The sound of steel on steel reverberated off the walls of the towering buildings as it echoed through the canals of Dionna. Each clash faded off into the distance only to be chased by another thundering ring from the swordsmen's blades. The two duelists on the wide bridge squared off with each other, both knowing that only one would leave the span alive. But more importantly, regardless of the outcome, honor would be retained.

Welcome to my Swashbuckling Adventures roleplaying game. The rules system for this game is a highly modified d20 game of my own design. It features a dynamic, classless-character system, a Parry Roll for interesting fencing combat, and an easy hit location system.

The setting is Theàh, the same world as the 7th Sea RPG and Swashbuckling Adventures both by AEG and I use sourcebooks from both games. It is a very detailed, fairly low magic, high adventure setting full of pirates, musketeers, and political intrigue. It is largely based on 17th and 18th century Europe, but it is not Earth so anything can happen. The game is currently set in Vodacce, which is the Theàh version of Italy, and in a city modeled off Venice.

The style is 80% roleplaying with one or two interesting combats in some sessions. The campaign is very story and character oriented. Players are asked to provide a detailed character background for use in the plots.

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Session Recap: The Villains' Fall(s)
The party was no short two members due to the fire wagon, but they were none the less determined. They approached the based of the falls, but just before it was within sight they noticed a stone path carved into the right wall of the canyon. Captain Astanzo knew from his visit to the falls that this was the path that leads to the top of the falls, some 300 feet above the base. Here the party decided to split again. Baldesar and the two Lucani brothers decided that they would check out the base of the falls while the rest of the group climbed to the top. The groups quickly parted.

Baldesar and the two Lucani's walked 400 feet and found a lone, saddled horse standing by itself near the misting falls. They searched the area, including the narrow undercut behind the falls, but found no sign of anyone. They searched the horse and found it to be filled with the traveling possessions of a man and a single, empty vial. Baldesar figured that the vial may have been another potion that could turn the imbiber invisible or make him fly. The three men attempted to search the place for signs of an invisible person, but could find nothing. Even listening for movement was pointless as the sound of the falls would cover most noises of movement. The Lucani swordsmen were thinking that Baldesar had gone crazy so the man of Dionna decided that they should climb the path to the top, while Baldesar stayed below and watched the falls.

For nearly a half hour the rest of the party climbed the switchbacks up the cliff face. The climb was not difficult and at several areas they could see that horses had gone up the path fairly recently. The party carried their lanterns before them when the Castillian church guard noticed a man hiding in ambush just ahead of them. He yelled out, but it was too late and the man jumped out and attacked. Both he and his companion were little able to get around the Sword of Solomon's large shield. The party made quick work of the outnumbered attackers, one quickly surrendering after his ally was killed. It was quickly obvious that these two men were not meant to wipe out the party, but to delay them long enough for the others to poison the river. They wasted little time with their captive, taking his weapons and telling him to return to his home, wherever that may be. They quickly continued up the cliff side feeling confident that they could easily best the hired thugs despite leaving nearly half their numbers on the road below.

