This is a list of people, places, things and events relevant to the campaign. Any time they appear in a blog post or wiki, it will automatically be linked to its definition.
  • Dragonmarked HousesSpacer
    Cannith (d'Cannith)
    Bearers of the Mark of Making, Cannith artificers are the greatest forgers in all Khorvaire Plus
    Kundarak (d'Kundarak)
    Bearers of the Mark of Warding, the dwarves of Kundarak are unparalleled at construction vaults, fortresses, and strongholds. Plus
    Lyrandar (d'Lyrandar)
    Masters of the sea and sky, House Lyrandar bears the mark of Storm Plus
    Sivis (d'Sivis)
    Bearers of the Mark of Scribing, the gnomes of house Sivis are masters of communication. Plus
  • MonstersSpacer
    Depraved squat foulspawn Plus
    A horrid cross between a cockroach and lizard, kruthiks are a nasty pest. Plus
  • On the MapSpacer
    A small town in western Breland; it lies between Droaam and the Dagger River. Plus
    A haven for criminals and murderers; these are the goblin territories Plus
    A small city in the monstrous nation of Droaam Plus
    The most populous continent on Eberron, home to the twelve sovereign nations Plus
    Marguul Pass
    The only pass through the Seawall Mountains Plus
    Orien Trail
    An old trade-route between Ardev and the Graywall mountains Plus
    Saerun Road
    Once a bustling trade route, it is now a haunting memory of the Mourning. Plus
    This mountain range forms the border between Darguun and Zilargo Plus
    Six Kings
    A legendary monument of six goblin kings towers above the plains in Breland. Plus
    Turakbar's Fist
    The blood-stained fortress of Rhesh Turakbar. Plus
    A colorful land filled with magic, music and song. This is the land of the gnomes Plus
  • DefinitionsSpacer
    Arkantaash (the Ashen Crown) (Liryana'tani)
    An ancient relic, created by the Keepers of the Past; it is revered by goblin and elf alike Plus
    Late autumn; often associated with the Mark of Passage
    An ancient hobgoblin warlord from the Dhakani empire Plus
    Late summer; often associated with the Mark of Finding.
    Boril's Hammers
    Name of Boril's inquisitor agency. Plus
    Dragonmark (dragonmarked)
    Believed to be a manifestation of the mysterious Draconic Prophecy Plus
    Late spring; often associated with the Mark of Handling
    Eberron (The Dragon Between)
    The Dragon Between Plus
    Mid-spring; often associated with the Mark of Making
    Khyber (The Dragon Below)
    The Dragon Below; embodiment of the underdark Plus
    An older Lyrandar cargo ship overhauled to transport the Kech Volaar Plus
    Mid-summer; often associated with the Mark of Detection
    Lightning Rail
    One of the most famous means of travel; rail carts pulled along by a bound lightning elemental. Plus
    Early summer; often associated with the Mark of Hospitality
    Late Winter; often associated with the Mark of the Sentinel
    Late summer; often associated with the Mark of Scribing.
    The Dragon Above; encompassing the heavens and all they contain Plus
    Mid-autumn; often associated with the Mark of Shadow
    Early Spring; often associated with the Mark of Healing
    Early winter; often associated with the Mark of Warding
    Mid-winter; often associated with the Mark of the Storm
  • OrganizationsSpacer
    A prominent and powerful criminal organization in Sharn
    Church of the Silver Flame (Silver Flame)
    Those who swear themselves to the unending battle against the darkness Minus
    The priests and champions of the Silver Flame have battled against the forces of darkness for hundreds of years. Though a relatively young religion, the church has found staunch support across Khorvaire, especially in the nation of Thrane. Its followers wage a never-ending struggle against evil, fighting demons, devils, and all manner of monsters.
    A guild of monstrous humanoids operating out of the Cogs Plus
    Dark Lanterns
    A shadow organization enlisted by Breland; few know of its existence. Plus
    Emerald Claw
    A dangerous evil organization who's goals..and masters remain a mystery.
    Kech Volaar (Worldbearers)
    One of the two largest goblin clans in Khorvaire Plus
    The house of knives and death; an assassin guild for hire in Sharn. Plus
  • In SharnSpacer
    Granite district
    A district in the Lower Central Plateau - Mostly shopping for the middle class Plus
    The most prominent tavern in Khyber's gate; a place to meet with Daask.
    The Citadel
    An imposing fortified structure near the middle levels of Andith Tower. Plus