This is a list of people, places, things and events relevant to the campaign. Any time they appear in a blog post or wiki, it will automatically be linked to its definition.
  • architectureSpacer
    barbican (barbicans)
    a fortified gateway Plus
    a defensive structure built atop walls or castles Plus
    merlon (merlons)
    an upright solid structure on a battlement Plus
    minaret (minarets)
    a narrow tower Plus
  • cosmologySpacer
    Ethereal Plane
    a plane of incorporeal existence overlapping with the Material Plane Plus
    Fugue Plane (Realm of the Dead)
    the plane of temporary existence for the dead Plus
    Material Plane
    the plane of existence holding the world of Toril
    the Planes
    a collective term for the planes of existence
  • cosmology: Inner PlanesSpacer
    Elemental Plane of Air (Plane of Air)
    the plane of existence of pure elemental air
    Elemental Plane of Earth (Plane of Earth)
    the plane of existence of pure elemental earth
    Elemental Plane of Fire (Plane of Fire)
    the plane of existence of pure elemental fire
    Elemental Plane of Water (Plane of Water)
    the plane of existence of pure elemental water
    Positive Energy Plane (Plane of Life) (Positive Material Plane)
    the plane of existence of pure life force
  • cosmology: Outer PlanesSpacer
    the Outer Plane inhabited by demons
    the Outer Plane inhabited by the Seldarine Plus
    House of Nature
    the Outer Plane inhabited by many nature deities
    Nine Hells of Baator (Nine Hells) (Baator)
    the Outer Plane inhabited by devils
    Outer Planes (Outer Plane)
    the planes of existence inhabited by deities and their followers
  • currencySpacer
    a gold coin in Tethyr
    a two-gold-piece coin in Tethyr
    a gold coin in Calimport and Keltar Plus
    a platinum coin in Tethyr
    a copper coin in Tethyr
    a gold coin in Teshburl
    zonth (red wing) (red wings)
    a gold coin in Memnon
  • deities: elvenSpacer
    Corellon Larethian (Corellon)
    the head of the elven pantheon Plus
    the only good goddess in the Drow pantheon Plus
    Erevan Ilsere (Erevan) (the Trickster)
    the elven god of mischief Plus
    Rillifane Rallathil (Rillifane)
    the elven god of nature
    Sehanine Moonbow (Sehanine)
    the elven goddess of the heavens and dreams Plus
    the elven pantheon
    Solonor Thelandira (Solonor)
    the elven god of hunting and archery Plus
  • deities: human: major: evilSpacer
    Bane (Black Lord)
    the human god of hatred and fear Plus
    the human god of lies
    Umberlee (Bitch Queen)
    the human goddess of the ocean
  • deities: human: major: goodSpacer
    Ilmater (Broken God) (Crying God)
    the human god of long-suffering Plus
    the human god of the sun
    a human nature goddess
    the human goddess of magic and the Weave
    the human goddess of the moon or a name for the moon itself Plus
    Sune (Lady Firehair)
    the human goddess of love and beauty
    The Triad
    three human gods who serve similar purposes Plus
    Torm (the True God)
    the human god of duty & loyalty Plus
    the human goddess of good fortune
    Tyr (Anachtyr) (Just God)
    the human god of justice Plus
  • deities: human: major: neutralSpacer
    Kelemvor (Lord of the Dead)
    the human god of the dead
    the human god of elemental fire
    a human god Plus
    the human god of nature
    the human god of war
  • deities: human: minorSpacer
    Akadi (Lady of the Winds) (Queen of the Air)
    the human goddess of elemental air Plus
    the human goddess of ill fortune
    Deneir (Scribe of Oghma)
    the human demigod of scribes
    the human goddess of peaceful places
    the human god of elemental earth
    the human god of elemental water
    Iyachtu Xvim (Xvim)
    the demonspawn of Bane Plus