Finally they could see lights from the top of the falls and doused their own lights for a stealthy approach. They could see that several horses where crammed in the area, but only two of them still had a barrel of poison tied on its saddle. They knew that they had to act fast, if they weren't already too late. They could hear a woman's voice barking orders for the men to get the barrels to the water's edge and to dump them in the river. The party sneakily rushed forward and engaged the rear positioned hired thug while Espadario yelled out that each barrel saved would get the thugs 100 republics. The first man drew his sword and turned to fight Luis. Espadario leveled the pistol he had taken from one the assassins on the trail and fired. He must have stumbled on the stone path, because his shot pulled right and wounded his Castillian ally. The thug put up a brief fight, but and Luis injured him badly. He sat on the trail and dropped his weapon. Luis wasted no time and continued on by squeezing past the very skittish horses moving to the left. Espadario climbed into the saddle of the nearest horse without a barrel, and could see that there were several men moving heavy barrels toward the river. He could not see the woman whose voice they had been hearing, but did see a pool of water at the bank of the river that was glowing with magic similarly to Palumbrina's scrying bowl. He assume that the scrying sorceress and alchemist behind the poisonings was invisible and close by. It was possible the old monk was too, though he would likely have trouble making the climb with his limp. The hired sword nearest Espadario stopped wrestling the barrel he was trying to throw into the river and pulled a pistol on the Dionna swordsman. The woman's voice yelled out to no fire guns, but the thug fired and the shot grazed Espadario's head. The horses, including the one Espadario now sat upon, was frightened when the shot rang out and one fell into the river and was swept toward the falls. Espadario figured there was another reason the woman didn't want guns used. It could be that she didn't want to get caught in a cross fire, being invisible and all, or maybe a gun shot was an agreed upon signal to another party. The old monk? Whatever it was, Espadario acted quickly and dismounted to the right side of the sandy beach engaging the man who shot him. He made quick work of a thug while Luis did the same on the west side. Mubatto and Captain Astanzo grabbed the last barrel still on a horse and pulled it away from the action. The horses began to clear and opened up the fighting ground. Luis had one more hired man near him, but he was threatening to heave a barrel of poison into the water if he was attacked. Luis and Palumbrina made it clear to the man that he would not be attacked if he kept the barrel on land. Luis moved to the east side of the beach area and Palumbrina allowed the thug to gather the first injured thug and leave via the way they came. Espadario shuffled his feat through the magic water and the enchantment immediately winked out. Then, the swordsman of Dionna swiftly defeated the last thug on the east side, but not before an invisible force threw a barrel into the swift river. Espadario yelled out for help and lept into the rushing river after the barrel. He grabbed ahold of the mostly submerged barrel and clung on as he tried to swim it back to shore. He was struggling to avoid getting close to the falls when he realized that the barrel had been tied together with another barrel that was still on shore and the two were still tethered. Luis, springing to action due to Espadario's cries for help, grabbed the barrel that was being pulled into the river by the current and the weight of Espadario and his barrel. He held on and stuck his feet in the sandy bank while he yelled for help from Mubatto and Captain Astanzo. Mubatto was redirected when they party noticed that another barrel on shore was moving toward the river. Mubatto stopped it, but was slightly grazed in the head when an invisible gun was shot at him. Then the party could see what seemed to be an air pocket appear in the river, but they knew it had to be an invisible person. The woman tried to pull Luis into the water, but Luis and Astanzo held on tight, while the young Castillain man kicked at his invisible attacker. Espadario, using the rope tied to the other barrel as a tether was able to swing himself to the shore where Palumbrina helped him get the barrel on dry land. Astonzo's guard friend also helped by grabbing the rope once it got close to shore. The sorceress in the water tried to pull Luis's barres into the water, but made little progress as Luis grabbed a dagger and cut the rope. Espadario had Palumbrina fetch his sword and he also cut the rope near the middle. The alchemist woman had no tether and was seemingly at the mercy of the current, though it was fairly obvious that her ability to swim and stay underwater was augmented by magic or alchemy or both. She was still washed toward the falls, but was able to reach a large rock outcropping near the center of the falls and latch on, the water cascading over her. The party began throwing stuff at her, but even Palumbrina's magically augmented dagger throw missed in the darkness. Finally, yelling over the din of the falls, Reune Vegasdotter yelled out to Palumbrina using her name. She asked what their intent was if they were to capture her. Of course the Vaticines among them wish to turn her into the church authorities, while Palumbrina feels she should involve the sisterhood in the matter. Espadario yelled out the question as to where the monks was and Reune told them that he was at the base of the falls. The party is now discussing what their next plan is, given that Reune might surrender to save her life from the falls. They can discuss their plans without her hearing. That is, unless she is scrying them.
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Session Recap: Dirty Deeds Designed to Delay
The party took off as soon as their group was ready. During the ride Espadario talked to the two brothers that he had hired at the University. They were both students of noble birth from Lucani isle, by the names of Alfonzo and Mestaro. They took the job because they would not otherwise be able to afford tuition for the upcoming term due to their family's lost holding and meager wealth. Espadario decided not to discuss the party's own role in that outcome in case the two brothers put any blame on them for the final fall of the Lucani house. The group made good time without Palumbrina's carriage and in no time they crossed out of Vestini lands and into the Bernoulli domain.

