The year is 3200 AD. The years following the war with I'krl were detrimental to the stellar nations. After the turmoil of that war, nations fell into one of two factions: The Orion Concord Systems Alliance, or the Thuldan Empire.

By the end of the external war, FTL travel expanded. The STARDRIVE was replaced with the DRIVEWAVE allowing starfall to occur much faster. No longer is humanity and her allies limited to the drivewave, for in the year 3000 a strange massive device was found at the fringes of the Concord Alliance. This massive, eerily abandoned place turned out to be a gate that opened a wormhole, and allowed instant travel to a new part of the galaxy, a glaxy already controlled by an alliance of races centered on a space station called THE CITADEL.

400 years previous to this, the Orion League explored the limits of their frontier and discovered the UPF, a sector containing a civilation of humans whose origin is unknown, and their allies the Vrusk, the Dralasites, and the Yazirians. While the stellar nations were fighting the Externals in the verge, the Orion league lent their forces to the UPF and fought the Sathar nearly to extinction. The UPF joined the Orion League and made her one of the most powerful stellar nations.

The Thuldan empire was very powerful at this time. Throughout the External war against the I'krl the Empire demonstrated they were a threat to all nations of the Galactic Concord. Though the war vs. the externals was officially over in 2816, the nations carried on the war between each other, too its official end in 2916. The stellar nations could take no more war, and signed the Treaty of the Orion Arm. Two large bodies were formed: The Thuldan Empire based on Thuldan Prime, and the Orion Concord Systems Alliance based on Earth.

The Orion Concord Systems Alliance, is dedicated to advancement of civilization and exploration, with many alien races under its protection.

The Thuldan Empire is dedicated to conquest and the supremacy of humanity, with many alien races enslaved.

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The Theocracy Crusade 2503 A.D. to 2916 A.D.-The Orlamu Theocracy Crisis 2583 A.D.
The Theocracy crusade was ultimately won by the Stellar Nations. The victory blow was struck by citizens who generations ago were part of the Orlamu Theocracy. Originally contacted by the I'krl, the Orlamu Theocracy unknowingly were aiding the I'krl. The stellar nation was devastated when it learned the gods of their religion were none other than the evil I'krl.

The citizens were devastated, and civil war erupted. The Theocracy was torn apart. All was not lost for the remnants of the Orlamu, as the ancient race the Glassmakers contacted many sentients in the area that was once the Orlamu Theocracy. The glassmakers, working with those old faithful to the Orlamu religion were able to psychicly assault the I'Krl. The Glassmakers together with the Deepfallen, and old world Orlamu's were able to collapse the I'krl dimensional prison. According to the Glassmakers, the I'krl as well as their dimension died in a violent implosion. The Holy one's could no longer contact their old gods, and the I'krl Theocracy began to fall apart.

The I'krl theocracy was still a strong military power, but without the I'krl 'divinity' to hold the forces together through zeal, the Exeat started to fall apart from within.

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2504 A.D. : The Theocracy Crusade
War of 2504

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2503 A.D.: The Theocracy Crusade (Early War Timeline)
Format = Date SPECIES—Additional External Data Gained or Hidden External Activities to Uncover

2364 GARDHYI—Stage One of the Exeat begins with the arrival of Vurhyr Barok Lhor and his gardhyi agents. Initial incursions by I’krl-aligned gardhyi, teln, and n’sss agents occur all across the Verge and in Old Space, as they begin their research and analysis of human space. None of their actions draw any attention until the 2430s at Zin Point and 2480s at Armstrong, nor do any of these agents and events seem linked to anything greater.

2370 GARDHYI/N’SSS/TELN—Establishment of hidden bases on planets and moons within the Hathorn system. From these bases, Externals explore human settlements elsewhere in the Verge.

2381 KADARAN/KLICK—A destroyer-class ship arrives from the Lightning Nebula at Hathorn carrying the Parak Martis and his scientists and an escort of klick ships and crew. The kadarans begin their work transforming Hathorn’s moons and planetoids into communications arrays, massive computers, and added habitats for the Exeat forces.

2448 I’KRL—Fleet movements and fleet building begin within the Lightning Nebula and the Perseus Arm as the preliminary plans of attack begin to form within the I’krl Exeat command.