    the human goddess of pleasure
    the god of Chult Plus
    Valkur (Captain of the Waves)
    a human god Plus
  • deities: otherSpacer
    Ao (Overgod)
    the overgod
    the evil drow goddess of spiders
    the god of goblins
    the head of the dwarven pantheon
    Thard Harr (Lord of the Jungle Deeps)
    the dwarven god of jungle survival and hunting Plus
    the demon prince worshipped by gnolls
  • diseasesSpacer
    filth fever
    a disease commonly carried by rats or other sewer animals Plus
    the disease that turns one into a were-creature Plus
  • (in)famous charactersSpacer
    Basad yn Malik el Ostak (Basad)
    the leader of el Kahmir clan in Memnon
    the djinni lord who founded Calimshan Plus
    Dakhim al Yndhar (Dakhim)
    one of the most powerful wizards in Calimshan Plus
    a brass dragon whose soul explores Toril from within magical swords Plus
    the most famous wizard of Faerûn
    an infamous blue dragon living in Calimshan Plus
    an efreeti lord and the name of a Calishite city Plus
    Nasim yn Feroz el Pesarkhal (Nasim) ("Dark Caleph")
    the younger brother of the syl-pasha of Calimport Plus
    Nureh yr Catahra el Pesarkhal (Nureh)
    the wife of Nasim al Pesarkhal Plus
    Ottad yn Malik el Ostak (Ottad)
    the younger brother of Basad al Ostak Plus
    Ras Nsi
    one of the Chosen of Ubtao Plus
    Red Rysal (Red Captain)
    a legendary outlaw in Teshburl Plus
    Tara of the Burning Mists
    an evil and chaotic wizardess Plus
  • faunaSpacer
    berrygobbler (berrygobblers)
    a small, chipmunk-like rodent
    a breed of Calishite horse
    dire rat (dire rats)
    a large rat from prehistoric times
    dromedary (dromedaries)
    a one-humped camel
    fire beetle (fire beetles)
    giant insects with luminous glands Plus
    Meth (Meths)
    a short breed of light warhorse Plus
    pteranodon (pteranodons)
    a flying reptile common in Chult Plus
    a large, furry herd animal living in the north and in the Underdark
    slink (slinks)
    a very fast, black-furred berrygobbler
  • floraSpacer
    calim cactus (calim cacti)
    a cactus species native to the Calim desert Plus
    date palm (date palms)
    a type of palm tree Plus
    scrub palm
    a type of fan palm Plus
    scrub pine (scrub pines)
    a type of pine tree Plus
    shadowtop (shadowtops)
    a type of large tree unique to Faerûn Plus
  • gamesSpacer
    a board game Plus
    nine men's morris
    a board game Plus
    a card game Plus
  • geographySpacer
    a massive desert in northern Faerûn Plus
    a large, ancient forest in central Faerûn Plus
    a continent on Toril Plus
    Forest of Mir
    a forest between Tethyr and Calimshan Plus
    High Forest
    a large, ancient forest in northern Faerûn Plus
    a continent far to the east of Faerûn
    Nelanther Isles (the Nelanther)
    a massive chain of tiny islands known for its pirate activity Plus
    Sword Coast
    the western coastland of Faerûn
    the massive underground realm deep under the surface of Faerûn Plus
    the continent south of Faerûn
  • geography: bodies of waterSpacer
    Bay of Boars
    the bay in Chult in which Shilku was located
    River Agis (Memnon River)
    the river serving as the border between Calimshan and Tethyr Plus
    Sea of Fallen Stars
    the largest inland body of water in Faerûn Plus
    Sea of Swords
    the part of the Trackless Sea between Faerûn and the island kingdoms
    Shining Sea
    the sea between Calimshan and the Chultan Peninsula
    Trackless Sea
    the ocean west of Faerûn
    Vilhon Reach
    a branch of the Sea of Fallen Stars
  • geography: ChultSpacer
    Bay of Chult
    a large bay on the northern tip of the Chultan Peninsula
    Kobold Mountains
    a mountain range in Chult
    Peaks of Flame
    a chain of volcanoes in Chult
