This is a list of people, places, things and events relevant to the campaign. Any time they appear in a blog post or wiki, it will automatically be linked to its definition.
Albabriala (Nykker) (Huntress)
Name for the Great Huntress, goddess of archery, hunting and patience
Priestess of the Home Foundation
Thybajy gold coin Plus
Title of the political head of city-states in Thybaj
Fraerhaem (Frostbrand)
An ancient fhokki frostbrand, wielded by Knut Plus
Prominent forest spanning the southern borders of Tharggy and Thybaj
Golden arrows
clergy of the Great Huntress
Home Foundation
Religious group focusing on family, home, and industriousness
Journeyman (Journeymen)
Clerics of the traveler
Kargi Mourn (Kargi-Mourn)
Ancient holy avenger forged by the True Plus
Knight of the Gods (valiant one) (Swift sword)
God of chivalry, heroics and sworn enemy of evil
Reanaarian name for the Knight of the Gods
Pestilent One
Clergy of the Rotlord Plus
Third rank of the Servants of the Swift Sword Plus
First rank in the church of the Servants of the swift sword Plus
First rank of a journeyman
The holy mordenkraad wielded by Darius, paladin of Deb'fo Plus
Demon-blooded orcs who worship the demon prince, Orcus Plus
Veiled Priesthood (P'Lipu)
Clergy of the House of Knives, followers of the Silent Slayer
  • Cities and townsSpacer
    Border town in the hills at the edge of the mountains; lots of travel through, but few stop for more than a day
    Karasta Nu (Karasta-Nu)
    The dwarven refugee city in the Vrykkar Mts. The leaders have long sought true sovereignty, but have struggled thus far. Plus
    Elven village in the Fyban forest. Home to Laer-Thuil and her companions Plus
    Southern trade city in Thybaj. Located on the Jeshada river on the western edge of the Fyban forest Plus
    A smal town further up in the mountains; primarily populated by halflings
    Easternmost village in Tharggy; More a trade outpost than a village, really Plus