2451 TELN—The teln are brought to Algemron.

2452 I’KRL—Osar of all species are struck by religious fervor as the I’krl 'gods' speak to them, performing miracles throughout Theocracy Space around their holy sites. The upper echelons of the church become far more powerful (due to I’krl partial possession from nearby dimension).

2457 THAAL—Thaal arrive in the Verge for the first time. They soon scuttle an antiquated generation ship, removing its propulsion systems and launching the battered hulk into space using their newly granted powers. Humans find the hulk in the Oberon system (Threats, p. 63) forty-five years later.

2459 SIFARV—After numerous close calls with human scout ships investigating the outer systems, the Exeat receives three dreadnoughts and full crews from the sifarv. Their purpose is to help maintain the secrets of Hathorn. Although the sifarv have supported in principle the goals of the Exeat, the sifarv military does not commit resources to it until now.

2462 GARDHYI—VoidCorp executives secretly open talks with gardhyi within their territory, and bring the I’krl to the notice of VC upper executives, including its AI CEO. With the promise of more control and a wider base of power (not to mention a sharing of technology that could assure the corporate nation’s dominance in a number of fields), VoidCorp and the I’krl form a close, highly secret alliance.

2470 I’KRL—VoidCorp secretly builds a small colony and communications grid in the Hathorn system.

August 2498 N’SSS—VoidCorp executive Wayne Bailey (Hm/VoidCorp/DFA-7) secretly concludes an agreement with the n’sss via gardhyi agents whereby VoidCorp undertakes to hide a small n’sss base within the gas giant Redcrown in the Aegis system. The intelligence information both VoidCorp and the I’krl receive from this base proves invaluable in their future operations in the Verge.

Late 2499 I’KRL—With the mustering of the Exeat fleet of five capital/fortress ships and their support craft to the Verge and Hathorn, Stage Two of the war truly begins for the Exeat. From this point on, all of the defined I’krl-allied species can be encountered in the Verge, although they remain extremely rare, limited
as they are to a few secret staging bases.

Early 2501 EXEAT—The world computer/communications array in the Hathorn system becomes operational.

June 26, 2501 I'KRL—The t’sa ship Twelve Clutch disappears from normal space but reemerges briefly to transmit
one word: “I’krl.” This is the first clue about the true name of the External Threat. (Threats, p. 13)

May 2502 TELN—Public Knowledge: Avatar reveals the existence of the teln parasites on Algemron via the Galactic News Agency, though many dismiss the report as an urban legend and conspiracy theory.(Threats, p. 86)

Late 2502 GARDHYI—Encounters with I’krl-aligned gardhyi occur on Penates and elsewhere, as Helixtech and some of the Barons worry about the medurr/Concord presence outside the system.

September 2502 MEDURR—Informal negotiations with Concord occur near Lucullus. (Alien Compendium II)

March 2503 MEDURR—Stykor of Clan Vys arrives at Aegis for initial secret negotiations between the Medurr Imperium and the Verge powers. (Alien Compendium II)

April 2503 SIFARV—First encounter. The birdlike Sifarv revealed among wreckage and captured as prisoners during and after the battle at Tendril.

June 2503 I’KRL—At Lucullus, the Barons’ betrayal of the Concord is revealed as the ULDF sides with the Externals against the Verge Alliance battle groups.

July 2503 BAREEM—First encounter. Occupation of Penates begins. Betrayed in turn by the Externals, the turncoat Barons seek to extricate themselves from a brutal conquest. The hulking bareem quickly overwhelm Lucullus, establishing Port Royal as their primary base within hours and quickly betraying the Jamaican baron and his people.

July 2503 KADARAN—First encounter. Occupation of Penates continues. Other ships arrive after the orbital battle ends, bringing the kadarans. These aliens begin experiments upon the human population shortly after planetfall.

August 2503 BAREEM—Land forces on Penates decimate Santiago in a show of force, wiping out the Picts (and uniting the Supervisors with the Technospiders in a rebel opposition).

September 2503 I’KRL—The cathedral ship of Ython Kadar arrives in the Verge at Hathorn.

September 2503 EVREM—The last evrem crystalship arrives at Bluefall. The evrem reveal all they know about the I’krl and their tactics, their history, and so on. This information constitutes an early windfall for the Verge Alliance, but by itself is insufficient to do more than fight a delaying action against the Externals.

