This is a list of people, places, things and events relevant to the campaign. Any time they appear in a blog post or wiki, it will automatically be linked to its definition.
  • cosmologySpacer
    Amaunator's Belt
    a constellation
    Astral Plane (Astral)
    the plane of existence connecting all others
    City of Brass
    an infamous efreeti city found in the Plane of Fire
    Feywild (Plane of Faerie)
    the parallel plane of existence of the fey
    Fugue Plane (Realm of the Dead)
    the plane of temporary existence for the dead Plus
    Prime Material Plane (Material Plane) (the Prime)
    the plane of existence holding the world of Toril
    Sea of Night (wildspace) (Realmspace)
    outer space
    The Centaur
    a constellation
    The Woman Warrior
    a constellation
  • cosmology: Outer PlanesSpacer
    the eighth layer of the Hells
    Celestia (Seven Mounting Heavens of Celestia) (Seven Heavens)
    the Outer Plane inhabited by archons Plus
    House of the Triad
    the Outer Plane inhabited by the Triad Plus
    Nessus (Nessian)
    the ninth and lowest layer of the Nine Hells
    Nine Hells of Baator (Nine Hells) (Baator)
    the Outer Plane inhabited by devils
  • cosmology: Inner PlanesSpacer
    Elemental Plane of Air (Plane of Air)
    the plane of existence of pure elemental air Plus
    Elemental Plane of Fire (Plane of Fire)
    the plane of existence of pure elemental fire
    para-elemental plane (para-elemental planes)
    a plane of eixstence formed from the intersection of two elemental planes
    Para-Elemental Plane of Ice (Plane of Ice)
    the plane of existence at the intersection of the Planes of Air and Water
    Plane of Shadow (Shadow Plane)
    the plane of existence of pure shadowstuff
  • deitiesSpacer
    Ao (Overgod)
    the overgod
  • deities: dwarvenSpacer
    Thard Harr (Lord of the Jungle Deeps)
    the dwarven god of jungle survival and hunting Plus
  • deities: elvenSpacer
    Corellon Larethian (Corellon)
    the head of the elven pantheon Plus
    Erevan Ilesere (Erevan) (the Trickster)
    the elven god of mischief Plus
    Sehanine Moonbow (Sehanine) (Lady of Dreams)
    the elven goddess of the heavens and dreams Plus
    the elven pantheon
    Solonor Thelandira (Solonor) (Great Archer)
    the elven god of hunting and archery Plus
  • deities: giantSpacer
    Annam All-Father (Annam) (All-Father)
    the overgod of giants
    a giant goddess of war and the family
    the mother of all giants Plus
    one of the gods of the cloud giants Plus
    the god of ogres and trolls
  • deities: goblinoidSpacer
    the god of goblins Plus
    the god of hobgoblins Plus
  • deities: human: major: evilSpacer
    Bane (Black Lord)
    the human god of hatred and fear Plus
    the human god of lies
    Shar (Mistress of the Night) (Unseen Lady)
    the human goddess of darkness
  • deities: human: major: goodSpacer
    the human goddess of magic and the Weave Plus
    the Triad
    three human gods who serve similar purposes Plus
    the human goddess of good fortune
    Tyr (Anachtyr) (Just God)
    the human god of justice Plus
  • deities: human: major: neutralSpacer
    Kelemvor (Lord of the Dead)
    the human god of the dead Plus
    the human god of elemental fire
    the now-dead human goddess of luck
  • deities: human: minorSpacer
    Akadi (Lady of the Winds) (Queen of the Air)
    the human goddess of elemental air Plus
    Auril (Goddess of Winter)
    the human goddess of winter
    the human god of mages
    the human goddess of ill fortune
    the sleeping god of the Great Glacier Plus
  • (in)famous charactersSpacer
    the Princess-Regent of the Kingdom of Cormyr
    the son of Brun and the third king of Hartsvale
    the son of Hartkiller and the second king of Hartsvale
    the djinni lord who founded Calimshan Plus
    Camden (King Camden)
    a king of Hartsvale Plus
    the twin brother of King Camden Plus
    Iyraclea (the Ice Queen) (Chosen of Auril)
    the self-proclaimed Ice Queen of the Great Glacier Plus
    perhaps the most powerful human mage ever to have lived
    Lord Shadow
    a student of Karsus' Plus
    Lords of the Nine
    the rulers of the Nine Hells of Baator
    an efreeti lord and the name of a Calishite city Plus
    a famous Calishite prophet Plus
    Princes of Shade
    the rulers of Thultanthar
    an enigmatic oracle of the Netherese Empire Plus
  • (in)famous characters: giantsSpacer
    Arno and Julian (Arno and Julien) (Arlien)
    the two-headed father of ettins Plus
    the father of the voadkyn Plus
    a famous firbolg seer Plus
    a shaman of the Ice Spire ogres Plus
    the last terrestrial son of Annam All-Father Plus
    a son of Ottar
    a son of Ottar
    Lanaxis (Twilight Spirit)
    the father of the titans Plus
    the father of cloud giants
    Ottar Annamson (Ottar)
    the father of frost giants Plus
    the father of storm giants
  • faunaSpacer
    branta (brantas)
    a type of ungulate common in the North Plus
    dire rat (dire rats)