Not long after crossing the boarder, the party saw a group of guards waiting on the road up ahead just before the city of Rapolano. Figuring something was up they stopped and allowed Palumbrina and their Sword of Solomon representative to ride forward to find out what was up. The two we stopped and a man identifying himself as Captain Astanzo Pezzi di Bernoulli asked to search their saddlebags and other possessions. They were told that they were suspected of being involved in the church poisonings in Mantua (the northern region of Vodacce). It seemed that the rogue Sophia's Daughter and the Rilaciare monk had stopped and claimed that the party were the poisoners with intentions of poisoning their shipment of wine. Palumbrina and Luis nearly bolted, but then thought better of it and relinquished their things. Of course, Palumbrina had a box of alchemical potions given to her by various Daughters including courtesan trainer Dalia Vezzoni most recently in Elena. She claimed they were perfumes, but their smell did not live up that that claim. These were very suspicious and the guards demanded that the rest of the party join them on the road. Espadario lead the rest of the group to them and a discussion was had. The party was able to convince the head guard that the priest and the nun were the actual poisoners going to poison the Tigres River at the Prophet's Falls. The two Lucani swordsmen backed them up as that was the smae story they got. Lastly, Captain Pezzi demanded that Palumbrina quaff one of the potions she carried. Drinking a healing potion was enough proof for the Captain and he offered to aid the party in their pursuit of the poisoners if they would wait for he and a couple men to gather their things and get the guard duty in order. The party, still suffering from the effects of the poisoned stew, graciously accepted the offer and what could have been a major delay turned into an advantage.

The party, now three stronger, moved quickly to the south. They continued to travel after dark and quickly came to the Ponte del Diavolo (Devil's Bridge) over the Tigres. A townsman from the little village there stopped them and told them that the bridge was out. Earlier in the day, someone had dropped a powder keg on the large span and blown a hole in the bridge making impassable. The only way to cross the river that was by ferry or another bridge some hours out of the way. The group heavily paid an old boat man to take them across. Luis and the two Beroulli guards volunteered to see that the horses were safely ferried across while the others crossed and went to the inn to get some rest. With only a minor mishap all 11 horses made it safety across the wide river at just about dawn. The party wasted not time in getting back on the road toward Olimpia and the Prophet's Falls.

The day was mostly uneventful, though the party did see that the group they followed did try to take out another bridge. They moved quickly only stopping briefly for something to eat and give the horses a brief rest. They could tell by talking to passers by that the monk and the alchemist were not stopping either. The party pressed on after dark and could see as they approached Mount Olimpia that the city was on fire. Entering the gates, people were running everywhere trying to rescue trapped citizens and douse the raging fires. They gathered from the townsfolk they passed that a "witch" had flown above the city and dropped balls of fire upon the rooftops. Palumbina knew that it was the errant alchemist using her flying potion to scare the people and set the city alight. Espadario determined that it was a ploy to slow them down and convinced the party that they risked much greater deaths if they stopped to help and allowing the river to be poisoned. They were only about an hour behind and it was just over an hour to the base of the falls. They pressed on saying a prayer to Theus for the people of Mount Olimpia.

The group reached the canyon that the Tigres river spilled from and took the pilgrim's road between the rock walls. The road was a bit treacherous in the dark as it had a shear drop off to one side and a cliff face to the other, but they left their tired horses and traveled on foot for nearly an hour. They were nearing the bottom of the falls when Luis spotted a light coming down the road. They barely had time to react when the poisoners' wagon, on fire and pulled by two panicked horses, came careening toward them down the road. Pressing themselves up against the cliff wall avoided the wagon taking them all out, but some were slightly injured and one of the Bernoulli guards was knocked under one the wheels and gravely injured. No one could see any barrels in the wagon so the party moved with renewed vigor leaving William to take care of the injured Beroulli.
Session: Game Session - Saturday, Sep 29 2012 from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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Session Recap: The Poisoner's Plan
Baldesar waited quietly and patiently behind the cabinet at the top of the stairs in the headmaster's home hoping one of this allies would come back and distract the butler. Several minutes passed, which seemed like hours, but finally someone came through the door. When the butler turned to look, Balesar aimed his bird gun and fired it at the distracted butler. The bird shot hit the middle-aged man directly in the face. He screamed out and reached for his face, dropping his musket to the floor. Palumbrina, who was the one coming through the door, saw what was happening and ran back outside to fetch Luis and Espadario. Baldesar saw the butler reach into his jacket and pull something out. He fired his pistol, but it did not stop the man from quaffing whatever it was. The courtesan and her two swordsmen ran into the house to see Baldesar wrestling with the blinded butler. It was quickly evident that the butler had ingested, not a alchemical potion that might give him some exceptional power, but some sort of poison. The party did not waste time in giving him an alchemical antidote potion that Dalia Vezzoni had given Palumbrina. The potion had only a little affect and as they tried to get answers from the butler, he slipped away into death.

