This is a list of people, places, things and events relevant to the campaign. Any time they appear in a blog post or wiki, it will automatically be linked to its definition.
  • On the MapSpacer
    An Tir
    The middle kingdom; often war-torn in skirmishes between the Yssge and Tir Amarion
    The reborn kingdom; south of Sanctuary Bay Plus
    The desert wasteland kingdom of the Beysibians Plus
    Farron's Guard
    A small town roughly a day's journey from Sanctuary; it is home to the Prophet and her Sanatorium Plus
    Easternmost kingdom; ruled by the forsaken. Plus
    The once mighty empire has shrunk to all but a small kigndom
    Southern city-state in what was the Rankan Empire. Plus
    Home of the Galeb Duhr
    The western city-state dominated by Pelorites
    Tir Amarion
    A wealthy coastal city-state
    The mighty northern barbaian kingdom; once stretched as far south as An Tir, now a shadow of former glory.
  • OrganizationsSpacer
    A secretive organization.
    Blue Star
    The secretive Blue Star channel arcane might for their own mysterious purposes
    Eastwatch Rangers
    Protectors of the free people; the Eastwatch guard the roads and lands in-between the city-states
    The cunning and often brutal thieves of Sanctuary; identified only by the blue hawkmasks they wear.
    Hell Hounds
    Lord Theronall's mercenary army; commanded by General Sabine Plus
    Sons of Tempus (stepsons)
    A group of soldiers dedicated to restoring Sanctuary to its former glory
  • GodsSpacer
    Child of the Sun; Shadowburn; Plus
    One of the Brothers in Blood; Conquest & Glory Plus
    Goddess of civilization and unity; Azurian theology Plus
    The belief that knowlege is the path to truth in all things. Plus
    One of the Brothers in Blood; Strength and Honor Plus
    The goddess of the seasons; primal spirits humanized. Plus
    The Sun God; giver of life and purifier of sin Minus
    Once the most powerful religion in all the land, Pelor is but a shadow of his former glory. After his rebirth, his followers split into separate factions, dividing his power thusly. With the crumbling of the Rankan empire, the clergy had less power, and the struction of this once dominant church was falling apart at its foundations.

    Today only the city-state of Ranke recognizes Pelor as the one true religion. Much of the dogmatic rites and rituals are still observed, and the Dawn Celebrant still has much of the power within Ranke. Outside the city-state, however, Pelor's status is not that much different from what the Raven Queen or Zehir's was, during the heights of the empire; a small cult of sun-worshippers.

    Pelor demands his followers:
    • Follow the rites and rituals of the church, as given by the Dawn Celebrant
    • Recognize no other church as an equal religion
    • Let the sun guide you in all things.
    Primal Spirits
    The spirits of nature exist in all the elements
    The Moon goddess; nightmaiden
    The Raven Queen
    Once the goddess of fate and death. Plus
  • RacesSpacer
    The tall muscular people of the southern lands; they are dark skinned with dark hair.
    Though no longer worshippers of Zehir, the Beysibians bear their ancestors' mark
    Godless and without lands, the forsaken are lost. They carry the shadow of their souls with them.
    Galeb Duhr
    Fueled by the primal spirits, these stocky people are hearty and strong; often with a grayish skin tone.
    People of the once-dominant empire; Of reddish hair and light skin
    The lively and colorful gypsies forever travel the lands; of dark hair and colorful eyes.
    The heavy and strong barbarian people; of pale skin and light colored hair
  • Sanctuary LocationsSpacer
    The Chasm
    A canyonlike crack in the earth that spawns all manner of twisted and deadly beasts. Plus
    The Wall
    A great hodgepodge of wood and scavenged stone, the Wall separates civilized Sanctuary from the Chasm Plus
  • DefinitionsSpacer
    A term for the twisted creatures that spew forth from the chasm. Plus