    River Soshenstar (Soshenstar)
    a river in Chult
    River Tath (Tath)
    a river in Chult
    River Tiryki (Tiryki)
    a river in Chult
    Swamp of Sorrows
    a massive swamp in the middle of the jungles of Chult Plus
    Wonder Falls
    a waterfall on the River Soshenstar
  • geography: CalimshanSpacer
    Calim Desert
    a desert in Calimshan Plus
    Calim River
    a river in Calimshan Plus
    Marching Mountains
    the mountain range on the border of Calimshan and Tethyr Plus
    Teshyllal Wastes
    a region within the Calim Desert Plus
  • geography: TethyrSpacer
    Ithal Crag
    the hill upon which the palace Faerntarn is built Plus
    Omlarandin Mountains
    a mountain range east of Tethyr Plus
    Red River
    a tributary of the River Ith
    River Ith
    the longest river in Tethyr Plus
    River Sulduskoon (Sulduskoon River)
    a major river in Tethyr
  • groupsSpacer
    a Calishite police force Plus
    bara (barae)
    the seven Chosen of Ubtao Plus
    el Ashnarti (Ashnarti)
    a crime family in Calimshan Plus
    el Kahmir
    a crime family in Calimshan
    el sadimmin
    the Calishite army
    el Yndhar
    a clan of desert nomads Plus
    Family Urok (Uroks)
    a clan of barge traffickers and shippers in Myratma
    the clergy of Ilmater Plus
    Interlink Consortium of Bral (Interlink Consortium)
    Walker's employers Plus
    a group of warriors and priests dedicated to freeing slaves Plus
    the name given the band of adventurers by Captain Ombert Stronghull
    a band of wild dwarves Plus
    Shadow Thieves
    a famous thieves' guild
    Triceratops Society (Ytepka)
    a secret society dedicated to the protection of Chult Plus
    Tyrran (Tyrrans)
    a follower of Tyr or an adjective describing his faith Plus
  • itemsSpacer
    Chultan oval, hide shields
    holy water
    water blessed by one of the good deities Plus
    shawm (shawms)
    a double-reed instrument similar to an oboe Plus
    spell component pouch (spell pouch) (component pouch)
    a small pouch in which certain spellcasters store material components for easy access
    a stringed instument Plus
  • items: clothingSpacer
    aba (abbar)
    a light cloak Plus
    bracer (bracers)
    an armor piece or jewelry covering the forearm Plus
    jerkin (jerkins)
    a short, close-fitting, sleeveless jacket Plus
    keffiyeh (keffiyehs)
    a headscarf Plus
    skullcap (skullcaps)
    a small hat or helmet that covers the top of one's head
    tabard (tabards)
    a short, usually sleeveless coat that is open at the sides. Plus
    tobe (tobes)
    a loose-fitting garment worn in cities in Chult Plus
  • items: gemsSpacer
    a green-red or brown-red translucent gemstone Plus
    a deep blue gemstone Plus
    a gemstone related to rubies and sapphires Plus
    moonstone (moonstones)
    a milky white gemstone Plus
    Omlar gem (Omlar gems) (omlar)
    an exceptionally rare gem mined from the Omlarandin mountains Plus
    pearl (pearls)
    a round gemstone formed by oysters and also the name of Rhinda's horse Plus
    ravenar (schorl)
    a glossy, black gemstone Plus
    a gemstone Plus
  • items: magicalSpacer
    alchemist's fire
    a sticky substance that ignites when exposed to air
    bag of holding (bags of holding)
    a magical bag that weighs the same amount no matter how much it is holding
    feather token (feather tokens)
    a magical token that conjures helpful items Plus
    figurine of wondrous power (figurines of wondrous power)
    a magical figurine that can become a living creature
    a magical, ancestral elven longsword Plus
    periapt (periapts)
    a charm worn on a necklace
    sunrod (sunrods)
    an alchemical rod that glows Plus
  • items: weaponsSpacer
    a large, curved sword Plus
    guisarme (guisarmes)
    a pole arm Plus
    a pole arm Plus
