so I waited at the station. I also really wanted to know how Meirta was doing and to speak with her if I could. I thought maybe since I had saved her, the guards wouldn’t really question me wanting to speak with her.

I sat, looking rather annoyed I think, for a while and no one asked if they could help me, so I finally walked up to the kindest looking guard that I could find, Cecily, and I asked him about her. He said she was okay and so I asked if I could speak with her and he told me to fill out a form…Where is Daksh when you really need him?...So I begin filling out the form and then Ash walks up.

From the looks of it, Ash had been through hell and back. Apparently some guys tried to kidnap her and take her to their boat. This is why we don’t leave Ash alone! Trouble finds her when shes just standing in front of the guard station. I’ll have to talk to Daksh later *sigh*. So, obviously, she stays with me while I fill out the form and wait for Kit. After a bit, they tell me I will be able to speak with Meirta tomorrow morning at 8 and Kit is released.

We leave the barracks and go to the tavern, but we weren’t there for very long, I think we were all a bit exhausted from the day. While we’re walking back to camp, Kit asks what I think “evil” is. As in what would constitute an evil action. Honestly, I didn’t really know how to answer. If you had asked me 3 years ago, I would have said evil is intentionally killing someone or harming someone, physically or emotionally. Now, I don’t know. The lines are blurring and I’ve been struggling with this more lately. Kit even reminded me that I threw a dagger at a retreating man last night. Was that an evil act? I can personally justify it to myself because he spat on me and that was disrespectful, but I did just act out of anger and if I had waited even 3 seconds, I wouldn’t have thrown it. Mind you, my intention was only to scare him, possibly hurt him slightly, but nothing major. Still, her question made me contemplate the very fabric of my being.

Everything that we had just went through, if I had come face to face with our assailant, there is no doubt in my mind that I would have been fighting to kill. I know that you’re probably thinking, “Well, yes, he would be trying to kill you, so that makes sense”, but that’s not why I would be trying to kill him. I want to kill him because he hurt people I loved. He took them from me, I want him to pay. I even spoke to Arie when I realized who we were dealing with and told him I was struggling with that. He told me to back off some, but I didn’t. Since then, I have been blurring the lines of good and evil as I had previously known them. Imprisoning some people may not be enough. What if some people are not able to be contained and shouldn’t be contained, what if they should just be taken out so they can’t hurt anyone anymore?

So, after a philosophical walk, we finally made it back to camp and found out that Ezra had met a new friend. Apparently he had rescued her from a boat. He had a rough day too it would seem. The girl seemed nice enough. It seemed like we had walked into a very intense conversation. I believe I heard mention of Ezra’s sister, perhaps this girl can shed some light on a situation that seems to plague him the same way the deaths of my guild plagues me.
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# 5 Drop Dead Fashion
We've switched over to the murder in the fashion show. I guess Kit and Bastet took care of the necklace.

A gnome woman was murdered -- contestant in a fashion contest. Winner gets contract with famous designer. Type of reward that can define ones career. Five contestants before that were understandably stressed with the contest itself right around the corner. Local authorities arrested an assistant to one of the contestants. Claims of eye-witness testimony somehow proving her guilt.

Deceased name was Allea Nimbleweed. She had ties to a few of the contestants, but no obvious ties. "Rat" was infatuated with her -- evident in his notes and how he talks about her. She was also a child-hood friend of Dimara. They didn't seem that close now. Kit did find a chip of paint matching her materials at the murder scene. Roal seemed the most indifferent about Allea -- though she is experienced enough with a knife that I'm sure she could critically injure someone. Lastly is Ana. Accused was his assistant. He is obviously strong and has trouble doing fine maneuvers. Seemed very adamant that his assistant had nothing to do with it. Didn't have any disposition towards Allea.

It was clear after further investigation that Allea was ahead of the competition. That gives each contestant a direct motive for her demise. While questioning the other contestants I did a survey of visible knives. Examining the body seems crucial to our next steps.

And thus our problem. Kit is very paranoid about the local government simply sweeping this under the rug. While the town clearly suffers from racism, I suspect the local powers are simply lazy or self-serving. Manipulating such a group is usually just an exercise in flattery and political spin.

