This is a list of people, places, things and events relevant to the campaign. Any time they appear in a blog post or wiki, it will automatically be linked to its definition.
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    Champion Pizza
    Retired mob pizza parlor. "One last slice" Plus
    Gaston's Garage (Gaston's)
    A repair shop specializing in motorcycles. "You can get almost anything here, if you can find it." Plus
    Mount Royal Cemetery
    Very large cemetery located on Mount Royal. "Death's door is open" Plus
    Saint Joseph's Oratory (St. Joseph) (St. Joe)
    A catholic basilica located on Mont Royal. "Healing for the Pilgrims" Plus
    Saint Laurent Boulevard (Main) (St Laurent)
    Street that divided Montreal, along a ley line. "Were you invited?" Plus
    St. George Du Lac, Inc. (St George)
    World Trade center HQ for this company. "The smiling corporate mask" Plus
    The Magical Blend
    A local magic shop and tea house. "The sketchy unreliable truth" Plus
    The Note
    Jazz Club, Cafe, and accorded neutral territory. "Put yourself in Neutral" Plus
    The Violet Hour (Violet) (Violet Hour)
    Goth night club in the RESO, and suspected Black Court hunting ground. "You won't be missed" Minus
    The Violet Hour is a goth themed night club in the RESO (Montreal's underground city). The designers were clearly trying to create a space that can double as set dressing for a noir horror film. The atmosphere is hazy from all the fog machines running. The music is loud, and the lights are very dim. There is a maze of dark curtains beside the dance floor, and black upholstery everywhere. The club smells strongly of clove cigarettes, incense, and beer. The dark is punctuated like a punch in the face with flashing dance floor lights, aimed at eye level, and laser-light shows play off the eternal fog. Even though you cannot see it, you get the sense this place is very dirty. Your feet stick to the floor slightly.

    The bathrooms are somewhere behind that maze of curtains, if you can find them. Don't go into the bathrooms. just don't.

    Since it's perpetually night here, the Violet Hour is open at all times legal for drinking. The clientele are usually dressed in outlandish yet emo black outfits, and are mostly students, wanna be musicians and poets, counter culture enthusiasts, and drop outs of all kinds. Tattoos and piercings abound. ID's are checked spottily, and there are drugs so readily available you can almost order them with your drinks. How this place remains in business is a mystery.

    The Violet Hour is located in a section of RESO tunnel that has been perpetually under construction for years. Permits problem, funding problems, and construction problems had plagued this expansion, and the business next door change like the seasons. Violet Hour generates decent foot traffic, but they are only interested in one storefront past this last turn, at the end of the walkway. Past the club and construction barriers and keep out signs.

    There have been rumors that the Black Court have taking a liking to this club, but so far, no one in the know has seen one. Maybe it's just speculation that this would make a juicy hunting ground...

    The face of the Violet Hour is unknown, but the owner is Gerard Rogers. He likes to go by Mr. Rogers for the irony of it. He's a very busy man, clearly more of a business owner than a goth himself. He tries to wear black when he's at the club, but it looks out of place. Probably because he's too tan.
  • GroupsSpacer
    Alliance Against the Angels (AAA) (Alliance)
    Alliance of families and street gangs against the Hell's Angels attempts to control the Montreal Drug Trade. Plus
    Hell's Angels (Angels) (HA)
    Hell's Angels is a biker gang, who's local Montreal chapter are Lycanthropes. Plus
    White Court
    Vampires that feed on emotional energy like lust, despair and fear Plus