    jambiya (jambiyas)
    a curved, hooked dagger Plus
    katar (katars) (punching dagger)
    a punching dagger Plus
    shaped clubs weighted for throwing used in Chult Plus
    nunchaku (chainsticks)
    two sticks connected by a chain or cord Plus
    orc double axe (double axe) (double axes)
    an axe with four heads, two on each end Plus
    ranseur (ranseurs)
    a pole arm Plus
    two-bladed sword (two-bladed swords)
    a two-handed weapon with blades at each end Plus
    Chultan short spears
  • languagesSpacer
    the language of the Elemental Plane of Water
    the language of the Elemental Plane of Air
    the language of angels and other celestial creatures
    the alphabet created by the dwarves Plus
    the language of dragons
    the secret language of druids
    Dwarven (Dwarvish)
    the language spoken by dwarves Plus
    the language spoken by most elves
    Ghukliak (Goblin language)
    the goblin language Plus
    the language of the Elemental Plane of Fire
    the language of the forest
  • languages: humanSpacer
    the Calishite language Plus
    the dialect of Common spoken on the Sword Coast
    a human language
    the major trade language Plus
    the native language of the Lantan Isles Plus
    Old Common
    an archaic version of Common Plus
    an alphabet shared by many human languages
  • materialsSpacer
    an ultrahard, black metal Plus
    darkwood (zalantar) (blackwood)
    a subtropical tree with light, black wood or the wood of such a tree
    a natural alloy of gold and silver
    a silver-colored metal Plus
  • miscellaneousSpacer
    an elven greeting
    annuv (annuvs)
    a hand motion indicating status Plus
    bladesinger (bladesingers)
    a special elven warrior class Plus
    cantrip (cantrips)
    a simple, low-powered arcane spell
    a divinely appointed immortal follower of a god Plus
    commendation ceremony (commendation ceremonies)
    a formal declaration of the bond between a vassal and lord
    dulla (dulla)
    an inflatable sac in a camel's mouth Plus
    familiar (familiars)
    an animal or other creature with a magical link to a particular spellcaster Plus
    geas (geasa)
    a powerful magical compulsion
    mameluk (mameluks)
    a warrior slave
    negative energy
    the energy empowering undead beings with animation
    orison (orisons)
    a simple, low-powered divine spell
    positive energy
    the energy empowering living beings with life
    the Weave
    the magical power that interconnects everything on the Material Plane
  • monstersSpacer
    Dendar the Night Serpent (Dendar) (Eater of the World)
    a mythological monster that will bring the end of the world Plus
    displacer beast (displacer beasts)
    a hideous, six-legged, magical, panther-like monster
    elemental (elementals)
    a sentient embodiment of one of the four primary elements
    gargoyle (gargoyles)
    a hideous, demon-like statue or a living monster of the same form Plus
    golem (golems)
    a magically empowered automaton
    gorgon (gorgons)
    a living mechanical bull with petrifying breath Plus
    green warder (green warders)
    a humanoid-shaped topiary bush imbued with intelligence Plus
    hydra (hydras)
    a multi-headed serpentine monster known for its regenerative abilities Plus
    a large, ferocious, feathered and beaked mammal Plus
    shield guardian (shield guardians)
    a construct created for defensive purposes Plus
    spectre (spectres)
    a powerful, incorporeal, undead spirit Plus
    Uluu Thalongh (Uluu)
    a monster of jungle legend Plus
    worg (worgs)
    a large, intelligent wolf with magically glowing red eyes Plus
  • nautical termsSpacer
    aftcastle (aftcastles)
    the rearmost, raised deck of a ship
    bowsprit (bowsprits)
    a pole extending from a ship's prow
