An epic quest to discover the schemes and plots of an evil cult and save a battered region from even more misery and destruction. Will our brave heroes prevail or will the cult's evil schemes succeed?

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Standing Tall
Pinprikk felt the cold fist of death wrap around her neck as she struggled for one last chance to help those she has traveled with for so long...and she got it. Thanks to her courageous friends' taking Pyraxis head on, Pin was able to flank and strike a deadly blow to the plump kidney of the beast! She struck once, twisted, and struck deeper again before removing her lightening touched sword.

Pin felt as tall as the Dragon at that very moment.

And from that point on, Pin vowed she'd never feel short ever again.

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All praise Choranus and the one true destiny!
The world has been cleansed of the taint brought on by this foul cult.

The five of us made it through the battle without loss. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for many of the valiant Thirean warriors who fought along side us. May the Seer-Father watch over them in the next life.

Now, I must part ways from my companions. I am now a full fledge Seeker, and the order requires my services elsewhere...
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No better way to end a game than to fight a dragon...
... and WIN!
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Updated the Adventure Log
Gave an end summary to the Adventure Log and thus ends the campaign of the Saga of the Dragon Cult! Well done!

Now... where to next?!?! :)
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Hey there! Thought I'd jo...
Hey there! Thought I'd join and get this party started... now that we're so close to done! :-)
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