CharacterCashLoot ValueTotal
Unassigned: 14000.00gp 5000.00gp 19000.00gp
Marc Quickshot: 4120.00gp 52650.00gp 56770.00gp
Tyrion: 5120.00gp 12810.00gp 17930.00gp
Arri Forgeheart: 5080.00gp 9210.00gp 14290.00gp
Ashe: 5080.00gp 8650.00gp 13730.00gp
Lucan: 5025.00gp 18400.00gp 23425.00gp
Total: 38425.00gp 106720.00gp 145145.00gp

Name (Expand all) Owner Value Magical Equipped Consumed Actions
Bag of Holding Marc Quickshot 1000.00gp Magical
+3 Shadowdancer's Cloak Marc Quickshot 21000.00gp Magical Equipped
Shadowdancer's Boots Marc Quickshot 13000.00gp Magical Equipped
Shadowdancer's Gloves Marc Quickshot 9000.00gp Magical Equipped
Shadowdancer's Mask Marc Quickshot 5000.00gp Magical Equipped
+2 Infectious Flame Dagger Tyrion 3400.00gp Magical Equipped
+2 Resilience Amulet Ashe 3400.00gp Magical Equipped
Crown of Leaves Lucan 2600.00gp Magical Equipped
Griffon Lucan 9000.00gp Equipped
Homing Greatbow +2 Lucan 2600.00gp Magical Equipped
Hammer Shield Arri Forgeheart 3400.00gp Magical Equipped
Iron Armbands of Power Tyrion 1800.00gp Magical Equipped
Schematics for the Aleheart Companions Gear Arri Forgeheart 0.00gp
Advanced Delver's Training Marc Quickshot 2600.00gp
Battle Scarred Champion Arri Forgeheart 680.00gp
Fearsome Reputation Ashe 2600.00gp
Fortune's Nod Lucan 680.00gp
Imperial Oration Tyrion 3400.00gp
Potion of Healing (x 6) Party 50.00gp(300.00gp) Magical
Potion of Resistance (x 5) Party 40.00gp(200.00gp) Magical
Breaching Gauntlets Lucan 1800.00gp Magical Equipped
Learning Mordencrad +1 Ashe 1000.00gp Magical Equipped
Magic Cloth Armor +2 Tyrion 1800.00gp Magical Equipped
Elven Cloak +2 Party 2600.00gp Magical Equipped
Gloves of Recovery Ashe 1000.00gp Magical Equipped

Recent Transactions

Transfer Amount To Initiated By Date Notes
-1000.0 Marc Quickshot rogue 2011-06-06 17:06:05 UTC Bag of Holding
1000.0 Unassigned rogue 2011-06-06 17:06:05 UTC Bag of Holding
-1000.0 Unassigned rogue 2011-06-06 17:05:22 UTC [Purchased] Bag of Holding
-4000.0 Unassigned rogue 2011-06-06 17:02:57 UTC [Quick Add]
4000.0 Unassigned rogue 2011-06-06 16:58:54 UTC [Quick Add] Codren
4000.0 Unassigned rogue 2011-05-29 20:45:08 UTC [Quick Add] Codren
10000.0 Unassigned rogue 2011-05-15 20:49:42 UTC [Quick Add] Dragon's lair
-250.0 Aldanna Yojimbo 2011-03-14 03:55:52 UTC [Purchased] Magic Circle
-360.0 Aldanna Yojimbo 2011-03-14 03:55:26 UTC [Purchased] Cure Disease
-100.0 Aldanna Yojimbo 2011-03-14 03:54:21 UTC [Purchased] Endure Elements
-150.0 Aldanna Yojimbo 2011-03-14 03:53:56 UTC [Purchased] Comrades' Succor
-21000.0 Unassigned rogue 2011-03-13 21:50:50 UTC Divided
21000.0 Unassigned rogue 2011-03-13 21:50:22 UTC [Sold] Primordial Ring
-9150.0 Unassigned Yojimbo 2011-03-13 19:36:37 UTC Divided Amongst Party
5025.0 Marc Quickshot Yojimbo 2011-03-13 19:36:14 UTC Divided Cash
5025.0 Tyrion Yojimbo 2011-03-13 19:35:56 UTC Divided Cash
5025.0 Lucan Yojimbo 2011-03-13 19:35:41 UTC Divided Cash
5025.0 Arri Forgeheart Yojimbo 2011-03-13 19:35:17 UTC Divided Cash
5025.0 Ashe Yojimbo 2011-03-13 19:34:56 UTC Divided Cash
5025.0 Aldanna Yojimbo 2011-03-13 19:34:22 UTC Divided cash
30.0 Unassigned Yojimbo 2011-03-13 19:33:08 UTC [Sold] Jangly skirt
100.0 Unassigned Yojimbo 2011-03-13 19:32:59 UTC [Sold] Ornate dagger
2200.0 Unassigned Yojimbo 2011-03-13 19:32:52 UTC [Sold] Ornate dress
2200.0 Unassigned Yojimbo 2011-03-13 19:32:45 UTC [Sold] Ornate ring
230.0 Unassigned rogue 2011-03-05 22:34:40 UTC [Quick Add] Queen of the Drylands
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