• Portrait_thumb
    Marc Quickshot Human/M/Stkr/Rouge Extraordinaire/1
    Description:Marc wears dull leather he got from who knows where that cover most of his body. He wears a red bandana over his mouth during scuffles, and fights so noone from his past will spot him. Marc carries his trademark hand crossbows holstered at his waist, and they're the only things that look particul...
    Background:Marc Jonathan "Quickshot" grew up a pretty normal kid, his family did'nt have alot of money but noone in thier nieghbourhood did, so they made due with what they had. Marc secretly wanted much more than this though, and dreamt of riches, and wealth. In his youth Marc got involved with alot of loc...
  • M_elf7_thumb
    Tyrion Elf/M/Stkr/Monk/1
    Description:Tyrion presents as quiet and aloof, always appearing to be lost in one thought or another. He is slow to anger, and will often refuse to fight altogether if possible. He knows that there are times when only combat will be possible to solve a difficulty, and he always enters combat reluctantly. ...
  • No_img_thumb
    Arri Forgeheart dwarf/M/Def/fighter
    "Alright lets get this over with."
    Background: The Forgeheart dwarf clan have always been craftsmen and merchants. Until recently they were fairly prosperous and influential in the area. Recently though a group of human merchants has been moving in on their territory selling lesser quality goods at cut rate prices. Most nobles and other weal...
  • Raceportshifter__razorclaw_thumb
    Ashe Shifter/M/Def/Paladin/2
    Description:Sharp and feral featured, Ash wears his raven and dark green-streaked hair in the traditional braids of his tribe. His face is dominated by his hawkish nose and a pair of severe eyebrows, that flank it like a pair of widespread wings. His gentle blue eyes are made gentler from their shear cont...
    Background:Born in a Stagrunner hunting camp, Ash has spent most of his life under the green branxhes of the Witchwood. Ash is a member of the Witchwood Wardens, a loose organization of Malorites that patrol the Witchwood. The Wardens ensure that the woods are free of undead and abominations, and that da...
    Details:Three things: Find a mount worthy of a Paladin of Melora. Have a parade thrown in the party's honour. Forge a Mordencrad in the heart of the Fey Wild with a crafting technique divinely inspired by Melora.
  • Alderin_thumb
    Lucan Elf/M/Contr/Seeker
    "Shoot it dead."
    Description:Kind of crazed looking, Lucan seems to have an overall angry disposition his grin looking more like someone gritting their teeth. Disheveled black hair and a thin generic elf build he isn't very special looking at all.
    Background:Often willing to resort to killing something if it isn't willing to do what he wants, Lucan hasn't really made too many friend save for Total Victory 5, who are teaching him how to have fun. His brother was killed by orcs and his home forest was razed by humans so you wonder why he's so angry mo...

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