The party then went into the basement to look at what Baldesar has seen earlier. They quickly searched the place and found a hastily covered up crime scene. There were a number of large wine barrels that had never been filled and evidence that there were a number more of them in the basement very recently. This and the written orders and receipts for large amounts of certain alchemical reagents led the party to believe that the poisoners were planning a large poisoning of some sort. A partially burned journal was found in the fireplace, but as it was written in Eisen they would have to wait for William to translate it. Searching the upstairs turned up nothing as the false headmaster was very in character in the ruse she was perpetrating. Luis did find some rather long blonde hairs on the headmaster's pillow which would be in line with the Eisen woman they expect him to be. Expecting that some form of authorities could be on their way, the party quickly left the scene, but were sure to leave a false incriminating letter behind as is their habit.

The party went quickly to the inn to discuss and come up with a plan. They immediately gave the burned journal to William and asked him to read it, while Palumbrina borrowed the blonde hairs and attempted to scry the woman who they belonged to. In her scrying bowl Palumbrina brought the image of two people the seat of a wagon. One was a blonde woman and the other was a gray bearded man with very wrinkly skin. It was the old monk. They party caught glimpses of at least three other figures riding horses around the wagon. Palumbrina watched for a length of time trying to get an idea of what direction they were heading and hoping to overhear part of their plan. At one point the woman, who kept her face deep in shadow, leaned over to the old monk and whispered something to him. Knowing that Reune Vengasdotter is a powerful scrying sorceress, Palumbrina got the sense that the woman knew she was beging watched. Feeling confident that they were heading south and the fact that they were not talking as they travled, Palumbrina ceased scrying and got some rest for she was still weak from poisoning the night before. William stayed up all night taking care of his poisoned allies and reading the Eisen woman's journal.

The following morning William told the party what he had read in the journal. He said that who ever wrote the text seemed to have a very emotionless treatment toward death and human life. The book contained many offhand remarks about the uselessness of common people and how most human lives are pointless to the world. William definitely could see the writer of this journal as a person who would poison entire families. The text detailed the workings of someone calle "Alci" in blood science, but toward the middle of the journal the text discusses how the writer was being blackmailed by "Brother Giancarlo" and his "obsessed cronies." It explained how she had moved to Vodacce and took on the visage of one of her old aliases. The Rilasciare monks wanted her to aid them in killing the sorcerers of Vodacce and were threatening to expose her to the sisterhood, and "N.O." if she refused. She intended on killing the monks, but was intrigued by the possibility that she could devise such an alchemical poison that would target those of sorceress bloodlines. There are notes in the later half detailing the poisonings in Vodacce and how she was refining the poison to target only women and men who carried sorceress blood. She was close to a solution by the end. Finally, the book mentions that there was a problem with the lack of alcohol in the a liquid carrying "the Cleansing Fluid." Methods were devised of mixing the heavy chemicals into liquids so that they stay dispersed in natural fresh water. Violent churning seemed to be effective, based on the notes. And that was all, the last entry being penned only days earlier. The party did not know where the poisoners where headed, but two likely southerly cites were a possibility. One was the holy city of Numa, which contained very few fate witches, but plenty of churches. The other was Mount Olimpia, a picturesque tourist city favored by artists and philosophers.

