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Applesauce, Apple Oatmeal, and Session 2 and 3 Notes
Apple Sauce

3 lb. apples
½ C apple juice
1 T lemon juice
½ C sugar

Instructions: Peel and core apples and cut into large chunks. Put heat apples, apple juice, and lemon juice in a large pan and heat until apples are tender but not mushy. Mash apples and juice and add sugar to taste (Optional: keep apple and lemon juice mixture for oatmeal).

Apple Oatmeal

½ C Ground oats
½ C Apple water (from apple sauce recipe)
½ C milk
½ apple, cut into chunks

Mix ground oats, apple water, and milk. Heat and add apple chunks.

2nd and 3rd Session Notes
We did some research and found some nice people who we are now working together with to find a thief. We took a breather after tough battles against the books, and did some individual work and research. We are now investigating the old dockyard for rats and maybe thieves. We’ve already had a tough encounter with some thieves, but we also met some nice people down by the docks. Scotti is a very good smith, and I think we can all understand Vasili a bit better now.
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Cinnamon Dried Apples and Session 1 Notes
Cinnamon Dried Apples

1 tsp. Sugar
¼ tsp. Cinnamon
1 apple
1 C orange juice
½ tsp. other berry juice
1 tsp. lemon juice

Instructions: Mix the juices, put aside for later. Mix the sugar and cinnamon in a small bowl. Remove the core of the apple and cut it into thin slices. Dip the slices in the juice mixture and put them on a metal mesh. Drizzle the cinnamon sugar mixture over them. Leave the slices in the sun to dry.

1st Session Notes
I’ve ended up with a very interesting party. They seem strong, but not so strong that I can’t help them. This adventuring job is dangerous, though. We’ve already been attacked by some very dangerous books, and I worry about what will come next.
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Finnian's Backstory
Finn grew up the only son of the leader of a clan of halflings that lived in a village in the north built around a gigantic cedar tree. They called it the 'Night Cedar' and everyone in the clan got a necklace when they were 10 with a piece of the bark of the tree on it. He had one sister who was three years younger than him. Finn didn't like it there because the clan was almost completely secluded from the outside world and he was pressured by his parents to do well in all that he did, because he would be the next leader of the clan. This gave him almost no time to spend on the one thing he loved to do, cook. It also didn't help that there weren't many decent cooks in the village, so he didn't have anywhere to learn, and that it was pretty much just wasteland around the village, so there weren’t very many natural resources for him to forage or hunt for. Finn felt cooped up in his village, and a few days before his 16th birthday, when he would have to start his training to be the next leader, he ran away from the village. He went to a dwarven village known for their artisans and begged them to teach him cooking. It turned out that there was only one old dwarf who had that much expertise in cooking in the village, and after much begging from Finn, he finally agreed to teach him. Finn spent the next two years learning all that he could from the dwarf. Still, there was a limit to what the dwarf knew, and there still weren’t very many natural resources to be found, so Finn decided to travel south, to the Crossroads, and then on to Zobeck. He found plenty of amazing plants and animals along the way, but he needed to get a job. Unfortunately, he didn’t have any credentials or anything, so the best job he could get for his cooking was at a temple to Baldur, the same god that he had grown up worshipping. Here, though, they were called Lada. Finn enjoyed the spirit of the temple and worshipped Lada in almost all his free time when he wasn’t cooking. Still, he wasn’t satisfied. He wanted to adventure, to find new places and people and to expand his cooking. He put these desires into his prayer, and to his surprise, Lada responded to him one day. She told him that if he showed his resolve and belief in her, she would grant him the power to get what he wanted.
Finn worked hard day after day, cooking for the people in Lada’s temple, praying to Lada, spreading her word throughout the city, and one day, she told him that he could not avoid his family any longer. He found a priest who helped him contact his dad and he spoke with him, apologizing for running away but explaining that he wouldn’t be coming back. His dad, glad that he was still alive, accepted this but begged him to stay safe. He talked with his dad a few more times and then told him that he would be setting off soon and that he wouldn’t be able to talk to him for a while. They said their goodbyes and Finn went back to the temple for one more prayer. Again, Lada answered him, and told him to do well in her name. Finn suddenly found himself in possession of the power that he had been promised. The next day, he set off.
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Vasilis Back story
Vasilli Pavlichenko was born in Bemmea to two loving parents. Her childhood was typical and full of contentment.

In her late teens, fully immersed in her studies at the Ascott’s Academy for the Warding and Defensive Arts, she ran into her childhood friend, Casandra in a class. They shared many memories of days spent frolicing on the shores of Bemmea. Casandra was on a straight path of studying wizardry. Vasilli envied her focus, as she was tempted by travel and curiosity of what lays in the land beyond her childhood paradise of Bemmea. After a particularly uninspired session at school, she packed her few belongings and bid farewell to her parents, unsure where her wanderlust would take her.

Her journey began with a year on ships, as she shore and sea hopped down to Capeleon. Hungry to create a home, after a year of journeying, she wished to settle in Capeleonl. She found work as a scribe for a shipping merchant who imported and exported goods from Capleon. The merchant, Sid Vicious, had a grumpy demeanor, but was kind and generous to those he favored. In his line of work, people were often trying to take advantage. He was a master of intimidation and persuasion. These skills were intently observed and soaked up by Vasilli.

It was during her year in Capleon that she first met Griffin. He was a lowly guard for a convoy that is constantly traveling, moving imported goods across the land. Griffin’s boss was an affiliate of Sid Vicious. They met at work, and realized they shared a love of the Leroy Jenkin’s novels and travel.They spend many weeks together before Griffin’s convoy departs. His leaving, stirs her wanderlust, and she bids Sid good-bye and heads north towards Valera.

Along the way to Valera she had the opportunity to meet many other travelers, she soaked up their stories and added to her list of places she wanted to visit. Her studies continued, but more organically than in academy, which suited her better. She learned scraps of defense, read countless books, talked to scholars, and beggars alike, learning bits from all.

She stopped in Valera for a time, because she needed to replenish her funds. She found a job as a barmaid at a rowdy pub. One evening at the pub, Vasilli received a sending spell from her childhood friend, Casandra. Casandra sent her condolences, as she had heard Vasilli’s parents died in an explosion at an apothecary. Vasilli was gobsmacked. She had left Bemmea with hardly a goodbye to her parents, thinking only of the adventure ahead. Now they were gone.She wondered what would become of her childhood home. Should she return to Bemmea to collect her parents’ possessions? They were not a poor family, but material wealth had meant little to her folks, and their home was a modest worker’s home. Material possessions would weigh down her travels,and there was not other family with whom to mourn. She was feeling very broken hearted and alone.

A week later, in the midst of her grief, Griffin happened to appear in her pub.

After their marriage, Vasilli traveled with Griffin on his convoys. The ended up in Zobeck, and she loved the energy of the city, and the diversity of its population. This is where they decided to settle, and start a family. In the course of the next few years, they had two babies. Fern was their shy little girl. Then Copper was born a year later, a red headed, boisterous contrast to his sister’s seriousness.

She found work as a night guard at a smithy, because she could work opposite Griffin’s day job. He had become a city guard.

On Copper’s 4th birthday, he fell ill. It quickly spread to Fern and Griffin. She remained immune. Their health deteriorated to the point that they were bedridden, and in and out of consciousness. Their illness was a mystery. The priests were stumped. She thought if she only had more money, she could find her family better care, or a cure. Ironically, she had to use the last of their money to hire a nurse to care for them. Because, to cure her family, she felt the only option was to become an adventurer.

She began to seek an adventuring party who had similar needs. -=+=-)(This is a out line)(-=+=-
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