    caravel (caravels)
    a medium-sized, three-masted sailing vessel
    cog (cogs)
    a rounded, single-masted sailing ship
    forecastle (forecastles)
    the forwardmost, raised deck of a ship
    league (leagues)
    three-and-a-half land miles
    yard (yards)
    the horizontal poles attached to ship masts to which sails are attached
  • places: buildingsSpacer
    Belmara's Hearth
    an inn in Rumnaheim Rift Plus
    caravanserai (caravanserais)
    an enclosed rest area for caravans Plus
    Fort Beluarian
    a fort in northern Chult Plus
    a walled market enclosure Plus
    Targan's Storage
    a warehouse in Shilku Plus
  • places: buildings: CalimshanSpacer
    Altar of the Air
    a shrine to Akadi found in the ruins of Dashadjen Plus
    Bold Jhyak's
    a tavern in Teshburl
    Friary of St. Amahl
    a monastery of Ilmater in the Calim Desert Plus
    House of St. Liwan's Blessing
    a monastery of Ilmater on the western coast of Calimshan Plus
    House of the Broken God
    the largest temple to Ilmater in Faerûn Plus
    a university of magic in Keltar
    St. Faelar's Cloister
    a monastery of Ilmater in Calimshan Plus
    The Fine Gold Chain
    an adventurers' club in Memnon Plus
    The Roving Rune
    an inn in Teshburl Plus
  • places: buildings: TethyrSpacer
    Asdefk's Inn (Asdefk's)
    an inn and tavern in Darromar Plus
    Bridge Grill
    a tavern in Darromar
    Daraqadim (The Cliff)
    the manor and keep of the countess of Calimmon County Plus
    the royal palace of Tethyr Plus
    Fort Agis
    one of the border keeps of Tethyr Plus
    Gambling Ghost
    a famous inn in Myratma Plus
    the manor and keep of the count of Ithmonn
    Tethyr Mills
    a large textile mill on the River Ith outside Myratma Plus
    The Hand
    a bar in Myratma Plus
  • places: citiesSpacer
    Baldur's Gate
    a famous city-state on the Sword Coast
    City of Shade
    a mysterious floating city of shadow that appeared in the Anauroch
    a phantom city that would appear once every few years over the Vilhon Reach Plus
    the largest city in Chult Plus
    Port Nyanzaru (Nyanzaru)
    a small port in Chult Plus
    a major port city of Lantan
    Waterdeep (Waterdhavian)
    one of the most famous cities in Faerûn
    a famous port city on the Sea of Fallen Stars
  • places: cities: CalimshanSpacer
    Anvil Sabban
    a coastal sabban in Teshburl Plus
    the capital of Calimshan Plus
    drudach (drudachs)
    a city precinct
    a large town in Calimshan Plus
    Mages' Drudach
    a drudach in Sand Sabban in Teshburl Plus
    a city in Calimshan Plus
    Memnon (city)
    the northernmost city in Calimshan Plus
    sabban (sabbans)
    a city district
    Sand Sabban
    a land-locked sabban in Teshburl Plus
    a town on the southwestern corner of Calimshan
  • places: cities: TethyrSpacer
    Darromar (Ithmong)
    the capital of Tethyr Plus
    Myratma (Textiles City)
    a large city in Tethyr Plus
    Queen's Market
    a large market in Darromar Plus
    Royal Quarter
    the northwestern quadrant of Darromar Plus
    Temple Quarter
    the southwestern quadrant of Darromar Plus
    a town in Tethyr
    a large city on the coast of Tethyr
  • places: countriesSpacer
    Amn (Amnian)
    a country in southwestern Faerûn Plus
    a country in southwestern Faerûn Plus
    the land at the western tip of the Chultan Peninsula Plus
    the fabled island kingdom of high elves in the west Plus
    a sub-kingdom of Shanatar Plus
    an ancient human empire
    Lands of Intrigue
    the countries of Amn, Tethyr, and Calimshan Plus
    a country known for its advanced technology Plus
    Netheril (Netherese)
    a lost human empire of archmages and flying cities Plus
    an isolationist country on the south of Faerûn Plus
    an ancient dwarven empire Plus
