This is a list of people, places, things and events relevant to the campaign. Any time they appear in a blog post or wiki, it will automatically be linked to its definition.
  • LocationsSpacer
    Champion Pizza
    Retired mob pizza parlor. "One last slice" Plus
    Gaston's Garage (Gaston's)
    A repair shop specializing in motorcycles. "You can get almost anything here, if you can find it." Plus
    Mount Royal Cemetery
    Very large cemetery located on Mount Royal. "Death's door is open" Plus
    Saint Joseph's Oratory (St. Joseph) (St. Joe)
    A catholic basilica located on Mont Royal. "Healing for the Pilgrims" Plus
    Saint Laurent Boulevard (Main) (St Laurent)
    Street that divided Montreal, along a ley line. "Were you invited?" Plus
    St. George Du Lac, Inc. (St George)
    World Trade center HQ for this company. "The smiling corporate mask" Plus
    The Magical Blend
    A local magic shop and tea house. "The sketchy unreliable truth" Plus
    The Note
    Jazz Club, Cafe, and accorded neutral territory. "Put yourself in Neutral" Plus
    The Violet Hour (Violet) (Violet Hour)
    Goth night club in the RESO, and suspected Black Court hunting ground. "You won't be missed" Plus
  • GroupsSpacer
    Alliance Against the Angels (AAA) (Alliance)
    Alliance of families and street gangs against the Hell's Angels attempts to control the Montreal Drug Trade. Plus
    Hell's Angels (Angels) (HA)
    Hell's Angels is a biker gang, who's local Montreal chapter are Lycanthropes. Minus
    The Hell's Angels are a biker gang. Those in the know have realized that they are Lycanthropes, but as to what that means is wildly speculated. A few years ago, the "Angels" made aggressive moves to take over the entire drug trade of the city. The Mob and local street gangs banded together to oppose their efforts.

    The Angels seem to be the most vicious around the full moon. Some, but not all of their enemies are in the know. Those that are, found that getting dragged into confrontation near the full moon has been costly. Some go on an effective full defense during that time, letting allies who are not as well informed, play bait while they wait it out.

    The war has been going on for a few years, and included terrorist style car bombings and other large attacks. The civilian death toll has been tragic, and the public outcry was deafening. Any politician wanting to be reelected needed be seen making progress toward a resolution of the street war. To that end, the Angel's got a spanking recently by the police, who ran coordinated international raids and arrested many of the gangs "persons of interest".

    Street violence showed a sharp decline since the major bust. The Angels have a solid foothold in the city, however, and do not show signs of leaving the city despite this setback. There are rumors that the some Mob leaders are secretly in negotiation with the Angels, though the official stance of the unofficial "coalition against the Angels" is to kick them while they are down.
    White Court
    Vampires that feed on emotional energy like lust, despair and fear Plus