After their host city becomes cut off from trade and supplies dwindle, tensions begin to rise among the local populace. The party is drafted into a loose "goon squad" unit to help restore order in the slums outside the city walls before the unrest turns into a bloodbath. In a strange maneuver, the bastion keep has been sealed from the inside, leaving the city to govern and police itself while rumors of monsters in the mines above town spread.

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So it has been a long time since I committed to my journal twice in one day. I think the last time was when Jordana Helmfist and her sister spend the weekend. But that's another story.

We'll have to find out what's going on there, but first we need to get a good night's sleep, oh and find the elf.
Session: Next Steps - Saturday, Apr 23 2011 from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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Fargrim’s Journal - 9th day of Avandril of the year 81
Well it seems my opinion of these rude elves (Biero and Quitheriss), the furry wild woman (Red Shadow) and that orc (Sir Kodak) may have been a little premature. It turns out that one of the elves, the woman, is a majik user of some talent. And, of all the crazy things, the orc is a knight of the keep! I’m not quite sure what the wild woman actually is, but I’m fairly certain she’s a lycanthrope of some kind. I haven’t a clue what the other elf does for a living, but he seems to know some fairly shady people. Last night one of them gave him the name of some other dark character down in the wharf district. This morning everyone decided that it would be a good idea to leave the safety of the city and head down into the mist shrouded wharves to meet with some smuggler that we heard from a guy who heard from a guy.

With a well thought out plan (HA!), we headed down to the criminal haven of the wharves. It wasn’t long before everything went awry. Our first indication that something was wrong was when Miss Shadow pulled Miss Quitheriss aside to point out what we thought were some street urchins in the distance. Well, how wrong we were. Just as we neared our destination they struck! Hundreds of goblins poured from the buildings around us. If it wasn’t for the majik powers of Quitheriss we would have been overwhelmed instantly. Her power is truly astounding. The orc Kodak also did an amazing job of keeping the goblins from getting reinforcements over the bridge. But the two most asounding things were when Miss Shadow leapt from the shore to the bridge and then ran down a filthy orc (Not Kodak) and gutted him with her bare claws, and when Biero, who still doesn’t seem to have any sort of occupation, flew over the heads of our comrades and buried his sword deep into a mud elemental.

We took a beating, but emerged victorious; I only wish that the man we had been intending to meet had been so lucky. The filthy disease ridden beasts had slit his neck. Biero and Miss Quitheriss found some sort of code book in his vest that was quickly pocketed by the elf, not Miss Quitheris who apparently is NOT an elf, just looks like one. The only problem is that we didn’t get any of our questions answered. We’re going to need to find out what’s in that book.

I'll write more as I can.
Session: Game Session - Saturday, Apr 09 2011 from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM
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A Letter to Thorbalt Copperhearth
Grandfather Copperhearth,

I have news, the strangest thing happened last night at the Guild meeting. First off, as always we apprentices were prohibited from attending, but young Gliri, you remember his father, the one that collapsed the L5-F tunnel back in ’32? Well, anyway, he has found a way for us to listen in and at least see a portion of the room through the floor venting. The Masters were arguing, like always, about who would be in charge. The Lighter’s Master, some too-tall human named Roxley, were in the process of exerting that patrols would be impossible without their lamps, and that they alone would be able to ensure the continued illumination of the city so they should be in charge when, so rudely, the army kicked in the door. That too-tall, pompous, know-it-all, pushy Sir Lufkin came marching straight in with a whole division of meat-head soldiers and had the gall to say that we weren’t allowed to have meetings! Can you believe it?

And that’s not even the craziest thing that happened. Mere moments after those army jerks interrupted, this furry wild woman summoned some kind of phoenix spirit up on the balcony. I couldn’t see what was up there through the grating but apparently she was the only person who could see anything up there anyway. That is until three of those meat-heads went up there and whatever it was roared and punched one of them so hard he flew right off and landed on my grate! I decided then and there to put on my armor and grab my mace because a fight was coming. Too bad it was over by the time I got ready and got to the hall. I really need to remember to not pack my stuff at the bottom of my trunk. Guildmaster Ironbeard then pointed at me and told these strange elves and the wild woman and, of all things, AN ORC! That I would be going with them to hunt down some assassin that the wild woman says was aiming a crossbow at the pompous fool, but was obviously trying to kill Guildmaster Ironbeard. I mean really, who would even care enough to shoot at that human fool?

Well I guess hunting down an assassin amounts to taking a nice walk down to the wall with that wild woman jumping across the rooftops. I really think that she just likes to show off that she can turn herself into some kind of jungle cat. After we finished our evening walk, we went up to the Shale Inn where one of those rude elves said she “knew” the owner, I’m sure you know what that means. I decided that going back to the guild barracks would be a far better idea than exposing myself to the strange ways of these distinctly weird individuals. I’m supposed to go meet them after breakfast; one of the elves was going to go talk to “someone he knows” and see what he could find out about this person trying to kill Guildmaster Ironbeard.

I’ll let you know what we find out.

Your loving grandson,

Session: Game Session - Saturday, Apr 09 2011 from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM
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