Espadario, Luis, Baldesar all left the inn in the early morning to get horses, supplies, and hopefully hire some swordsmen who could make up for their poisoned weakened states. Espadario organized a meeting with the Swordsmens Guild, which was almost wholly contained within the University. There he gave a lackluster speech about taking up arms against the poisoners who would target the church and threw some money around with promises of more. Only two swordsmen took him up on his offer, but that was two more able fighters than they had when they awoke.

Baldesar went to the seedier parts of town to see if they could gather some ne'er-do-wells to join them. He soon discovered that someone had beaten them to it and Reune and the old monk had already taken the better specimens. This explained the extra men on horseback accompanying them. Paying an old inn keeper, the party got the location of the home of one thug's mother and the work place of another's woman. Baldesar went to find them and see if they could tell him where the thugs were headed. At the old woman's home, the lady did not know where her son was, but she did say her son was going to bring her back a souvenir. The young woman at the chandler shop, who assumed her boyfriend had been killed, told Baldesar that she didn't know exactly where he was going, but he had been told to take equipment for rough terrain. This got Baldesar to thinking that the poisoners were heading to the mountainous region of Mount Olimpia. Then it dawned on him that the only place to mix poison with "vigorous churning" into fresh water was Prophet's Falls in the mountains above the city. He was nearly certain that Mount Olimpia was the poisoner's target destination and poisoning the Tigres River could potentially poison all of southern Vodacce. He rushed off to tell his friends what he had discovered.
Session: Game Session - Saturday, Sep 15 2012 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
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Session Recap: Professor Wigsfield in the Conservatory with the Hemlock
The party regathered at the inn where they were poisoned and lay down to recover. Despite their fragile state, it was decided that they didn't want to let the trail grow too cold, so in early evening they struck out to get a meeting with Headmaster Wigsfield at the university. They left Marselis, Mubatto, and William to watch the inn. On the way to the university it was decided that Palumbrina should stop and make contact with her local Sophia's Daughter ally, who happened to be the instructor of the courtesan school. Since miss Vezzoni was still not cleared of suspicion, Luis accompanied Palumbrina to the door and waited for her outside. When Palumbrina explained that she thought an accomplished alchemist Daughter might be involved, Dalia did have some info for Palumbrina and explained that the primiere alchemist in the organization had disappeared from her station in Castille several months ago. The Daughter's member was an Eisen woman by the name of Reune Vegasdotter who was monitoring (and misleading) the work of Alvara Arciniega in alchemy and the new field of Blood Science. Reune was thought to know the secret to the Elixer of Westmoreland which can give women prolonged life. She is rumored to be over 400 years old. The possibility that the woman the group now knew as Helga, was in fact Reune Vegadotter who had for some reason turned against the women sorcerers of Vodacce. Dalia told Palumbrina that she is scheduled to take the girls to the university very soon for their music and dance lessons. Palumbrina suggested that she disguises herself as one of the young students and accompanies them while her friends investigate the Headmaster. The men moved toward the university, while Palumbrina and the courtesan school followed behind.