    a country in southwestern Faerûn Plus
  • places: druid grovesSpacer
    Garden of Rhinda
    a flower garden in Darromar Plus
    Golden Grove
    a rare druid grove in Memnon Plus
  • places: duchies, counties, & baroniesSpacer
    Ankaram Duchy (Ankaram)
    the southwestern duchy of Tethyr
    barony (baronies)
    a territory ruled by a baron or baroness
    Calimmon County (Calimmon)
    a county in Ankaram Duchy Plus
    county (counties)
    a territory ruled by a count or countess Plus
    duchy (duchies)
    a territory ruled by a duke or duchess Plus
    Ithmonn County (Ithmonn)
    a county in the Crown Lands
    Kamlann Duchy (Kamlann)
    a western duchy of Tethyr Plus
    march (marches)
    a border county
    Monteshi County (Monteshi)
    a county in Ankaram Duchy Plus
    a former barony in Monteshi County Plus
    Purple Marches
    a western duchy of Tethyr Plus
    the Crown Lands
    the centralmost duchy of Tethyr
  • places: provinces & principalitiesSpacer
    one of three principalities of Tethyr Plus
  • places: roads & bridgesSpacer
    Coast Trail
    a trade route from Calimport to Memnon Plus
    Ithal Bridge
    a bridge in Darromar crossing the River Ith Plus
    Ithal Road (Star Street)
    a trade road bisecting the city of Darromar Plus
    Trade Way
    a trade route from Calimport to Memnon Plus
  • places: RealmspaceSpacer
    Rock of Bral (Bral)
    one of the Tears of Selûne Plus
    Tears of Selûne (the Tears)
    an asteroid cluster visible from Toril Plus
    the world on which the continent of Faerûn is found Plus
  • places: ruinsSpacer
    Calimban Knoll
    a stone circle where a battle was fought in the Calim Desert Plus
    an ancient city of the Calim Empire, now in ruins Plus
    Harem Palace
    the massive harem of the djinni Calim in Teshyll Plus
    the ruins north of Memnon and the name of the former kingdom of Memnon Plus
    Myth Drannor
    an ancient elven and human city, now in ruins Plus
    an ancient city of the Calim Empire, now in ruins Plus
  • places: towns & villagesSpacer
    Baradin's Hill
    a small thorp near Grim's Janessar camp Plus
    Beorunna's Well
    a large Uthgardt barbarian settlement in the North
    a tiny Tabaxi village Plus
    Copper Hill
    a town southwest of Baradin's Hill Plus
    a small town in Chult near the Swamp of Sorrows
    a tiny Tabaxi village Plus
    a tiny, haunted, abandoned Tabaxi village Plus
    Rumnaheim Rift
    a Chultan dwarven settlement and mine in the jungles of Chult Plus
    a small port town in southwestern Chult Plus
    a tiny Tabaxi village
    Tenmar Deep
    a Chultan dwarven settlement and mine in the jungles of Chult Plus
    a tiny Tabaxi village Plus
  • places: towns & villages: TethyrSpacer
    a small town along the River Ith in Tethyr
    Branton (West Branton) (East Branton)
    one of two hamlets near each other along the River Ith
    Ernest Ford
    a hamlet by a ford over the River Ith
    a hamlet by a ford over the River Ith
    a small town along the River Ith in Tethyr
    a small town along the River Ith in Tethyr
    Kiser's Rest
    a tiny thorp halfway to Darromar from Myratma along the River Ith
    Mier's Ferry
    a small town with a ferry across the River Ith
    a small village on the River Ith Plus
    Moonspinner Web
    an elven settlement south of Darromar Plus
    New Sundrah
    a gnome village just south of Myratma
    Palm Rapids
    a small fishing town on the River Ith in Tethyr
    a tiny thorp along the River Ith just south of Darromar
    a village on the River Ith in Tethyr
    a small hamlet by a ford over the River Ith Plus
  • racesSpacer
    beholder (beholders) (eye tyrant)
    a famous type of monster found in the Underdark Plus
    dragon turtle (dragon turtles)
    a huge, intellegent sea turtle