    a large rat from prehistoric times
    dire skunk (dire skunks)
    a dangerous relative of the skunk Plus
    dromedary (dromedaries)
    a one-humped camel
    griffon (griffons)
    a powerful flying beast with lion- and eagle-like features Plus
    hippogriff (hipogriffs)
    a creature similar to a griffon but with a more horse-like lower body Plus
    ice worm (ice worms)
    a fur-covered snake found in arctic climates
    a strange dog-like animal with large tusks and webbed feet Plus
    carnivorous ungulates with skeletons nearly as hard as adamantine Plus
    golden-furred sled dogs from Nakvaligach
    pernicon (pernicons)
    a type of insect Plus
    roc (rocs)
    an enormous bird Plus
    a large, furry herd animal living in the north and in the Underdark Plus
    veserab (veserabs)
    winged herd beasts from the Plane of Shadow Plus
  • gamesSpacer
    a board game Plus
    Old Men's Bones
    a game played in Faerûn Plus
    a card game Plus
  • geographySpacer
    Anauroch (Great Desert)
    a massive desert in northern Faerûn Plus
    a large, ancient forest in central Faerûn Plus
    Cold Lands
    a region of northeast Faerûn Plus
    Cold Vale
    a valley in the north of the Silver Marches
    Cold Wood
    a forest in the north of the Silver Marches
    Faerûn (Forgotten Realms)
    a continent on Toril Plus
    Frozen Sea
    a region with the Anauroch desert Plus
    Great Glacier
    a massive, frozen land in northeast Faerûn Plus
    Great Sea
    the ocean south of the Chultan Peninsula and west of Zakhara
    High Forest
    a large, ancient forest in northern Faerûn Plus
    High Ice
    a frozen land in north Faerûn
    a continent far to the east of Faerûn
    a large inland sea of Faerûn
    Plain of Standing Stones
    a region within the Anauroch desert Plus
    Sea of Fallen Stars
    the largest inland sea of Faerûn
    Sea of Swords
    the part of the Trackless Sea between Faerûn and the island kingdoms
    the second of the two major islands of Lantan
    the Sword
    a region within the Anauroch desert Plus
    the massive underground realm deep under the surface of Faerûn Plus
  • geography: CalimshanSpacer
    Calim Desert
    a desert in Calimshan Plus
    Forest of Tethir (Wealdath)
    a large elven forest in Tethyr Plus
    Marching Mountains
    the mountain range on the border of Calimshan and Tethyr Plus
    Shining Sea
    the sea between Calimshan and the Chultan Peninsula
    Teshyllal Wastes
    a region within the Calim Desert Plus
  • geography: the Great GlacierSpacer
    one of the regions of the Great Glacier Plus
    Angsaas Chain (Angsaas) (Eastern Shield)
    the eastern mountain range of the Great Glacier Plus
    Lugalpgotak Range (Lugalpgotak Mountains)
    the mountain range north of the Lugalpgotak Sea Plus
    Lugalpgotak Sea
    the largest body of water on the Great Glacier Plus
    Lugsaas Chain (Lugsaas) (Southern Shield)
    the southern mountain range of the Great Glacier Plus
    a mountain range in the center of the Great Glacier Plus
    Risuak Lake (Risuak)
    a small lake in Alpuk Plus
    the mountain ranges surrounding the Great Glacier
    Taak Lake (Taak)
    a small, fresh-water lake in Alpuk
    Utaak Stream
    a stream flowing south from the Lugalpgotok Sea Plus
  • geography: the NorthSpacer
    Adbar Run
    a valley in the north of the Silver Marches
    Arn Forest
    a small forest in the Silver Marches near Ascore
    Clear Whirl River (Clear Whirl) (Clearwhirl)
    the major river of Hartsvale Plus
    Coggin's Rise
    a hilly region in Hartsvale Plus
    Endless Ice Sea
    the northernmost ocean on Toril
    Gorge of the Silver Wyrm
    a canyon in Hartsvale
    Ice Mountains
    a mountain range south of the Ice Spires South
    Ice Spires (Ice Spire Mountains)
    a mountain chain in northwest Faerûn Plus
    Lake Woe
    the lake surrounding Mount Woe
    Mount Woe
    an extremely tall peak in the center of Lake Woe Plus
    Nether Mountains
    a mountain range in the Silver Marches
    Othea Tor
    Othea's physical manifestation upon Toril Plus
    Rauvin Mountains
    a mountain range in the Silver Marches
    Reghed Glacier (the Reghed)
    a frozen land in northwest Faerûn
    River Rauvin (the Rauvin)
    a major river in the Silver Marches Plus
    Spine of the World
    a massive mountain range stretching across northwest and north Faerûn
    Spire Flow
    a river flowing into Hartsvale Plus
    Split Mountain
    the fabled mountain where Annam All-Father threw down Sky Cleaver
    Sundabar Vale
    the valley where Sundabar is located
    Three Sisters
    a series of three volcanoes in the Ice Spires South
    Twilight Vale
    the valley in the shadow of Othea Tor Plus
    Wyrm River
    a river of Hartsvale Plus
  • groupsSpacer
    Icy Claws
    a group of gelugons serving Iyraclea
    Interlink Consortium of Bral (Interlink Consortium)
    Walker's employers Plus
    Knight in Silver (Knights in Silver)
    the city watch of Silverymoon