It was just after dark when the group arrived at the campus. They were quickly stopped by head guard (and now only guard) Decano. He told them that he was certain that headmaster Wigsfield was busy with his evening repast, but would be willing to see if he would meet the guys tomorrow during regular hours. When it became obvious that party was determined to talk to the professor immediately, Decano led the party to the headmaster's house. Espadario assured him that they would only be a moment and would leave if Professor Wigsfield was indeed eating dinner. When they got to the house, Luis went around back to make sure no one was escaping out the back, while Baldesar watched the attached building to the left. After knocking on the door, the knock was answered by a balding man in his late thirties. After being told by the servant that master Wigsfield was indeed eating dinner, Espadario suddenly pushed past the guard and butler and into the house. Decano drew his sword and followed while demanding that Espadario stop. Going to the left Espadario entered a dining room to confront a very startled, middle-aged man who could only be the Highland scholar. Espadario crossed blades with the guard while Wigsfield demanded to know why and armed man had interrupted his dinner. The group moved around the table, trying to stay safe from the exposed blades, while the butler grabbed a gun and Luis crawled through the back window. Once things had calmed down and Wigsfield had convinced the intruders to sit and talk with him, Espadario described the story that led them to this point. Espadario explained that he and his companions where investigating the recent poisonings and a dying conspirator had claimed that Professor Wigsfield was actually a woman who had created the poison. Wigsfield was surprised and shocked at the accusations pointing out the absurdity of the idea that he was a woman. He noted that is was quite convenient his accuser had died and unfortunate that he is not able to confront his accusers. All they had was hearsay to false allegations, and ridiculous ones at that. Though he did have some hemlock growing in the conservatory, he said it could also have been found in the surrounding hills and and that he is certain that there is no substance that can change a person's physical appearance to resemble another. If such a substance or sorcery did exist, a person could have used such a power to impersonate him to the monks. Espadario declared that all could be settled if Aden Wigsfield show them his genetalia thereby proving he was a man. Though insulted by the idea, Aden was in a hurry to finish his meal. He stood, dropped his pants, and revealed male sex organs. By this time, Baldesar had come through the front door and had disarmed the nervous butler of his rifle. Professor Wigsfield was convincing and had the right parts, so the party was nearly satisfied that they had been mislead. Finally, someone had pointed out that they should take a look at the conservatory. Aden was happy to oblige as he does love to show off his greenhouse. The group moved outside to the conservatory, except that Baldesar stayed back to investigate the house, watched closely by Wigsfield's butler.

Baldesar first looked over the two bedrooms, trying to find a lose floorboard where something might be hidden. Finding nothing, he went to the basement door. Unfortunately the door was locked and the servent refused to open the door as Professor Wigsfield had given him no orders to cooperate in such ways. Baldesar put his shoulder into it and busted the lock revealing a wider than expected staircase. Again the butler would not cooperate by accompanying the Dionan man into the cellar but did not stop him from entering. Untrusting, Baldesar grabbed an oil lamp and tried to walk down the stairs backward. Tripping on the third step, he ended up tumbling down the stairs shattering the lamp. Fortunately the oil did not ignite and Baldesar was not badly hurt. He was however a bit embarrassed, but he remained in the basement and wandered around in the dark for a time. He did run into a table that had some papers on it, then turned around and went back up the stairs to get some more light.

Meanwhile, Luis accompanied Aden Wigsfield and Decano into the conservatory to observe the hemlock plants while Espadario waited outside and met with Palumbrina to update her on what was seeming to be another dead end. It took some time for Luis to find what appeared to be the cut stems of some hemlock plants. They stepped in to look closer.

At the same time, Baldesar had returned to the basement with a new lamp. As he spread the light across the basement he saw, next to the table with papers, the largest collection of alchemical instruments he had ever seen. This had to be the lab that created the poisons. The door at the top of the stairs suddenly shut.

As he and Decano observed the plants to make sure they were indeed the poisonous plants, Professor Wigsfield stept back, pulled a vial from his pants, and threw it at the two men. It shattered on Luis's shield and covered the two men with a cloud of dust. Decano just froze where he was as the cloud of dust spread around him, but Luis sprang into action. The young bodyguard moved quickly after the professor who was now moving around the conservatory's center foliage. The Castillan got in one good shot on the professor, wounding his arm, before he drank another vial. He then leaped off the ground and went flying through the glass ceiling of the conservatory. Espadario and Palumbrina ran inside. Luis yelled to them that he had flown out the roof and Espadario ran back outside. Pulling the Syrneth bands of binding from his satchel, Espadario flung the object over the greenhouse in attempt to capture the duplicitous scholar but missed his target. The heavy ball shattered a section of the roof and landed behind some flower covered tables. Luis immediately went to look for it, while Palumbrina tried to find some water. Suddenly, Decano was beside Luis with his sword drawn demanding that the young Castillian get out of the conservatory and "return to the dormitory." The head guard seemed confused and it didn't take long for Palumbrina and Luis to figure out that the substance Wigsfield had thrown at the guard made him forget his recent memories. Luis ignored him, found the bands of binding and smashed out a wall in the back of the conservatory to get out.

