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  • ShalastSpacer
    The City of Greed Plus
  • Sandpoint - The Quiet Coastal CitySpacer
    Area Map
  • Sandpoint Hinterlands RegionSpacer
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    Foxglove Manor
    The Misgivings Minus
    This haunted manor is nicknamed "The Misgivings". Our Heroes were led here by the clues gathered from the Sandpoint Murders, and braved it's haunted corridors. Many haunting this attempted to harm the group, such as a scarf wrapping itself around Naolexa's neck in an attempt to strangle her, or the haunting effects that caused Dov to claw skin away from his face.

    As they ventured this place, they eventually found a women in the attic, crying profusely. She was sitting behind a mirror, but the party was able to tell immediately that this lady was not of the living. Valtyra moved the mirror, and immediately the woman screamed, "Aldern, I can taste your fear! You'll be in my arms soon!" as she immediately pushed past the heroes.

    The party followed her as best as they could, as she led them back down to the main floor. She clawed her way through the floor boards to reveal a hole to the basement area. Below, a spiral staircase rounded down for quite some distance, before depositing them into a cavernous area. This area had a few terrors, the only potentially fatal one being a slippery slope down into a thrashing pond. Luckily, everyone made it over to the stone door that the undead woman was clawing at. They unlocked the door, and she calmed for a moment as she let the heroes through the door.

    Here, the encountered the Skinsaw Man. Aldern Foxglove had succumbed to some sort of ghoul fever, and ended up being the cause for the murders. When Aldern spotted the undead woman, he begged for forgiveness from Iesha. A sudden pause in her face made the undead only slight smile, as she raised her claw to strike the man she once knew as her delightful husband.

    The Heroes worked with Iesha to destroy what was once Aldern. The final blow coming from Reiner, he ran his swords through Aldern as he was held tight by Iesha. As he collapsed, He leaned up to Iesha and said, "I have failed you my love..." Iesha responded back, "And now I have you in my arms..." Both Aldern and Iesha collapsed to the floor, destroyed.

    The group found a large collection of things that would have belonged to Triggi, hairs, his alchemist kit, amoung other things. There was also a picture smeared over with blood and bits of human skin, creating a picture that vaguely resembled Reiner. The party also noticed on the far wall, it was splattered with a strange black mold. Valtyra toyed with it, and discovered that it didn't take well to holy water. She doused the wall with Create Water, and immediately touched the mold to cast Bless Water on it. It destroyed the mold on the wall, as it shriveled up to nothingness. The gloom over the manor seem to have lifted.
    Habe's Sanatorium
    The Asylum for the Insane Plus
    Goblin Fortress Plus
  • Jorgenfist ValleySpacer
    Jorgenfist Fortress
    The Stone Giant Army's Headquarters Plus
  • MagnimarSpacer
    Area Map
    Seven's Sawmill
    A Suspicious Sawmill Plus
    The Shadow Clock
    The tower cloaked in shadow... Plus
  • Misc.Spacer
    The Runeforge
    Thassillionian Wizard Haven Plus
  • Turtleback Ferry and Hook Mountain RegionSpacer
    Area Map - Hook Mountain Region
    Area Map - Turtleback Ferry
    Fort Rannick
    Black Arrow's Fortress Plus
    Graul Homestead
    Home of the Ogrekin Plus