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Scrolls of Epyasti
Pre-Altaran Empire texts Plus
Weights & Measures
How heavy is it? Plus
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    **Salp** (Arpath)
    Capital of Salpia Plus
    Corkillbreen (Taur Fassëcalen) (Fassëcalen)
    Ancient wood on eastern border of Aral Plus
    Lacaratae (Laescaerta) (Lacertarae)
    City in southern Salpia Plus
    HQ for Namen's retrieval team Plus
    Mavorti (Marsember) (Malvaunt)
    Split port city Plus
    Royal Salp Academé for Music and the Arts (Academé)
    Bardic college Plus
    Namen's manor house in Lacaratae Minus
    Sottovelo is a stately manor house which sits on the Salp river at the upper edge of the merchant district of Lacaratae. It consists of three stories in an area where prevailing style has only two. Although Master Roodle has extensively remodeled the interior of Sottovelo the outside has remained unchanged, standing in refined, marble-faced beauty among the familiar red brick and white-washed stucco of the neighboring architecture.

    Sottovelo is the Roodle family home which was gifted to the current Master's mother by one of her noble patrons. Though his civic obligations would dictate that he entertain more often than he does none of his guests, noble or common, can fault his taste in decor or the hospitality of his events. He maintains five servants for his portion of the house and has turned over one section of the house to his business partner, Babik Nurn, a gnomish intellectual who he met on his travels.

    Home of the Royal Salpian College of Arcana, Alchemy, and Interdisciplinary Arts Plus
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    Bertie, Bertie
    Aral children's bedtime poem. Plus
    Come Step Up Lads!
    Aral marching song Plus
    Miles and Miles Away
    Nord battle chant Plus