This is a list of people, places, things and events relevant to the campaign. Any time they appear in a blog post or wiki, it will automatically be linked to its definition.
  • Player CharacterSpacer
    Male Dragonborn Sorcerer [Dracon Magic] Plus
    Caiora Nightsteel (Caiora)
    Female Goliath Warden Plus
    Female Tiefling Warlock (Binder) Plus
    Female Human Cleric [Kord] Plus
    Veldin Jakar (Veldin)
    Male Human Fighter Plus
    Wilven Sinsinger (Wilven)
    Male Tiefling Rogue (scoundrel) Plus
    Male Half-Elf Bard Plus
  • AlbanySpacer
    Fair Frair
    the Inn in Albany Plus
    The Coiled Serpent
    A Tavern in Albany Plus
    The Tower
    A Tower on a hill in Albany Plus
  • OrganizationSpacer
    S&S Adventuring Company (Smash & Slash)
    An adventuring company based out of the 2nd district of Shasta
  • Overland Map LocationSpacer
    a hamlet in the Krad Hills alongside the Dyer River
    Fortification Ruins (the Ruins)
    An old abandoned outpost Minus
    Reaching a hill, you see them ride into an old, abandoned outpost. Looks like it lost a fight years ago. parts of the wall are gone as well as the watch tower.

    Katt stands outside and thinks about it. Yeah, I've heard stories about this place. Old fort used by those evil guys during the Great War, a hundred years ago.
    A small village in the Krad Hills Plus
    Krad Hills
    A series of rolling hills south of the city of Shasta Plus
    Major Capitol City Plus
    A sleepy town nestled in the Krad Hills Plus
    Waymoor Complex
    Crossway Point on the Plains Plus