But we didn't go through that avenue. We've essentially just collected information without any legal recourse. And now we need to see the victims body -- presumably in possession of said authorities. I'm critical of this path. If Kit is right and the authorities can't be trusted, I suspect they're just as likely to lock us up as they are to clear the accused because a bunch of strangers provided an alternative. We're operating in the dark and it's only going bite us in the end.
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Crimes of Fashion
We found Aloua! We went to the tavern and she just happened to be our waitress. Kit and I both tried to talk to her, but we seemed to scare her more that anything. I really don’t understand why people are so often put off by me. I am generally a nice person. Maybe my face just doesn’t translate that very well. Anyway…We ate and she wouldn’t even bring us our bill, Daksh left a note on it, presumably to either, inform her that we aren’t crazy or to get her phone number. She didn’t seem his type, so I’m guessing the former, but who knows. Everyone else leaves, but Kit wants to leave her a note about the necklace, however, she needs to purchase parchment to do this, so I go with her instead of everyone else. There is a lot that could go wrong in this town, so I didn’t want her to be alone.

We get back to the tavern and get a note to her and she finally talks to us. I guess Daksh wrote something similar to what Kit wrote, so she believed us. She tells us that she has it, but it’s at her home. We go with her and she is 100% cat lady. They were so cute! Her place was also lacking in the organizational department, so we started to help her look for the necklace. I noticed one of her cats seemed suspicious and was taking things somewhere, so I followed him and I found a whole stash of trinkets. Not wanting to dishonor his hard work, I only retrieved a couple of things and the necklace and gave those back to Aloua and we kept the necklace and went on our way.

Of course, Kit wanted to return the necklace to the young ghost that night and not in the daytime, so we started toward her house. We were stopped by some guards that were checking to see that we were 1. Alright and didn’t need help and 2. That we weren’t up to something sketchy…Nope, just going to give our ghost friend her necklace back, no biggie…Then we were stopped a second time by some thugs trying to rob us. Oh silly thugs. I’m not entirely sure what Kit did to get rid of hers, but I stabbed mine. Then he spat on me and ran away, so I threw a dagger that went soaring just next to his ear. Silly, silly thugs.

We made it back to Maisey’s house and Kit gave her the necklace. This must have freed her, because we didn’t feel her any longer. Then we left and Kit tried to talk to the neighbor and bribe her for more info, but all she said was to go to the docks. We did not, thankfully, go to the docks at that moment, but headed towards the caravan instead. Arie was none too pleased with us when we returned. I, being a terrible liar, but also trying not to say “I was just trying to make sure Kit wasn’t alone” was a little more sarcastic than I probably should have been, but I really am fearful of us being on our own. We’ve had too many problems with getting lost and taken or turned into a ghost. I don’t want to lose anyone else.

The next morning, I woke up very early to practice for the shows coming up. Of course, Ezra was already up practicing and stuff…show off….He has been in a rather good mood lately though, I’m glad things are going well for him. Anyway, after practicing for a bit, I noticed that Daksh, Kit and Ash looked as though they were heading into town so I decided to go with them. Daksh found the person who runs the competition for the fashion designers, so he spoke with her. I stayed away so I wouldn’t scare someone else…sigh. After speaking with her, he tells us what she was able to tell him regarding the murder and the prime suspect. Daksh, naturally, wanted to go fill out forms and talk to the local guards regarding the incident and begin a formal investigation within the confines of the law. Kit had other ideas. She was not willing to work withing a corrupt government system, understandably so, but I can also see where Daksh was coming from. Knowing that Kit would be doing exactly what Kit thought was the correct and best path, I stepped in and suggested we take Kits avenue first and if we need to involve local authorities at some point, we would address that then. We agreed and decided to see if we could get the family of the accused Calligney girl, Meirta to speak to us and allow us to find the truth on her behalf.

We arrived at the outskirts of town and found her family. We were not greeted warmly at first, but we stated our purpose and were lead back to her boyfriend. He was the person being attacked that Kit helped the day prior. He explained that Meirta would never have done this and that there is a lot of injustice and racism involved in this case, so we get what information we can and we head to speak to the other contestants of the competition.

