The Year is 1011 and the Phoenix Watch was the worlds best hope against the shadow. They start with new leadership before the brink of shattering, headquarters destroyed and their wayward members cast in all directions. Will it be enough for the the Pheonix to rise again?

  • A dark taint touches the Arcane Source of power.
  • Glantri has closed it's borders with wards.
  • A great plague sweeps the long lived race of elves.
  • The great Empire of Thyatis is now ruled by the Church of the Light.
  • Some dead refuse to pass beyond the veil.
  • The Broken Lands unite under a fearsome beast lord.
  • Heralds of Unlife are the Captains of the shadow.
  • Selenica "Gateway to the East" burns and is held by evil.
  • The Dwarves of Rockhome prepare to defend against an otherworldly attack.
  • You are plagued by visions of other worlds that have fallen.
  • A glimmer of hope seems to lie in Ylaruam
  • The shadow has arrived and it kills life as it passes...

  • You are a member of the elite group vowed to protect the
    realm of mortals. Your group must draw a line in the sand
    and hold back the coming shadow.

    And from the ashes of the old shall arise the Phoenix of the New.

    Old Game - New Edition
    Old World - New Edition

    Welcome back to Mystara with a twist!

    The great combination of the Mystara World Setting and the 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons rules! Please note that anyone familiar with Mystara Canon
    will notice that this campaign has other influences.
    Some of those works include but are not limited too;

    JRR Tolken's Lord of the Rings
    Robert Jordans TheWheel of Time
    George Martin's A Song of Ice & Fire
    Frank Herberts Dune
    Dark Sun Dungeons & Dragons
    Midnight Dungeons & Dragons
    Ravenloft Dungeons & Dragons
    White Wolfs World of Darkness
    Cross Gen Comics
    Top Cow Comics

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    (Wizards of the Coast Forums)

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    Campaign Themesong:
    Queen - "Princes of the Universe"

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    Fez gazes out at the veil between worlds.
    Hmmm we will need advantage and disadvantage for 5th edition.

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    Wildlands of Wendar
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    Acquiescence or Defiance?
    "Unless you do your best, the day will come when, tired and hungry, you will halt just short of the goal you were ordered to reach, and by halting you will make useless the efforts and deaths of thousands."

    Candle light flickered in his eyes at eight points, pulsing with each other like the notes in a song and dancing whimsically. Beads of sweat crawled along his neck, cold, trailing down like ants across the ground. The fire was outside yet inside, his reflection his own and yet not. Never before had his looked at himself with such disdain, let alone hatred brimming to the surface like a tidal wave on the verge of destruction. He was stuck in this moment, the beats of his heart thumping deep in his chest felt like echoes far away.

    "This is not happening." Kyobei thought to himself, his pulse quickly racing after a long pause of motion.

    He was staring at himself, or perhaps a shadow of himself, a smile curled along his slender face mocking him with cruel intent. Minutes had gone by since he had left his companions, with words of safety and commands of retreat. They would be better off that way, better to survive a conflict that was his alone. The Phoenix had many heads now, one lost would not destroy it. But this, this he had never anticipated. His mother now Queen of Ochalea, the land of his birth and manipulated into amassing an army to conquer The Known World. Manipulated, by this mocking shadow that shared his face.

    It was only in that moment that the dream mirrored the present, coming into focus with a wave of understanding. This was the outcome his dreams had led him to, the Dragon twinned and faced towards each other. A dawning sense of horror crept over him, rising his hackles and brimming upwards like a gust of cold wind. He had his hands at his blades, yet he had not realized so until they were already being pulled and out towards his shadow. His anger burst forth, destroying doubt and horror, brimming through every fiber of his body like an inferno. His face contorted into a mad snarl, blood tricking from his lips from gritted teach and quickly reddening skin. A wolf howled as he raised his blades into the air, a sweeping motion overhead, a steel crescent sweeping out and back down to his combat stance. His eyes pierced out towards his twin, hate engulfed him.


    No peace. He swore it.

