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Those Once Loyal
The Healing Axe proceeded to Celestia and quickly spotted the highest spires of Bahamut's palace upon arrival in Amyria's spelljammer. Docking and exploring the palace revealed it had be overrun by devils, Bahamut was indeed gone, and even his council of Gold Dragons had been slain. Beyond Bahamut's audience chamber and into his personal (and plundered) treasure chamber, you find the archdevil Dispater.

Dispater seems more than willing to carry on a brief conversation with you before ordering his devils to overrun the Healing Axe and seize Amyria. He revealed Dakranad, a mithral dragon that was Bahamut's chief philosopher and historian, approached him with a bargain shortly after the death of Bahamut. If Dispater helped Dakranad ascend to the throne of Platinum Dragon, he could have the essence of Bahamut to keep in his iron prison of Dis. Since he lost his prior prized prisoner (the lich queen Gith) to the meddlesome Healing Axe and their work in Bahamut's name, he needed a new one. Dispater then teleported away and left the group to deal with what should have been an overwhelming force of devils.

But the Healing Axe, yet again, ruined the best laid plans of Dispater and tracked the devils back through a portal and ended up in the City of Healing where they met their old friend Kalad. Kalad and his acolyte healers were able to determine that Amyria is possessed by a powerful essence that is consuming Amyria to sustain itself. The healers belive they could extract the essence, but it would almost certainly destroy it. Given Dispater's continued references to Amyria as The Vessel, it seems pretty logical that Amyria is where Bahamut has stored his essence.

If you recall, way back at the very beginning of the campaign, you recovered a platinum sword from Rivenroar that later polymorphed into the deva Amyria. In light of recent events, it seems Bahamut had a contingency plan for his own death.

While the healers cannot help Amyria, Kalad can tell you that if anyone has the knowledge and means to reconstitute a dead god, it would be Moradin. While Moradin himself has withdrawn from Celestia along with Kord to plan their response to Bahamut's death, he has almost certainly left an aspect in his forge outside the mithral city of Torzak-Belgirn.
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Those Once Loyal, Prologue
The prepared Succor ritual ports you back to Sayre, where you quickly reconnect with the still-ill Amyria. If anything, she looks even worse than before you left for Hestevar.

She explains she has been traveling the planes since you left, seeking out any sage or seer who might have answers about her visions or information about how to use the Arrow of Fate. She is quite exhausted from her efforts, isn't really any closer to having answers, and her visions have only gotten worse.

She manages a weak smile at the news that you were able to recover the Arrow and asks to see it. Producing the massive mithral and platinum disk encasing the Arrow, you quickly note that it forcibly shifts and tugs so as to point the tip of the Arrow at Amyria regardless of how you attempt to hold it.

When Amyria moves to take a closer look, the lightest touch of her hand causes the Arrow to free itself from the disk, followed immediately by her eyes opening wide, her mouth falling open, and she collapses where she stood, still holding the Arrow.

A few moments later she blinks, gasps, and shudders back to consciousness. She pulls herself up as best she can and starts to speak with resolute confidence even in her shaken state.

"The visions are correct. I know this now. Blessed Bahamut lives. I cannot yet see how or where, but he lives. Celestia...we must...yes...answers" Amyria collapses once more.

A quick heal check tells you she is severely weakened and intermittently slipping into and out of a coma.

Your own travels and studies tell you that Celestia is a heavenly domain in the Astral Sea that serves as the home of Kord, Moradin, and Bahamut. It is a holy place where virtue and courage are celebrated and where great heroes may become exalted. It is also the location of Empyron, the City of Healing, where ailments have no hold.

At this point, your obvious options include:

Head to Empyron and see if there is anything that can be done for Amyria there.

Head to Bahamut's palace in Celestia and see if any answers can be found there.

Use some mundane or ritual research (e.g. Consult Mystic Sages, Loremaster's Bargain, etc) to try and gather some more information from where you are.

While you don't have any planar portal coordinates to travel directly to Empyron or Bahamut's palace, Amyria's spelljammer ship, Mercy's Blessing, is moored in Sayre and is certainly available for use as a focus for a Plane Shift.
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Legacy of Io (Prologue)
Once you have had a chance to digest the horrible news of Bahamut's murder, Amyria pulls you aside to speak in private. You quickly notice the deva's skin is drawn and has taken on a sickly cast, her eyes are feverish, and her normally distinct white markings are grayed over. Her speech is a bit strained.

