This campaign follows adventurers in service to Mystra, who are trying to defeat the forces of Cyric and Shar, as they try to manifest a dark prophecy. starting in 1373 DR.

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2nd of Ches, 1375 The Year of Risen Elfkin: Meeting Darcassan
The heroes of Shadowdale thoroughly explored the Shadowsong tree amd Windsong Aerie. During their exploration the heroes met Darcassan in the form of a Warrior who demanded they surrender. When they did not surrender, Darcassan attacked the party but they vanquished their foe quickly.

In the Shadowsong tree the party entered two different temples, a temple to Correlon Larethian and a temple to Mystra. The temple to Correlon was left untouched, yet the Temple of Mystra was violated, vandalized, and soiled. Dallionus did what he could to cleanse the temple, and unknown to the party Darcassan was helping to clean the temple.

The knowledge stored in Windsong tower was endless, but they had no time to take in the books. Eventually they reached the floor of Shadowsong tree which seemd to be housing for the old teaching staff. Most of the rooms were well furnished and decorated, but they came to one room which was only bare wood on the ceilingm floor, and walls. On the floor, decorated as a mosaic was the image of an elf looking through a crystal ball. The party was shocked to find their exact action showing in the crystal ball mosaic; they were observing themselves. It is at this moment that the tower finally revealed itself. Darcassan approached them and agreed to discuss what transpired, and how the Nether Scrolls were stolen.

Darcassan told the party that 2 shadowvars and 2 priests of Shar broke into the tower, and through the use of a Wish spell broke into the chamber with the Nether Scrolls and stole them. The Nether Scrolls still need to be tuned to the Shadowvars and so Darcassan suspects they brought them to the Shadowvar's own territory. It is vital the Shadowvar attunement ritual is stopped and the Nether Scrolls recovered. Darcassan told the party he thought the first part to figuring out where the shadowvar brought the scrolls and how to break the ritual would be revealed in the crypt of Augathra the mad.

The party agreed to travel to the Stonelands and head towards the border of the great desert Anauroch to find the crypt.

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2nd of Ches, 1375 (The year of Risen Elfkin): The Guardians
The magical portal lead into a foyer lit as if it was midday in a deep forest grove of trees. The pillars of the foyer were designed to resemble trees, and a pleasant fountain flowed and bubbled, like a rolling stream gently meandering through peat. The room was very large, and a second fountain was seen only 20 feet away so that each half of the room had the same design.

As the heroes were exploring they were ambushed by a wizard. He attacked them with a magical Shout and followed that up with a Melf's Acid Arrow to Amoralla, and still the party could not see him. Amoralla was able to estimate the general area from which the attack occured, and Fidgit with True Seeing finally found the mage. The mage resembled the one that the bard described in his dream, and Fidgit began talking to him, pointing out that they were there to help in response to the Bard's dream. This was at least enough to deter the attack for the mage entered one of the tree-like pillars and disappeared.

The company searched for him for many minutes, but they could find no sign, and no tricks or traps. As the party continued through the room, Indira realized the room was only half of its size, the rest was an illusion and lead to a portal. Indira shouted a warning before the party moved through.

At this point there were four options, the two spiral stairs going up found by Indira, the North door, and directly across from it the South door. Though Indira wanted to explore the stairs, Dorthir already started through the south door. Indira made note that there were tracks on the stairs, of heavy creatures at least eight feet tall. Her companions agreed to explore the next level after they finsihed with the first.

This part of the tower contained the lecture halls, and a grand auditorium. These rooms and halls were lit with the same strange magical lighting as the previous room, except for the auditorium which had a dimmer light. Finding nothing of interest other than some interesting costumes in the dressing rooms of the auditorium, the Heroes of Shadowdale decided to go through the North door of the 'grove room'

The North of the floor was an area where the animals and familiars of the staff and students were cared for and housed. It put Indira, Fidgit, and Robert Hawker at ease, because from their investigation it seemed the animals would have been well cared for. Robert found a tome on horse grooming, and some healing potions. At the top of some stairs there was an illusionary wall that covered a portal, but the companions were not able to see past the illusion.

The time to ascend the stairs and discover what lie above was on them. Indira lead the party up the stairs, and when she arrived at the landing she noticed some raised tiles. Fidgit floated into the room, but the party had no way to disarm the trap. When it was decided that Dorthir should be tossed in, Indira lifted him. Normally she would have been able to clear the room, but for some reason she fumbled the dwarf onto the floor and activated the trap. The trap was simply doors that slammed open against the wall to reveal the guardians, two stone golems resembling elf archers and an ancient Battle Horror.

Indira immediately attacked the stone golem but her weapons did not nearly damage it as much as she thought it would. Robert Hawker attacked the golem with his greatsword and the blade sliced through the golem like it was made out of mud. Dorthir's mace was also adequate to handle the golem. Elianne realizing magic would be useless on Golems cast a Destructionspell on the Battle horror. When her spell was cast the Battle Horror imploded like a can being hit by the invisible hammers of Kelemvor. In time the golems proved to be no match for Indira's skill and Robert Hawkers blade.