    a magical creature fundamentally tied to nature
    gauth (gauths)
    a lesser beholder Plus
    phaerimm (phaerimms)
    a bizarre magical creature of great power and intelligence Plus
    one of the five creator races
    treant (treants)
    a race of large, sentient, tree-like plants
  • races: dragonsSpacer
    blue dragon (blue dragons) (blues)
    a powerful dragon found in desert climates Plus
    brass dragon (brass dragons) (brasses)
    a metallic dragon found in desert climates Plus
    bronze dragon (bronze dragons) (bronzes)
    a metallic dragon found in coastal and island regions Plus
    brown dragon (brown dragons)
    a wingless dragon found in desert climates Plus
    green dragon (green dragons) (greens)
    a dragon found in forested climates Plus
    metallic dragon (metallic dragons)
    a dragon whose scales shine like polished metal Plus
    pseudodragon (pseudodragon)
    a small, dragon-like creature Plus
    red dragon (red dragons) (reds)
    the most powerful of chromatic dragons Plus
    wyrmling (wyrmlings)
    a baby dragon
  • races: humanoidsSpacer
    a race of humanoid avians
    doppelganger (doppelgangers)
    a shapechanging humanoid Plus
    gnoll (gnolls)
    a humanoid that resembles a hyena Plus
    halfblood (halfbloods)
    yuan-ti that appeared half human and half snake
    hin (halfling) (halflings)
    a humanoid of about half the height of a human
    lizardfolk (lizardmen) (lizardman)
    a race of humanoid lizards Plus
    minotaur (minotaurs)
    a large, bull-headed, hairy humanoid Plus
    orc (orcs)
    a warlike gray-skinned humanoid race Plus
    pterafolk (pteramen) (pteraman)
    a race of shape-shifting pteranodons
    pureblood (purebloods)
    yuan-ti that appeared mostly human-like
    sahuagin (sea devil) (sea devils)
    a fish-like humanoid Plus
    troglodyte (troglodytes) (trogs)
    a reptilian, cave-dwelling humanoid race Plus
    troll (trolls)
    a giant, ugly, monstrous humanoid Plus
    wild dwarf (wild dwarves) (dur Authalar)
    a feral subrace of dwarves Plus
    magical crossbreeds of snakes and humans Plus
  • races: humanoids: elvesSpacer
    aquatic elf (aquatic elves) (sea elf)
    a water-breathing subrace of elves
    drow (dark elf) (dark elves)
    an evil elven subrace that lives in the Underdark Plus
    high elf (high elves)
    a moon elf or sun elf Plus
    moon elf (moon elves) (silver elf)
    the most common subrace of elf in Faerûn Plus
    sun elf (sun elves) (gold elf)
    a subrace of elf
    wild elf (wild elves) (green elf)
    a feral elven subrace Plus
    wood elf (wood elves) (copper elf)
    one of the most common subraces of elf in Faerûn Plus
  • races: humanoids: goblinoidsSpacer
    a Chultan goblin tribe Plus
    bugbear (bugbears)
    the largest of the goblinoids Plus
    goblin (goblins)
    a small, flat-faced humanoid with pointed ears Plus
    goblinoid (goblinoids)
    a goblin, hobgoblin, or bugbear Plus
    hobgoblin (hobgoblins)
    a human-sized goblinoid Plus
  • races: humanoids: humansSpacer
    Calishite (Calishites)
    a human from Calimshan Plus
    Chultan (Chultans)
    a human from Chult or anyone from Chult or the primary language spoken in Chult Plus
    an extinct tribe of Chultan humans Plus
    humans from Lantan or any persons from Lantan Plus
    the largest tribe of Chultan humans
    a human from Tethyr or anyone from Tethyr Plus
  • races: humanoids: lycanthropesSpacer
    lycanthrope (lycanthropes)
    a creature with the curse of lycanthropy Plus
    wererat (wererats)
    a lycanthrope that can change from humanoid to dire rat Plus
    a lycanthrope that can change from humanoid to tiger Plus
  • races: outsidersSpacer
    air mephit (air mephits)
    a mephit from the Elemental Plane of Air Plus
    a devil Plus
