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New Friends!
Dear Diary,

** and I made some new friends! Well, one new friend and a guy who pays for all our stuff. Shade is so nice and good at killing things too! She is really quiet, but I don't mind. At least she doesn't spend all her time talking about how rich she is and how much she hates her dad. I don't even know if she has a dad, she never talks about her family. We picked up two slaves too, but I'm trying not to get too attached since they have to go back to their families. Boy I miss being a slave. That was the life. Cooking food and hanging out in a house all day. In three years I only had to kill 26 people! Not like now, I have to kill people all the time :(. Oh well, maybe someday when I have my own horde at my command, and force Athas people to be nicer to each other for fear of my axe splitting their heads, I can have a house again.
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I hate daddy
OMG I have to go back to Urik! It's okay, I guess. This place has been a mess since the sorcerer king was killed. I got some extra funds for the trip from dad, so I'm going to bring this weird crew of freaks with me. I don't even know how to write one of their names. Hopefully they won't all die during the trip.

Seeing mom and dad again is going to be weird. I've missed mom. Dad got me a job as a Templar! I'm going to be soooo hard core. I can finally do magic in public, and others can't!

See you later, journal.
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