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Scrolls of Epyasti
Pre-Altaran Empire texts Plus
Weights & Measures
How heavy is it? Plus
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    **Salp** (Arpath)
    Capital of Salpia Plus
    Corkillbreen (Taur Fassëcalen) (Fassëcalen)
    Ancient wood on eastern border of Aral Plus
    Lacaratae (Laescaerta) (Lacertarae)
    City in southern Salpia Minus
    Lacaratae (Laescaerta - Araldite, Lacertarae - Oldspeak)
    Large City: Conventional; Alignment: LN; Marketplace: 60,000gp limit; Assets: 48,020,000gp; Population: 14,984 growing - mixed (79% human, 4% dwarf, 10% gnome, 3% other).

    Lacaratae is a city situated on the Salp River in southern Salpia. It was traditionally and is still considered the "Gateway to Salpia" as most major trade roads and all river traffic from the south must travel through the city before entering the more 'civilized' interior of this human nation and ALL trade goods going to the southern portions of Salpia trundle through Lacaratae's cobbled streets.

    The city was founded toward the end of the first century of Salpia's national consolidation as a bulwark against the monsterous races which had been routed from the area. Owing to these origins Lacaratae is capable of withstanding siege, unlike most trade-oriented cities, as it is surrounded by an impressive city wall and river fortifications that most commercial hubs would find detrimental to business. There is a significant representation of the King's Army in Lacaratae which works in conjunction with the City Guard.

    The city is rebuilding after a water-borne plague decimated the population in the spring/summer of 1572 and has reclaimed some of its 'wild' reputation of old as its denizens have moved away from emulating the great cities of the Interior and returned to their more traditional roots. New arrivals to Lacaratae abandon their 'northern' ways if they wish to find any success with the survivors of the Plague. It was once widely held that "anything that's a scandalous shame in Salp barely bats an eye in Lacaratae" and this adage is finding firm footing in the hearts of the city's population.

    HQ for Namen's retrieval team Plus
    Mavorti (Marsember) (Malvaunt)
    Split port city Plus
    Royal Salp Academé for Music and the Arts (Academé)
    Bardic college Plus
    Namen's manor house in Lacaratae Plus
    Home of the Royal Salpian College of Arcana, Alchemy, and Interdisciplinary Arts Plus
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    Bertie, Bertie
    Aral children's bedtime poem. Plus
    Come Step Up Lads!
    Aral marching song Plus
    Miles and Miles Away
    Nord battle chant Plus