    balor (balors)
    the most powerful kind of demon
    imp (imps)
    a minor devil Plus
    lemure (lemures)
    the lowest of baatezu devils Plus
    mephit (mephits)
    a small being from an elemental plane Plus
    osyluth (bone devil)
    a powerful, emaciated devil with a scorpion-like tail Plus
    outsider (outsiders)
    a being not from the Material Plane
    pit fiend (pit fiends)
    the most powerful kind of devil
    tiefling (tieflings)
    a human with a fiendish bloodline
  • races: outsiders: geniesSpacer
    a genie from the Elemental Plane of Earth Plus
    djinni (djinn)
    a genie from the Elemental Plane of Air Plus
    efreeti (efreet)
    a genie from the Elemental Plane of Fire Plus
    a human with a genie bloodline
    genie (genies)
    an elemental being of great power Plus
    janni (jann)
    a genie native to the Material Plane Plus
    a genie from the Elemental Plane of Water Plus
  • rulersSpacer
    one of the Chosen of Ubtao
    Ralan al Pesarkhal (syl-pasha) (El Pesarkhal)
    the ruler of Calimshan Plus
    Ruathym yn Harun el Vyrsatyr
    a druzir in Manshaka Plus
    Shoon Imperium (Shoon)
    the most famous dynasty of Calimshan
  • saintsSpacer
    St. Amahl
    the Ilmatari saint of desert nomads
  • shipsSpacer
    Red Prow
    a famous ghost ship from Calimport Plus
    The Daisy
    the sailing vessel captained by Ombert Stronghull Plus
  • timekeepingSpacer
    Calendar of Harptos
    the main calendar of Faerûn Plus
    Dale Reckoning (DR)
    the most common method of counting years in Faerûn Plus
    Era of Skyfire
    the time period during which Calim (physically) warred with Memnon Plus
    the Spring holiday between Tarsakh and Mirtul
    noon or the month of Eleasias Plus
    the time period during which Tethyr had no ruler on the throne
    the Summer holiday between Flamerule and Eleasias Plus
    the Winter holiday between Hammer and Alturiak
    moondark (night's heart)
    the watch of night following midnight
    night's end
    the watch of night just before dawn
    Shieldmeet (Cinnaelos'Cor)
    the leap day festival Plus
    tenday (tendays)
    a Faerûnian "week" Plus
    Time of Troubles (Avatar Crisis) (Godswar)
    the time when Ao cast the gods of Faerûn down to Toril Plus
  • timekeeping: monthsSpacer
    Alturiak (Claw of Winter) (Claws of Cold)
    the 2nd month of the year Plus
    Ches (Claw of Sunsets)
    the 3rd month of the year Plus
    Eleasias (Eleasis)
    the 8th month of the year Plus
    the 7th month of the year Plus
    Hammer (Deepwinter)
    the 1st month of the year Plus
    the 6th month of the year Plus
    Mirtul (The Melting)
    the 5th month of the year Plus
    the 12th (last) month of the year Plus
    Tarsakh (Claw of the Storms)
    the 4th month of the year Plus
  • timekeeping: the roll of yearsSpacer
    Year of Burning Steel
    1246 DR Plus
    Year of Shadows
    1358 DR Plus
    Year of Starlight
    1215 DR Plus
    Year of the Dragon
    1352 DR Plus
    Year of the Empty Goblet
    1252 DR Plus
    Year of the Gauntlet
    1369 DR Plus
    Year of the Tankard
    1370 DR Plus
    Year of the Unstrung Harp (Unstrung Harp)
    1371 DR Plus
    Year of Thunder
    1306 DR Plus
    Year of Wild Magic (Wild Magic)
    1372 DR, the current year Plus
  • titlesSpacer
    a member of the amlakkar Plus
    chawal (chawalli)
    lieutenant Plus
    the ruler of a drudach Plus
    farsann (farsanns)
    a lesser court advisor in Tethyr Plus
    Just Chancellor
    the highest legal authority in Tethyr
    musar (musarri)
    sergeant Plus
    naval captain Plus
    sammafar (sammafars)
    a lesser court advisor in Tethyr Plus
    field captain Plus
  • warsSpacer
    Reclamation Wars
    the civil war in Tethyr through which Queen Zaranda rose to power Plus