This is a list of people, places, things and events relevant to the campaign. Any time they appear in a blog post or wiki, it will automatically be linked to its definition.
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    Champion Pizza
    Retired mob pizza parlor. "One last slice" Plus
    Gaston's Garage (Gaston's)
    A repair shop specializing in motorcycles. "You can get almost anything here, if you can find it." Plus
    Mount Royal Cemetery
    Very large cemetery located on Mount Royal. "Death's door is open" Plus
    Saint Joseph's Oratory (St. Joseph) (St. Joe)
    A catholic basilica located on Mont Royal. "Healing for the Pilgrims" Plus
    Saint Laurent Boulevard (Main) (St Laurent)
    Street that divided Montreal, along a ley line. "Were you invited?" Plus
    St. George Du Lac, Inc. (St George)
    World Trade center HQ for this company. "The smiling corporate mask" Plus
    The Magical Blend
    A local magic shop and tea house. "The sketchy unreliable truth" Plus
    The Note
    Jazz Club, Cafe, and accorded neutral territory. "Put yourself in Neutral" Minus
    The Note is a Jazz Club with live music, as well as a cafe. For the supernatural community, it's accorded neutral territory. It's located in the International Quarter of the city.

    The Note has two floors - the first floor is a cafe, complete with sidewalk bistro tables on the street. It's open near 24 hours for espresso in the morning, or late night munchies after the bars have closed.

    Live music wafts up in the evening from the basement, where there is a club with a stage, dance floor and full bar.

    Neutral territory only exists inside the building. Anyone dining on the sidewalk is usually assumed to be a tourist or a resident who is not clued in.

    The furnishings for the cafe are a colorful jumble of mismatched furniture, with an almost latin feel. Though the menu, and napkins and rugs are decidedly European. There are 13 tables of varying sizes, and two large fireplaces on either side of the main L-shaped room. The Kitchen is in the rear of the first floor. Woodfired pizza is their signature dish with the oven clearly visible to the dining room.

    There are stairs to the downstairs at the L, and the kitchen's staff door is across the hall, to easily serve food to patrons in the club. There is no sign advertising the club below, and the stairs down are not well lit. In fact, to the casual observer, they are not all that welcoming. The only clue that there is more to the business is the music, which some may mistake for a radio playing, until they hear the applause.

    There is an outside stair well for patrons that want to go directly to the club level, rather than parade through the restaurant. Again, it's not well lit, and sensible passers by wouldn't even consider it a business entrance. The restaurant on top steals the show, as it were.

    Both the front door and the club door below have very big, very loud bells on them. They ring when ever anyone enters or exists. It's amazing how loud they are, somehow clearly heard over the jazz music. Regulars generally try to wait outside the club door, until the musicians are between songs, before entering. Busting in during the middle of a song, will get you the stink-eye. Since Jazz is know for it's long, improvised songs, lot's of people end up getting glares. It's cold out in the winter!

    The entire business is cash-only.

    The second story of the building is Jeanette Dupree's home, owner of the Note. It's amazing that that woman gets any sleep.
    The Violet Hour (Violet) (Violet Hour)
    Goth night club in the RESO, and suspected Black Court hunting ground. "You won't be missed" Plus
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    Alliance Against the Angels (AAA) (Alliance)
    Alliance of families and street gangs against the Hell's Angels attempts to control the Montreal Drug Trade. Plus
    Hell's Angels (Angels) (HA)
    Hell's Angels is a biker gang, who's local Montreal chapter are Lycanthropes. Plus
    White Court
    Vampires that feed on emotional energy like lust, despair and fear Plus