"I understand that this is somewhat out of the ordinary, but I have need to speak to you without the others in the Coalition overhearing.

“I .. have not been well. The others believe that my grief over Bahamut’s passing and the progress of the war are responsible. I have done nothing to dissuade them of their ideas, but they are incorrect. Since the fall of the Platinum Dragon, my dreams have been wracked by increasingly vivid visions. Each night I see myself pierced through with an arrow of bone wrapped with sinew and flesh and adorned with burning runes. Silver-chased blood spreads from my wounds and runs from the head of the arrow. The power of these visions is frightening and ancient beyond explanation, but I cannot describe them as evil or malicious.

“With every fiber of my being I know these visions to be a gift, a last gift from Bahamut to his beleaguered children. The artifact from the visions is the key; it must somehow be able to foil Tiamat’s foul schemes. I have asked much of you before, but I cannot approach the Coalition with this. I beg of you to search out the identity of and recover this fateful artifact, without which I fear we will all be lost.”

Unfortunately, she doesn't have much more information to go on other than the fact she has served Bahamut for long enough that this vision is almost certainly a Gift from him (even if that doesn't make sense given he is dead). Her one other recommendation is that you start your search in the library of the Swan Tower in Hestevar. Amyria even knows the captain of an astral skiff who owes her a favor who can discretely get you into Hestevar.

Your own training in Arcana and History tell you the astral domain and metropolis of Hestevar exists as a utopian civilization, built and maintained by Ioun, Erathis, and Pelor. The Swan Tower is the seat of Ioun herself and is the most complete and prestigious center of learning in the known multiverse. So, at least in theory, this journey shouldn't be taking you directly into the jaws of darkness. At least not at first.
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Grasp of the Mantled Citadel I
With the dracolich Arantor destroyed, opening the lightning-framed portal in one of the alcoves of Arantor's lair using the Sword of Kas is a simple matter. Using the Sword as a focus for a Planar Portal ritual causes crackling energy to surge about the portal as the barriers between planes are ripped asunder. The smell of ozone fills the air as lightning arcs from the portal to wreathe the Sword of Kas in a blinding halo of light that fades and dissipates after a few moments. By linking hands with the holder of the Sword, you may all pass through the open portal.

Passing through the portal drops you inside a teleportation circle atop a rocky knoll surrounded by the skeletal boughs of a vast forest while dark clouds hang motionless overhead. A welcoming party of local flora immediately steps onto the knoll to attack, but doesn't last long against the Healing Axe.

All things being equal, this knoll seems as safe a place as any for an extended rest and a careful survey of the surroundings.

From all appearances, this is definitely the demiplane known as Vaerothim. It is similar to the Shadowfell in that lights, sounds, and colors are all muted, but it is otherwise a relatively benign environment for creatures from the Natural realm. This demiplane is quite small, however, being about 20 miles in diameter.

You are also able to discern and recall a few additional bits of information that may be relevant.

This entire demiplane is actually the product of a unique and extremely powerful ritual created by the lich Irfelujhar. Irfeluhjar is perhaps the most renowned ritualist in the history of magic. He was once a worshiper of Vecna, but was seduced away from the Maimed Lord by Tiamat.

Shortly after his allegiances changed, he conducted the powerful ritual to port his entire lair and the surrounding woodland to this newly created and difficult to access demiplane. Placing the only access point to Vaerothim within Monadhan the Realm of Betrayal seemed quite poetic given his betrayal of Vecna to join Tiamat.

As part of Irfeluhjar's change of allegiance to Tiamat, he is served (or perhaps monitored?) by one of the Queen of Greed's exarchs. Tiamat has five exarchs, one for each of her heads, and the Black Exarch Mornuhjar is likely here with Irfeluhjar somewhere.

Mornujhar tends to embody all the bloodthirsty sadisticness of the black dragons he takes after. He delights in capturing enemies so he can torture them largely for his own entertainment. He doesn't typically care whether the unfortunate in question knows anything important so long as they suffer mightily in the process.