Baldesar waited a few moments and listened for the butler. He could hear a noise which sounded like someone moving a piece of furniture across the floor. When he finally reached the top of the stairs and opened the broken door, he could see that the servant had pushed one of the wood and glass cases infront of the doorway. Peaking over the thing, Baldesar spotted the butler, again clutching his rifle and hiding in a corner across the room.

Back at the conservatory, Espadario ran out and around the building to try and follow the flying alchemist. He followed only for a short time before he lost sight of the fleeing man and realized that he could not traverse the rows of buildings as fast as Aden Wigsfield, or Reune Vegasdotter, or whoever he or she is, could fly over them. The last time he caught a glimpse of him, he was heading due south. Returning to the conservatory, the party convinced the very confused Decano that they had followed someone into the conservatory and offered to pay for the broken glass themselves. Palumbrina asked him to escort her safely back to the courtesan class rooms. (I actually don't remember what you told him, but suffice to say that he left and escorted Palumbrina back to the classrooms.)
Session: Game Session - Saturday, Jul 07 2012 from 7:00 PM to 11:30 PM
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Session Recap: Poisoned!
I don't have time at work to write a full recap and our home computer died last week so this is all I've got.

Espadario and Luis went to church at different churches. At the monastery Luis witnessed the murder of Brother Michalo and chased down the culprit. The guys was a local thug who was coerced into killing the monk by a woman dressed as a strega who was waiting in his in room. She paid him and told him that if he didn't do it something bad would happen to him. She preformed some sort of ritual with a bowl of water and scared him into action. He could not see the woman and did not know where she went.

Espadario spoke to Decano, the university guard, and was unhappy about his maimed colleague but didn't kick Espadario out of the university chapel.

Baldesar and Espadario went to talk to the courtesan teacher. She claimed to know nothing about the murder of Brother Michalo or the poisonings. Espadario lead on that he knew of scrying magic and the sisterhood's alchemy, but got little from her.

The guys gave up and decided to wait for their helpful scrying sorceress to show up. Maybe her magic would be able to find a lead. Not long after Palumbrina, William, Mubatto, Marselis, and the two captured monks showed up, the party ordered the house meal at the inn and sat down to review the last three days. Luis took bowls of soup, that smelled distinctly like parsnips to the monks who were tied up in their rooms. The party's serving girl was Baldesar's most recent conquest, Esenia, but she didn't speak and Baldesar barely said hi. They all ate the parsnip soup and a few minutes later started feeling cold and began having difficulty moving. Realizing that they'd been poisoned, the sprang to action. Baldesar put his fingers down his throat and began throwing up, while Palumbrina and Espadario went looking for the cook or the serving girl in the kitchen. The girl was no where to be seen, as she had disappeared just after serving the party, but the cook was shocked that her food was poisoned. Palumbrina and William used their alchemy and medical knowledge respectively to realize they had been poisoned with hemlock and began searching the kitchen for antidotes. Espadario went to check on Luis and the monks as Luis came out stating that they had been poisoned (he had only fed the monks and had not eaten his own stew). The poisoned party tried to help each other consume mustard and coffee. Espadario interrogated the poisoned monks threatening to let them die (even though he was dying himself) and on fear of death one of them spoke of a woman disguised as a man at the university. The other gave up the name Helga, and said that she was posing as the new headmaster, Aden Wigsfield. Espadario then took the two monks to the kitchen, but one of them dropped unconscious in the now deserted common room. The other only got a few frantic drinks of mustard coffee before he too passed out. The rest of the party, covered in vomit and lying about the kitchen faired slightly better. Marselis seemed to shake off the worse of the effects rather quickly, while the others did all they could to stay warm and moving as the poison ran its course. William worried more about his friend's lives than his own and nearly stopped breathing. By the time he got around to checking the prisoner monks, one was beyond help. He tried a last effort to get the taller one to breath again, but failed. The two monks died, yet all the others survived albeit damaged. It was a night they would not soon forget.

Luis, by Theus's good graces, had not eaten the poison, so he went fast to the serving girl's home. Breaking in to confront her, he found only death. The girl, and her aged father, were dead in the dining room. Esenia's body was not wearing the same cloths she had worn when she served them the poisoned soup. It became clear that the girl's form was taken by the alchemist poisoner in order to kill them all. But she failed.
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