This is a list of people, places, things and events relevant to the campaign. Any time they appear in a blog post or wiki, it will automatically be linked to its definition.
  • AdventururesSpacer
    Excelsior Spire
    Massive floating fortress that belongs to Excelsior Plus
    Inferno Spire (Past)
    The Fiery lair of Arcturius Banesfellow as it existed in the distant past Plus
    Menagerie Cube World
  • DruissianSpacer
    A small village on the Northern borders of the Ba-adenu Forest Plus
    Hozai Temple
    The temple in Drussi that stands in place of the Aeon Clave Plus
    The Druissi ruins
    Mysterious Ruins upon which Druissi is built Plus
  • YacuniSpacer
    Dark Chamber
    An ancient clock used by Ngog to track the movements of other Celestial beings Plus
    The Mask Chamber
    A complicated machine that sits in the center of Yacun, giving faces to those without. Plus
    The underground castle-city of Yacun lies at the foot of the Black Riage Minus
    Yacun (past)
    The golden castle-city of Yacun lies at the foot of the Black Riage Plus
  • The Void ChasmSpacer
    Black Rainbow
    (A.K.A. Merlin's Rainbow, Merlin's Black Rainbow) An island at the crossroads of the multiverse Plus
    Portal Of Ressurection
    All who pass through this portal will live again Plus
    The Void Chasm
    The Space and matter that makes up a thin membrane of existence between all other realities in the multiverse Plus
    Void Vault
    The massive extra-dimensional storage place of the old kings of Thriest Plus
  • The SteadfastSpacer
    Cerdynn's Wall
    A region of Cerynn's Pass that contains massive stone structures with anti-machine properties Plus
    Grotto of the Night Faces
    A place along Cerdynn's Pass that collects the minds of those who die nearby Plus
  • ThriestSpacer
    Jazzo's Throne Room
    The room that Jazzo keeps his court in Plus
    Pit of the Infinite
    Thriest Market District
    The bustling and friendly market district of Thriest. Plus
  • Scorpion's ReachSpacer
    Krazus 's Cave
    The Underground lake that surround Krazus's Laboratory Plus
    Krazus' Treasure Gallery
    This is where Krazus stores some of the wondrous Numenera he has collected Plus
    Portal to Star City
    The entrance to the Void Chasm and Star City. Located in the cave ceiling of Krazus' Cave Plus
    Scorpion's Tail
    The strangely named tower said to house the laboratory of Krazus Plus
  • Star CitySpacer
    Access Tunnels
    The tunnels that run beneath the region controlled by both OZ and OM Plus
  • Sun CitySpacer
    Central Processor of OZ
    The communication room that is the only direct connection with OZ Plus
    New Sun City Market
    The bustling common area of New Sun City Plus
    Sun City (Ruins)
    Ruins of this massive city lie below the portal to the Void Chasm Plus