Turning your attention to the immediate surroundings, the bleak and twisted forest below you bears a striking resemblance to the tapestry titled "Forest of Twisted Souls" you spotted in the caverns leading to Arantor's lair. This is likely the same woodland that surrounded Irfelujhar's Mantled Citadel before he ported both to this demiplane. Sarai can quickly determine the many spirits of nature that should dwell in such a forest have disappeared. It is unclear whether they were destroyed or imprisoned elsewhere, but they certainly are not here. In their place, haunted spirits of sentient creatures inhabit the trees. The strongest of these spirits bestow their strange and malign powers to the trees they possess.

This Forest of Twisted Souls is strangely monochromatic. The skeletal, leafless trees are misshapen and twisted, with gnarled roots rearing from the ground like great, petrified serpents. The trees' gaunt, rotten boughs are shrouded in damp, noisome moss and twist skyward over a hundred feet to form a dense canopy of decaying branches through which light barely filters through.

No birds sing nor insects chirp in this realm and the trees themselves almost seem to recoil slightly from bright light.

About ten miles distant, you also see a huge spire of black rock jutting up from the canopy of the Forest of Twisted Souls. Legend says Irfelujhar's citadel is hidden within the hollowed-out interior of just such a rock.

The final item that catches your notice over the course of an extended rest is a barely perceptible wind from an unknowable source wisps it way through the entire demiplane. Carried on this wind are the random words, lights, and energies of thousands of rituals, likely the remnants of Irfelujhar's work in his citadel. This jumble of ritual energy has two obvious effects:

First, a clever creature may be able to grab a piece of a ritual that is floating on the wind, even in mid combat, to create a minor beneficial effect.

Second, there is so much ritualistic background energy that casting any kind of ritual within the Forest of Twisted Souls is impossible. One would think Irfelujhar has a "quiet room" within his citadel where ritual casting is possible, but it certainly is not out here.
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Monadhan - Prologue
After you spend a few minutes cleaning the sand out of your toes and dressing presentably, the messenger escorts you to one of the library parlors in Nefelus. You enter the room to find an angel with a stern countenance floating at the far end of the sitting area. She wears a white tabard embroidered with the stylized hieroglyphic eye of Ioun. The angel bows and motions for you to sit. Wine goblets appear out of nowhere at each seat.

"I am Rachaela, and I bear news of your wider efforts," she says. "While your success with the githyanki effectively stopped Tiamat's war on the mortal realm, the Queen of Greed's plotting as continued unabated.

"As the heroes who managed to vanquish Tiamat's white exarch (the two headed dragon Chillreaver) and green exarch (the shapeshifter Virizan), I thought you might be interested to know her black exarch, a dragonborn named Mornujhar is working toward a particularly troublesome goal. He is working with a ritualist of unparalleled potency to refine a spell that will be able to slay a god. While we believe Tiamat's goal is the destruction of Bahamut, all of the gods would be at risk.

"Ioun believes this is a form of knowledge no mortal or god is meant to have. I come to you to ask that you stop the exarch Mornujhar and capture or kill the ritualist so this terrible spell may never be used.

"As you might imagine, this will not be easy. Mornujhar is guarding the ritualist in a secure demiplane that can only be accessed from a portal within part of the Shadowfell known as Monodhan. Monadhan is a strange form of limbo known as the Domain of Betrayal. Those whose life was pocked with a betrayal of those who loved or trusted them most end up stuck in Monadhan as their soul passes through the Shadowfell.

"Entering Monodhan is simple enough...if you would rather not betray a trusted companion right before you die, you can simply teleport into the realm. I can provide the portal coordinates and even cast the ritual if you wish. But leaving will be problematic. As a limbo realm, you cannot teleport out. The only exit will be a fixed portal, most likely guarded by Arantor, the dark lord of the domain. From there, you will need to move onward to the demiplane where the black exarch toils on his foul ritual.

"Will you aid not only the people of the mortal realm but the gods themselves yet again?"

Rachaela is willing to offer 500 pp and a magic item of up to 23rd level as a down payment as well as a divine boon should you be successful. If anyone has a request for an item of 23rd level or less, let me know...otherwise I'll pick something by the start of the game Sunday.

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