    Session: A Fork in the Road 06/21/2011 - Tuesday, Jun 21 2011 from 7:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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    This Cannot Be The End

    The deck of the enemy ship smelled intelligent decision was of course, to run away. The enemies formed a defensive line spanning far beyond our ability maneuver, in either direction. Even from several leagues away one could feel the crisp biting crackle of magic in the air as surely as I smelled the pungent sea salt stinging my nose. To say our chance for advancement was bleak, was an understatement.

    We had only one true choice which we accepted with a humble sort of valor. The arcane engines which drove our vessel whirred, the waves grew flustered and in absolutely no time we were moving at viciously deadly speeds. We were moving, of course, directly at our opposition.

    Very soon, the smell of ocean air and rhythmic sound of the lapping seas was replaced with the roar of mage-borne fire congealed into transient and impossible balls, crashing into our ship like angry fists. Needless to say, we were in trouble. And yet I've come to expect that trouble much like air to the humanoid form, is something we live on if not live for. After all, what is a Phoenix if it does not burn and rise from the ashes a victorious and terrible beast?

    And as is made evident by my very ability to pen this, we did. The newest of our members shook and hid but, our vessel broke through the burning hot rain of enemy fire and out off into the horizon toward Ochalea.

    We did not speak the local tongue and what was more, our blend of races was an aberrant thing in this place. We had to hide, with hood and cloak, and silence and care. We traveled, in speaker for the Light outed us in the center of a small village. I will not speak long on the matter suffice to say that he is with Diamond now, and we pressed on.

    I have yet to see a land like this, they serve a dragon. And yet not as I do. They serve a dragon within them all, a fire, a passion, a drive to grow and conquer that is unseen in the known world. There is a sense of absolutism in this land. Of rules carved inexorably in the sand with a punishment of blood to be spilled for crossing them. I would feel at home within these lawful parameters, if mayhaps I knew them. And yet from their way of speaking to their customs this land is entirely foreign to me. And it would seem, that my very existence is against its ways. And so, as both a violator of law and a creature structured by it, I continued.

    Until, of course, we reached the castle walls. Kyobei, was allowed in. I am not surprised. There is a way about that man that lends one all to easily to growing comfortable with the idea that the rules of reality will acquiesce to him and his will. Until, of course, they suddenly do not. Acting as a shield in such a group is tantamount to guarding a castle wall that is entirely impregnable, until holes appear randomly in the wall at random places and intervals without warning. When our attempt to breach the walls of Ochalea's inner fortress led to an hours long chase through the inner city, my previous analogy proved most true. My path in this, is difficult to decipher.

    However much to my surprise, sitting in what was a glorified prison cell of a waiting room I was shocked to see, not Diamond, but another of our order guide my cause. I felt that familiar unsettling tug at the base of my spine, like something cold tugging at the core of my being. And then Naivara, obliterated a group of unsuspecting guards in a wave of jagged ice. It may not have been the most honorable of choices, and yet I could not disagree with it. Kyobei, a man I swore to obey, ordered us to escape. But as a whole we denied the order. Does the Phoenix rise, even from the ashes of its own structural limitations? The fight was upon us, my shield was raised, my sword was eager.

    And then, we failed. Kyobei was their captive. Our advancement was his defeat. We had no choice but to surrender. No blood. No glory. No valor. We just had to stop. It fills me with an acrid disgust. I cannot accept this. The Watch cannot fall here.

    This cannot be the end.
    Session: A Fork in the Road 06/21/2011 - Tuesday, Jun 21 2011 from 7:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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    "Night gathers, and I am reborn to begin my watch.
    It shall not end until my death.
    I shall take no oath greater than my watch.
    I am the sword in the darkness.
    I am the watcher in the veil.
    I am the fire that burns against the cold,
    the light that brings the dawn,
    the horn that wakes the sleepers,
    the shield that guards the realms of mortals.
    I journey where you do not,
    in the grey between dusk and dawn,
    in this land and beyond.
    I pledge my life and honor to "the Watch",
    for this night and all the nights to come."
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