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    "“Pulling teeth and taking fingers.”"
    Description:Uccisore is Italian for killer, murderer, assassin. Branded with the Executioner's Mark, wearing a headsman's hood and carrying a two handed battle axe, Giuseppe fits the bill precisely.
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    Giovanni Federigo Alighieri Human/M/Fighter/Cleric
    ""How does my hair look?""
    Description:Giovanni is tall and lanky, with a long, pock-marked face, a black pony-tail which he ties with a crimson ribbon, and a goatee and mustache which he waxes and grooms meticulously. He tries to dress in the latest fashion, especially likes fancy, plumy hats, brightly-colored tights, and expensive s...
    Background:Giovanni is a younger son of a formerly wealthy Milan family. His great grandfather, Federico II, was financially and politically cunning, and elevated the family into the upper echelons of Milanese society, but his grandfather and father were both inept, and after a long series of financial misa...
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    Sister Orsolla Nelli human/F/fighter

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