Ash, Kit and I go to speak with the Rat…what a nickname…He was infatuated with Alihya and she did not seem to return his affections. Could he have possibly killed her out of sorrow and rage? He didn’t seem like he was really the killing type. He also seemed genuinely heartbroken at her death. I got the feeling he really just was obsessed with her and loved her…in his own, very rat like way. He was extremely attractive, though. There must have been something about his personality she didn’t like, cause he was lovely to look at.. He also told us that she was found by the docks on the beach 3 days ago.

After speaking with Mr The Rat, we went to the beach to check out what was left of the crime scene. There really wasn’t much there, not that we thought there would be, but Kit did find a chip of red paint. We also went to speak with Ana while we were at the beach and we ran into Daksh, so we all spoke to Ana. He didn’t tell us much that we didn’t already know. Meirta is innocent, the town is racist, Rat loved Alihya, etc…

Ultimately, only one person had paints and that was Demaura. Not only is she a contestant, but she’s also a childhood friend and two people pointed a finger at her. I just didn’t get the feeling that she was a murder though. Perhaps someone is framing her.

We made our way to the Inn and looked through Alihya’s room. It looked like someone had been rummaging through it, looking for something. Perhaps this is what got her killed. I would really like to know more about her past. I’m concerned that we are searching for the answer in the contestants and not following other avenues, although, the investigation is still very young and we will likely discover much more about her over the next day or so. I just hate that a potentially innocent person is being held because of her race.
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Murder Case
Kit and Bastet returned the necklace for the ghost girl. Apparently, the server from the night before had it and sold it to Bastet. They returned it last night. Daksh and I went back to camp after dinner and missed that whole ordeal but I'm not complaining at all. I didn't want to go back to that creepy house anyway.

In the morning, we began investigating the murder of Alia. We were told the Calygni live outside of town in caves near the docks. We head that way and speak with Meerata's family We found out the accused is a Calygni named Meerata. Next, we head to the talent competition and the general consensus is that nobody involved in the competition believes she committed the murder.

We headed to the inn where the victim was staying. Her room looked like someone was looking for something. In the mess, I found some notes from Rat. They were love letters, five in all. He seemed like he was infatuated with her.
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Pointer-left Kit_thumb

Like a Ras
We managed to find Alua in the tavern. Luckily enough, she was our server. We ate dinner and waited for the dinner rush to slow down. I asked her if she had time to talk, and she looked very nervous about my request. She hid in the kitchen until we departed. Daksh left her some sort of note on the recept for our meal.

After leaving the tavern, Ash and Daksh went back to the camp. Bastet and I went to the shopping district to get some paper to write a note of our own.

After she received my note. She reluctantly agreed to show us to her home and sell us Maisey’s necklace. Her house was a mess, and it took quite a while to locate the necklace. Luckily Bastet was able to find it. I thanked her and paid her for the necklace.

On the way back to Maisey’s house, we were approached by some vagabonds. They threatened us and demanded our money. One of them made a rude gesture at Bastet. After we refused they tried to strike us with blades. Bastet fended off her attacker and threw another dagger at him as he ran. I scared mine off with a display of raw destructive fire.

After returning the necklace to Maisey, she thanked me and then disappeared. It felt as if a great weight had been lifted from the house.

I went next door to see if I could get any information from Ailla. After some persistence, she swung the door open and told me I could find what I was looking for at the docks. Then the door slammed closed.

When we returned to the camp. Kallisha and Ari were waiting up for us. They said they had been worried about us. To be honest, it was nice that they were concerned. But we are adults who can handle ourselves. Bastet was going back and forth a bit with Ari, and I used this as my opportunity to escape. Kallisha caught my eye as a snuck away.

The next morning, I told Daksh about the murder I had heard about involving the fashion competition. Ash Bastet Daksh and I set out to start our investigation.

Daksh got a little information from Iss, the woman that ran the competition. He then wanted to open a formal inquiry with the local council. I wasn’t having any of it. This government is very corrupt here. I don’t want them squashing our investigation before it begins. And if they see us as a threat to their power, they will stop it nothing to make sure anything we discover never gets to the public. Including going after the members of the caravan.

As it turned out, the girl that had been accused of Alia’s murder was the daughter of Baious. Her name is Meerata.

None of the participants in the competition think that Meerata is involved.