This part of the tower was very small and consisted only of the room with the golems, and an attached smithy with an everburning forge. In the smithy, pieces of other golems and battle horrors were found. Someone else must have visited the room before and defeated these ones for though 6 doors opened with the trap, only 3 guardians came out.

After thoroughly searching the companions went up the other set of spiral staircases. At the landing, they found a room with many doors on all sides. It turned out the rooms were simply dorm rooms for students studying in this tower before The Weeping War. In the back of one of the pantries, Indira discovered an illusionary door. When she opened it, the party saw her disappear through a portal. The portal landed her on the stairs with the illusionary wall that the party saw before. By the time her companions figured out what happened to her, she had backtracked to their floor. Indira proceeded to explore the next pantry, and indeed it had an illusionary door as well. She entered it and she was in a room shaped as a perfect 'X' with a door on each branch except the one through which she entered.

The party searched the various rooms, and they prevented an ambush by a Nighthaunt and two Dire Wraiths. The battle was not without cost as both Indira and Robert Hawker felt their strength for battle severely drained by the Dire Wraiths. Dorthir was able to restore them both, and they were happy to feel their strength return.

It seemed every possible place was explored. Quellvas found an illusionary wall inbetween the spiral staircases. When the party went through, they found themselves in another room, probably another place for it appeared they were in the inside of a great tree.

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2nd of Ches, 1375 (The year of Risen Elfkin): Entering the Tower
Early in the morning , the party heard a loud rapping at the door. It was Elthen and the General of the Roaring Horns, Drondik Ironbeard. Drondik wanted to send some help along, and he assigned one of his clerics Dorthir of Clangeddin to the party.

The Heroes of Shadowdale already knew the location of Windsong Tower, or at least where it used to be before the tower flew away during the weeping war.

In a pile of rubble between a shadowtop tree and a massively great oak, the ruins of the first floor of the old Windsong Tower was clear. The shadowtop tree appeared to be a tower in itself for in its lower branches, clear structures layed upon the boughs. The boughs of the massive oak, also contained structures; three stories high from its lowest bough.

Quellvas knew the tower disappeared long ago, but he also knew the Windsong Tower Ring was the key to egress. He touched the ring to the concentric circles around a rune, and a portal appeared that looked exactly like an archway. Without delay, the companions entered.

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1st of Ches, 1375 (The year of Risen Elfkin): Anauroch Begins
While searching for their camp, appointed to them by Ulivaren, a priest of Corellon, they heard a beautiful song, not far off in the distance. It was not a magical song, or any sort of siren song, it was just a beautiful song from a male voice, but it was sung with a profound sense of loss.

Though the source was not immediately apparent the words were clear:

Tall grew the trees in the hidden glade,
Below the tower that was not a tower.
Kept safe for eons from spell and blade,
By guardians who wielded Mystra’s power.
The words that sighed through their golden leaves
Had been heard in part but never whole,
But the tall trees fell to the hands of thieves
And Magic’s death is now their goal.
A precious circle of wizard’s skill
Is the key to their sundered ground.
Their home lies silent now and still
‘Til the door in Nature’s hall is found.
The living must find that which is lost
Before the world is riven,
Or mortals and gods will pay the cost
And lose forever the blessings given.

The Heroes of Shadowdale searched for the bard that must be singing this song and soon, near a ruined wall almost outside Myth Drannor, a handsome Half elf singing this tune was found. The bard smiled and greeted the party. He introduced himself as Kelloren Bluestar, and through conversation revealed the song was composed by him to explain a strange dream he had.

Kelloren Bluestar explained his dream to the party. It started with a tall sun elf, with a half mask over his eyes and a green cloak over travelling clothes approaching him. The elf talked about a very special grove of trees as though he loved them all his life, and they seemed to hold some sort of magical secret. Oddly, the man made it clear that the trees were stolen by someone. They didn't die, somebody took them. It seemed like the man knew, but he would not say who stole the trees. The man wanted someone to come and check out the area, someone more powerful than the bard, so he tasked the bard to sing his tale to all that would listen.

After the party talked to the bard, a strange raven found them and bid them to meet its mistress Keevosen Nihili in the Blackthorn hunting lodge.

The party was suspicious and they indeed did go to the hunting lodge. They arrived much earlier than asked, and broke into the lodge. Keevosen was in the lodge but invisible. Indira, through her superior senses was able to discern where she was, and went to attack. The party eliminated Keevosen and her four werewolf mercenaries in a matter of seconds.

One werewolf was left alive for questioning but he had no information of value. The corpse of Keevosen was brought before the elves, and all agreed, the woman was a Shade. For some reason she did not want the party to discover anything about Windsong Tower.
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