October 2503 MEDURR—Stykor and Administrator Sela Taris seal the Aegis Imperium Accords and forge a tentative alliance against the Externals. The medurr add tactical intelligence to the information provided by the evrem.

November 2503 KROATH—Various agents from Lucullus escape and reveal the Bareem and Kadaran plans for Lucullus as a staging area and recruitment area for kroath troops. All captured or slain humans, mechalus, and fraal have been turned into kroath.

December 2503 THAAL—First encounter. Like the Sifarv, their existence can be uncovered earlier, though the first major encounter with them comes during the Battle of Aegis, as Ython Kadar and three aides first communicate with the Verge Alliance high command. They leave behind the Sifarv Tareel, “to teach the heretics of their coming masters and their proper worship.”
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2503 A.D. : The Theocracy Crusade (First Contact with Theocracy races)
Format= Date SPECIES—First Encounter Events and Intelligence Gathering

Unknown GARDHYI—Random gardhyi incidents pepper human history. (Alien Compendium, p. 119-121)

2436 N’SSS—Attacks on the outposts near Zin Point reveal the existence of the creatures soon called the n’sss, after the “demons” of t’sa mythology they appear to resemble. (AC, p. 125)

2485 KROATH—Colonies at the Armstrong Cluster decimated by green-armored humanoid forces. Five years later, the attackers are positively identified as the kroath. (AC, p. 122)

2486 BLIX—Blix abandon a destroyed ship and are marooned initially on Bluefall. They are later revealed as benevolent “fixers.” (AC, p. 116)

May 3, 2489 KLICKS—Assault upon and destruction of Silver Bell colony on Spes in the Hammer’s Star system. A mystery for years, it became clear as time went by that it was the klicks that launched this attack. (STAR*DRIVE Campaign Setting, p. 204–206, 219–220)

2496 TELN—Major Garth Norrik of the Federal State of Algemron’s Intelligence Directorate unknowingly infected by a teln. Others in his government have long been under the subtle influences of the teln. (S*D p. 177, 186, 187)

2498 EVREM—Peaceful encounters with a massive crystalline ship in the Lucullus system reveal the evrem, a psionic species seemingly interested only in peaceful diplomacy and trade. (AC, p. 117)

December 2500 MAGUS—Nova Station at the Alaundril shipyards is the site of a massacre at the hands of a creature later identified as a magus. The Center for Xenological Studies on Bluefall gains theories and information about the magus from the evrem "Raphael.” (Threats from Beyond, p. 10–13; AC p. 124)

June 2502 MEDURR—Ship believed a derelict discovered and fought over by numerous factions. Ship reactivates and gates in new species of “dragons,” later revealed as the medurr. (Zero Point; Alien Compendium II)
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2503 A.D. : The War with the Exeats
The war with the Exeats now called the Theocracy Crusade, completely changed the map of the Stellar Ring. Those nations if they exist at all now, exist as mere regional names, indicating space where those old nations stood. The only nation that survived in both its form and function is the Thuldan Empire.

The Thuldans pulled out of the Galactic Concord early in the war with the Exeats. The Empire determined the Concord lacked the true political will to save the verge, and pulled out to take action against the Exeats.

The war began in 2503 AD, in the System of Hammer's Star in the verge. First it was the appearance of the Klicks, then the Magus and N'ss. Soon after the Kroath appeared, and finally the Verge was assaulted by ships larger than Fortress Ships. These ships came to be called Cathedral Ships and they were the Flagships of the I'krl theocracy.

The Exeats were an alliance of races, some races were merely slave races, yet others had the potential for true galactic mastery. The races were the Thaal, dark offshoots to the Fraal, Allied with the Sifarv Domain which included the Bareem. The Kadarans joined the theocracy as a chance to test their new bioweapons. The Gardhyi were exiled aliens from an ancient race.

The N'sss and Teln were actually the first infiltrators of verge space; the N'sss settled gas giants and the Teln used humans as hosts, insidiously spying for the Theocracy.

Though the Klicks were the aliens first contacted and studied by Ralith Baneson and his survey company, they proved to be nothing more than a slave race to the Theocracy.
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