After investigating the scene where the body was found, I found a paint chip. There is only one participant that uses paint like the paint chip that I found. It is either her, or someone is attempting to frame her.

There are still many leads to follow before we wrap up this investigation. I just hope we are quick enough to evade the council before they catch wind of us and our underground investigation.
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A break from the norm
Well, we made it to our next city, Darya. After the last, this is a breath of fresh air. We already ran into some trouble, but we were able to disperse it pretty easily. I felt more like an enforcer of the law than an investigator, breaking up riots and gang type activity.

I met a nice woman and had a wonderful night in town. Depending on how long we're are here, and if she is willing, I may look to spend more time with her.

I'm not sure where the group is, i believe they were looking into a haunted house or something, but I think I was due for a little break, after the last city. Not to mention I am not going into another random haunted house any time soon.
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#S1 A girl and her trinket
We reached our next stop: Darya. It's the last place we'll visit before going underground... and it's next to the Sea! You can imagine the delicious food they have!

Anyway, we were given several days before our next performance here. Went to scout the town with everyone. A fight broke out, Kit got involved and Ezra almost got trampled. Apparently its going to be one of those towns. There might not be much work for us here.

After scouring the city we did manage to find a person who had a missing item. Very boring but the client is at least interesting. Spirit of a deceased girl. You don't get to talk to the dead very often. She lost a cherished necklace somewhere and it's slowly converting her into a poltergeist. Kit and I chased leads all night and think we might have finally found its current owner at an Inn.

I'm still a bit on edge here. We did manage to tie up the Mirror Man case but never caught the creature. City decided to destroy his travel method. Made a day of it actually. But no sighting of him... no surprise there. He's probably moved on and gone back to hiding.

Also keeping my eyes open for another event in this city. Need to keep tabs on any possible Stydgion activities.. perhaps I can garner some information about recent events around the other major cities. The paranoia around Ezra from our camp will grow into madness if left unchecked.
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Pointer-left Kit_thumb

Ghost on the Coast
We arrived in Darya in the afternoon. Ezra and Daksh wanted to get some new clothes, so we went to the shopping district.

We were waiting for the two to return from a shop when I heard a commotion from down the block. I quickly gave Sly to Bastet, and calmly walked down the block to see what the commotion was about. I saw a bunch of men ganging up on a Coligny fellow. I couldn’t stand for this, and I leapt into the fray. At first, the Coligny viewed me as an enemy combatant and attempted to strike me. I drew more attention to myself. Creating an opportunity for him to escape.

Most of the crowd was dispersed by Ezra using some objects to make a lot of noise. One man stayed behind. He said it wasn’t worth it and turned to walk away. I told him he better walk away. So he turned around a struck me with a club he was carrying. I told him he had one last chance to let it go. I felt the fire rising inside me, and I wasn’t sure how long I could hold it back. Daksh used magic to remove the club from the man’s grip. He tossed his hands up and walked away. I chopped up his club with my flame blade.

The Coligny gentleman approached me and thanked me for the help. He said his name was Biyous. I told him that he was welcome and that I was glad to help. I wished him the best and we parted ways.

We started to wander the city randomly. I heard that there was a murder and that there was a haunted house on the edge of town. Whenever we get involved in a murder case, we are split up. Sop I wanted to investigate the haunted house to keep us all together. Even if for a short time. Turns out Ezra had a date planned. Well, at least most of us would be together.

We were walking towards the edge of town when I asked a guard if he could tell us about the supposedly haunted house. He said that it was nonsense. I believed that he believed he was telling the truth. But I needed to see it for myself.

When we found the house, I knocked on the door of the next-door neighbor. She told me that it was all just rumors. She requested two copper for her information. I paid. I don’t need her going to the guards about us investigating the house.

While I was speaking with the neighbor, Daksh had gone around back and found a broken window we could enter the home through. He cast an invisibility spell on me and I leapt in. I was overcome with a sense of dread upon landing in the house. I saw my mom and dad fighting. And I knew that whichever one of them won the fight would kill me. I was soon shaken out of it by Ash.

As soon as I was coherent again, I went to find Daksh. He was being attacked by the ghost. I tried to approach her but she disappeared. I went back to check on Bastet who was in the same spell I had been. Ash had shaken her back to normal as well. We went upstairs to attempt to find the ghost again. Daksh was looking around frantically while ducking down to avoid flying objects. I found th ghost girl again and attempted to speak with her once more.

