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    The City of Greed Plus
  • Sandpoint - The Quiet Coastal CitySpacer
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  • Sandpoint Hinterlands RegionSpacer
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    Foxglove Manor
    The Misgivings Plus
    Habe's Sanatorium
    The Asylum for the Insane Plus
    Goblin Fortress Minus
    This curiously round island houses the fortress of the Thistletop goblin tribe. Known as the largest tribe in the area, it acts as a home base for most of the goblins.

    Or at least it did. The Heroes ventured here in search of Nualia and to eradicate the goblin threat of Sandpoint. They ventured through the area, slaying Warchief Ripnugget, capturing a wizard named Lyrie Akenja, and making a new friend with Orik Vancaskerkin. Orik was a huge boon to the party, as he already knew most of this area except for the bottom floor. The bottom floor was where Nualia was found, along with the escaped Tsuto. The Heroes subdued Nualia, while Reiner made sure that Tsuto wouldn't make it out alive.

    They rested overnight, and questioned her in the morning. Nualia, who was roused by this time, answered the questions Valtyra had for her coldly. When Valtyra felt out she really wasn't going to get answers, she turned her spear to attempt to skewer her sister. Nualia burst from her bindings and brought forth fog to clear the area. With this visual cover, she narrowly glanced a blow from Valtyra, got up, and ran for the door. She barreled past Reiner, and disappeared out of sight. The party tried to tail her through the door not yet been ventured, but lost sight of her.

    The party ventured further into the lowest floor, finding a secret area unlocked by putting gold coins into a slot. There was a back room that housed a ghostly visage in this area. . A man wielding a book and a glaive, was found repeating a phrase over and over again in a foreign language to most of the group. Naolexa, however, recognized the language as Thassilonian, an old and dead language used mainly from years ago. After listening to it a few times over, she was able to translate:

    " upon us, but I command you remain. Witness my power, how Alaznist's petty wrath is but a flash compared to my strength. Take my final work to your graves, and let its memory be the last thing you..."

    Behind this, the group encountered a room that was filled with numerous ceremonial candles. The party found some gear within the secret closets in this area, however turned around to see something completely unexpected. A large barghest appeared, and now blocked most of the exit. The party did their best against the foe, but the beast managed to kill Triggi before knocking Reiner unconscious and across the room. The beast eventually succumbed to it's own wounds, and the party retreated out of the fortress immediately.

    Reiner saved one of the rabbits found earlier in the fortress, and burned the whole place to the ground.

  • Jorgenfist ValleySpacer
    Jorgenfist Fortress
    The Stone Giant Army's Headquarters Plus
  • MagnimarSpacer
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    Seven's Sawmill
    A Suspicious Sawmill Plus
    The Shadow Clock
    The tower cloaked in shadow... Plus
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    The Runeforge
    Thassillionian Wizard Haven Plus
  • Turtleback Ferry and Hook Mountain RegionSpacer
    Area Map - Hook Mountain Region
    Area Map - Turtleback Ferry
    Fort Rannick
    Black Arrow's Fortress Plus
    Graul Homestead
    Home of the Ogrekin Plus