This campaign is a dark champions campaign set in the current day.

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Overview of Mission 1 Part 2
After raiding club "Zhest" the players took time to resupply, equip communication headsets, and use satellite survalience to get a general idea of the layout of the ocean front villa references in the information obtained from the laptop. The survalience was only able to locate a single guard patrol in the middle of the property near the house. The team drove to the property and walked froma nearby location through some woods located on the boundaries of the property the villa was located on. As the players approach a brick wall surrounding the property that isn't along the shoreline, they notice security cameras along the length of the wall. The players used some of their electrical equipment to record a few moments of video and then program the camers to replay the footage in a loop. Jack equips a scuba suit he brought to help infiltrate the villa. Jack quietly enters the water by the wall and swims to investigate a ship pen located in the edges of the property. Jack notices two guards patrolling the ship pen along catwalks located on opposite sides of the ship pen. Jack then surfaces at the shore in a small area between the ship pen and the brick wall. He notices a guard patrolling this portion of the wall and another guard patrolling the southern portion of the wall. Jack waits for the first guard to get closer and then grabs and chokes the guard out and quitely places him in the ocean to drown. Jack radios the rest of the group to hurry to along the wall before the next guard realizes the first guard is missing. As the second guard was reaching the meeting point at the corner of the brick wall, Jack quickly runs along the wall and tries to tackle the second guard before he can call for help. Jack missed the second guard and fell to the ground and as the guard was about to radio for help a first bullet hit the guard in the chest, which was covered in armor, and a second bullet entered his head from Stanley's sniper rifle. Knowing they had the guards in the ship pen and at least one guard near the house, the players decided that John should dress in the guards uniform and pretend to be the guard on duty while the others deal with the guards in the ship pen. John puts on the uniform and continues the patrol route of the south wall trying to keep some distance from the other guard patrol to hide the bullet hole in the uniform. The players form on the west door of the ship pen and use a fiber optic camera to time the guards patrol on the near catwalk. Virginia unlocked the door and as the guard returned Jack ran through the door and tackled the guard sending them both into the water. The weight of the guard's armor pulled the guard to the bottom as he drowned. Stanley aimed at the guard across the pen and head shot him before he could call for help. Dmitri contacted John to get a status update and inform him of the groups new plan. Dmitri put the last guards uniform on and called the final patrol guard to the pen for help. As the final patrol guard entered the ship pen the group threw the guard into the water to drown.... to be finished later.
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Overview Of Mission 1 Part 1
The players received a request from the World Protection Agency requesting that they look into a rise in gang crime as well as the appearance of a new drug that the NYPD is calling "Death Dust", which is being used near the new club "Zhest". The players were asked to collect a sample of the drug, figure out who was supplying the drug, and if possible prevent or stop them from distributing more of the drug into the streets. The players decided to visit the police station and gather any additional information from the police chief. As they were being escorted through the police station the players noticed a citizen being restrained by a couple of officers as they led the individual to a holding cell. Upon closer inspection they noticed that the officers were not restrianing the citizen as much as they were trying to protect the citizen from hurting himself while jumping around and joyously singing. The players meet the chief of police (Donald Baker) and question him about "Death Dust". The chief refernces the players encounter in the hallway. He discusses that people on the drug are unable to answer questions and the drug has an effect on short term memory such that they can't remember anything once the drug has passed through their system. The players then questioned the chief about club "Zhest". The chief discusses that the all of the people found with symptoms of the drug have been traced to being in the club prior to using the drug. The chief also told the players that the police have an undercover agent working in the club as a bartender using the alias Dave Brown and that the players should use the phrase "I would like the mystery drink" to let the agent know they were sent by the chief. Jack West (player) gave the police chief his cell phone number in case he needed to reach the players with updated information. The players decided to visit club "Zhest" and went to the club with only cell phones as a means for communicating between one another. The group arrived at the club, parked the car in a parking garage across the street and then they decided to split into two groups. Group 1 would infiltrate the upstairs and try to find any information regarding any relationship between the club and "Death Dust". Group 2 would enter the club and try to find any information about who might be dealing the drug within the club. Group 2 consisted of Jack West (whom hid a set of brass knuckles in his underwear) and John Williams (unarmed). Jack and John then proceeded to wait in line to enter the club. While waiting Jack started intimidating the other people waiting in line, which got the attention of the bouncer before he stopped. Meanwhile Group 1, consisting of Dmitri Valdimir, Stanley Ipkiss, and Virginia Lancaster, were a dark alley between "Zhest" an office building. Stanley waited in the alley to provide a lookout for anyone that might wander into the area, while Dmitri and Virginia climbed the fire escape to the second floor windows. The pair managed to deactivate the sensors on the windows and quietly infiltrate the upstairs office of the club. The players found a decoy computer in the office, which they hacked, and located a secret safe hidden in the wall next to the decoy computer. The safe included a laptop and small bags full of an unkown substance. Dmitri hacks the computer and downloads the information as well as grabs two bags of the unkwon substance. The players then closed the safe and made the room look exactly as it did before they entered the room. As the players went back out the windows, Virginia reactivated the sensors on only one of the windows. While Group 1 was infiltrating the upstairs, Group 2 made it to the front of the line, was searched by the bouncer (he failed to find the brass knuckles), and was allowed to enter the club. Once inside the players noticed a group of VIP's near the dance floor and watched as a man purchased something from the group. John managed to get relatively close to the group and take pictures of them with his cell phone. Then John and Jack noticed the man whom bought something from the group was heading to the bathroom. John and Jack followed the man into the bathroom, and Jack pulled out his brass knuckles and knocked the guy out. The players searched the body and found a bag of an unknown substance as well as the man's wallet. John took the $100 from the man's wallet and Jack put the man's wallet in his pocket. The players then placed one of the man's arms around the each of their necks and carried the man out of the club on their shoulders like they were dragging their drunk friend from the club. The bouncer noticed the players, but he just laughed when the players made fun of the man and stated that their buddy was a lightweight and they were helping him get back home. Jack and John met up with Stanley in the alley and jack decided to take the car and drive the man (Dave Johnson) to his apartment near the club. Not long after Jack left John decided to take the $100 and try to purchase whatever the VIP's in the club were selling. John approached the bouncer, whom recognized John from a few moments ago, and the bouncer let John back into the club. Once John was in the club he purchased a couple of bags of the substance from the VIPs and then couldn't help but get on stage and entertain the crowd, which got the attention of the body guard. While John was in the club, Jack returned, parked the car in the alley near the club, and met up with the other characters. Once John finished entertaining the crowd and was attempting to leave the club, the bartender stopped him and asked him how the man he took out of here with the other man was doing. At the sametime Dmitri called John on his cell phone to check his status, which John let him know. While on the phone with Dmitri, the VIP's came over to John and the bartender, and the bartender escorted him upstairs to the office. Realizing John was in trouble, Dmitri ordered Virginia to go back up the fire escape and see what was going on. The bartender enters the room with the VIP's, whom are clearly just gang members working for the bartender, and John. The bartender has one of the gang members standing behind John with a gun. Virginia secretly opens the window witht he deactivated sensors to see what is happening. She quickly and quietly goes back to the group and updates them. Dmitri suggests tripping the sensors on the other window to set off the buildings alarm and cause a distraction. Virginia climbs back up the fire escape and jostles the window enough to trop the sensors and set off the alarm. The crowd in the club panic and rush out the door, while the bartender quickly takes 5 of the 6 gang members and hurries down stairs while shouting at the 6th gang member to kill John. Once the bartender and the other gang members leave, Virginia quickly climbs through the window and takes a quick shot at the gang member behind John. Taking advantage of the distraction John knocks down the gang member and tries to steal the gun. After wrestling on the floor with the John gains control of the and shoots the gang member. John then gets up and empties the clip in the gang member just for fun. Meanwhile Stanley runs to the parking garage across the street to the parking garage with his sniper rifle to get a nest to overlook the front door and Jack takes a flash grenade from the trunk of the car and throws it through one of the downstairs windows into the club and then jumps through the window after the grenade detonates. Taking advantage of the stunned enemies Jack picks one of the gang members up and throws him into another gang member sending them into the bar and knocking them out. Jack then turns and punches a third gang member in the arm, breaking the arm, and incapacitating the gang member. Dmitri jumps through the broken window and takes a shot at 1 of 2 gang members standing near the front door. The gang member drops but is not killed. Stanley then takes a shot at the 2nd member near the front, which drops the gang member but he is not killed. Dmitri and Stanley finish off the 2 gang members as John and Virginia return to the car. Jack takes the gang member with the broken arm and puts him in the trunk of the car and the team heads back to their hideout. Once back at the hideout, Dmitri tortured the gang member with a drink of water technique. Once the gang member gave Dmitri the information he wanted, Dmitri chopped the gang member into a bunch of pieces, and then returned to the club and put the pieces in the club's dumpster. The players learned that the drugs were coming in from a villa on the ocean outside of the city from both the gang member and some shipping maifests found on the hard drive of the laptop. The players also gave 1 sample of the unknown substance to the WPA for analysis.
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