This time I was successful. We played jacks, and she told me her name was Maisy, and that she wanted her mother’s necklace back. It had been stolen from the house. She also told me that her mother’s boyfriend beat her to death. I will put this on the back burner for now. Though I won’t be forgetting it.

We then set out on our journey to find the necklace. After following a few leads, we found out that the necklace had been sold to a server at the tavern.
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Turns out, she's a nice ghost
Well, I was finally able to get a letter to Tristian. I was honestly afraid to send one from the last place as soon as I found out who was there. Still not grasping the fact that he’s actually someone’s biological father. Even if by force. He’s not worthy to be a father to anyone, even if that someone wants to kill him. He’s not worthy of anyone to have to think about him and know that they have to share his DNA.

I’m glad we’ve left, but it still feels so unfinished, I just hope no one is hurt when he resurfaces and that we can take care of him. I was trying my very best to consider the better way of approaching everything and leaning towards imprisonment, but I believe that death is the only thing that will stop him.

Anyway, we have arrived in Darya. Its not a horrible place, but I’d be lying if I said I was happy to be here. It’s a little too close to home for me. I just hope I don’t see anyone I know who’s decided to travel this way. There’s a lot of mischief to get into here, I really hope no one gets lost or wakes up with bears again, finding friends is stressful and exhausting. We’re here for just over a week and then we’re headed underground. So, naturally, after being here for about 7 minutes, Daksh and Kit have found us a case. Apparently there is a haunted house and so, we are obviously going to go check it out since it went so well last time…I swear I’m going to lose it if I have to lead blind people around and fight possessed Kit

As it turns out, after she made me cry…The ghost haunting this place is just a misunderstood little girl who has lost her mom’s necklace, well, not lost, someone stole the necklace and Kit was able to calm her down and get some details. Her mom’s boyfriend is the person who killed her, so we’re trying to find him too. This poor girl has been through so much and now she’s stuck here on top of it.

So, we take off to the art store because the guy who took it paints and enjoys art. Once we get there, we look around for a bit and then Daksh and Kit take off leaving myself, Sly and Ash behind. Sly had found this toy that he loved and so I bought it for him and we’re best friends for now until someone else buys his love. Anyway, so we take off after Kit, I have completely lost Daksh and eventually, we catch up to them at a clock store they chased this guy to. He eventually tells us that he sold the necklace to the blacksmith and so we head over there. After some smooth talking from Daksh, the blacksmith finds that she sold it to Aloua Pierce. So, now we have to try and find this person. Hopefully people will continue to be helpful.

I wasn’t 100% on my performances in the last town, I did fine, but not great, I think it was because of the case, but I really need to practice more this time, I also don’t want everyone to be mad at us again…I like that we are more like family, but I’ve dealt with angry family and I don’t want to do that again. I just want to make sure they feel like I pull my weight.

Commitment to self: Wake up early every day and practice and help with whatever you can before going into town and chasing down leads with the others.
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Ghost Quest
We’ve been in Darya for a few days. We do four shows before leaving this place. The people here are way into fashion. It makes me feel a little self-conscious about how I dress. I’ve heard people are being attacked by some bird-like creatures and some weren’t lucky enough to survive. I need to keep an eye out for these things.

Since it’s a day off from doing a show, I went with Kit, Daksh and Bastet to a creepy abandoned house. We went in through a window on the first level near the back of the house. I was the last to enter. When I got in the room, Kit was crying. I shook her and she seemed to snap out of whatever it was. She left so I stayed with Bastet who seemed like she was affected like Kit was. Kit came back a few minutes later and said Daksh was upstairs.

We all leave the room to meet up with Daksh. Of course, Kit talks to and somehow befriends a ghost child named Maisy. She tells Kit to find her mother’s necklace. We leave the house and begin investigating by speaking with the neighbour. That interview points us to Stocking Stuffer Clockworks. Some guy bolts out of the store and Daksh follows him to an alchemy shop. Once cornered, he tells Daksh he sold the necklace to a blacksmith. Ugh. We’re off to Edalena’s Arms blacksmith shop next.
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