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Intro Mission
The party made up of Mormin the Nox, T'Ba the Tollan and Zab'ac the Jaffa made their way through the Stargate and headed toward a settlement that was detected by the UAV flight prior to their arrival. The soon realised that the MALP was actually dragged away! The heroes decided to track it down and hopefully recover it.

Suddenly they were attacked by a fierce beast from the fog. Mormin vanished and the other two frantically tried to pry it off T'Ba first then Zab'ac, finally in a joint effort the pry it loose and crush it's ribs in the process. They killed a little house cat.

Not phased by this they made their way to the villiage where they were able to locate the MALP and put it into working order with some reluctant help from the locals. In the morning there was a standoff with a local group of thugs due to the villiage leader finding his cat dead in the swamp. A few warning shots and heated words were exchanged before Zab'ac finally fried the leader with a well aimed staff blast. The villiage turned on them! Mormin was able to escape unnoticed and attempted to signal the alpha site for help but the dhd exploded! Mormin was consumed in a bright white light.

A frantic chase into the swamp as hundreds of villagers pursued them until they reached a lake. They attempted to swim to a boat that lingered just off shore however the water became solid and pulled them under.

They awoke in a goa'ould cell with all their weapons and equipment missing. There is another creature in there with them. A captured Unas named Ume. Shortly after a pointless discussion a pair of Jaffa escorted all four of them from the cell...four? Yes there was one more in that cell stuck in the shadow.

They were led into an interrogation room where they were suddenly engulfed in a bright white light!? The new location was a purplish blue hue to the architecture with white orbs on the doors. T'Ba recognised this as Asgard tech. A shortly walk down some corridors and they found their equipment! The quicky made it to the bridge from there learning that their fourth companion was Ro'Bu the totally Not Goa'uld.

Mormin was waiting for them in that room with the pilot who turned out to be Thor! What will happen next? Will the DM learn to script better encounters? Will T'Ba roll more than a 5 average?

Tune in next time to Wormhole Extreme: The RPG.
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