    Pulkdrivvers (Pulkdrivver)
    a family of werewolves Plus
  • historySpacer
    First War of the Hart (War of the Hart)
    the war between Hartkiller and the Jotunbrud Plus
    Keryjek Wars
    a war between the Angulutiuns and Iulutiuns Plus
    Second War of the Hart
    the war between Hartsvale, the giant-kin, and the giants Plus
    Time of Troubles (Avatar Crisis) (Godswar)
    the time when Ao cast the gods of Faerûn down to Toril Plus
    War of the Twins
    the war of succession between Camden and Dunstan in Hartsvale
  • itemsSpacer
    a flammable liquid Plus
    spell component pouch (spell pouch) (component pouch)
    a small pouch in which certain spellcasters store material components for easy access
  • items: clothingSpacer
    aba (abbar)
    a light cloak Plus
  • items: gemsSpacer
    omlar gem (omlar gems) (omlar)
    an exceptionally rare gem mined from the Omlarandin Mountains Plus
  • items: magicalSpacer
    bag of holding (bags of holding)
    a magical bag that weighs the same amount no matter how much it is holding
    a stone in which one could store spells
    everburning torch
    a torch with a heatless flame that never goes out
    feather token (feather tokens)
    a magical token that conjures helpful items Plus
    figurine of wondrous power (figurines of wondrous power) (figurine of power)
    a magical figurine that can become a living creature
    ioun stone (ioun stones)
    a magical stone that orbited one's head
    magical arrows crafted out of ice by arctic dwarves Plus
    a magical gem in which one stores his or her mind Plus
    mythallar (mythallars)
    the magical item that kept Netherese flying cities aloft Plus
    quasimagical item (quasimagical) (quasimagic)
    an item that acts like a magical item only in the presence of a mythallar Plus
    ring of feather falling
    a magical ring that causes the wearer to fall as slowly as a feather Plus
    spelljamming helm (spelljammer helm)
    a magical chair that powers a spelljamming vessel
  • items: weaponsSpacer
    iuak (iuaks)
    an Ulutiun machete
    Mountain Crusher
    Tavis Burdun's longbow Plus
    Sky Cleaver
    the mythical axe of Annam All-Father Plus
  • languagesSpacer
    Dethek (Dwarven runes)
    the alphabet created by the dwarves Plus
    Draconic (Iokharic)
    the language of dragons
    Elven (Elvish)
    the language spoken by most elves
    Ghukliak (Goblin language)
    the goblin language Plus
    the language of the Nine Hells
    Jotun (Jotunen) (Giantish)
    the common language of giants or the word for "giant" in that language
    the old giant language
    the language of cloud giants
    Seldruin (High Elven)
    the ancient language of Elven High Magic
    the language of the forest
    the common language of the Underdark
  • languages: humanSpacer
    the Calishite language Plus
    the native language of the barbarian tribes of the North
    the major trade language of Faerûn Plus
    High Shou
    the language of Kara-Tur
    the native language of the Lantan Isles Plus
    the language of High Netheril
    Old Common or its alphabet, which was shared by many human languages
  • magicSpacer
    anti-magic field (anti magic field)
    a magical effect that prevents other magic from functioning
    arcanist (arcanists)
    a Netherese mage
    cantrip (cantrips)
    a simple, low-powered arcane spell
    dead magic zone (dead-magic zone)
    an area where the Weave is non-existent
    geas (geasa)
    a powerful magical compulsion
    mythal (mythals)
    an elven high magic ward Plus
    a simple, low-powered divine spell
    runecaster (runecasters)
    one trained in the magic art of runecasting
    a magical tradition involving the scribing of runes Plus
    Shadow Weave
    an alternative source of magical power said to have been created by the goddess Shar
    Sharn Wall
    a mystical wall constructed to entrap the phaerimms under Anauroch
    the Weave
    the magical power that interconnects everything on the Material Plane
  • magic: schools & subschoolsSpacer
    divination magic (divinatory magic) (divination)
    a school of magic or a magical effect involving knowledge of the future
    illusionary magic (illusion magic) (illusion)
    a school of magic or a magical effect involving the deception of the senses or the mind Plus
    transmutation magic (transmutation)
    a school of magic or a magical effect involving the transformation of the properties of something
  • materialsSpacer
    an ultrahard, black metal Plus
  • miscellaneousSpacer
    an elven greeting
    bladesinger (bladesingers)
    a special elven warrior class Plus
    an inflatable sac in a camel's mouth Plus
    Jotun for "greetings"
    a meeting of giants
    the ranking of giant society
    Phoenix Prophecies
    ancient Calishite prophecies Plus
    positive energy
    the energy empowering living beings with life
    a kind of sled pulled by reindeer Plus
    the Chosen
    divinely appointed immortal followers of a god Plus
    Thulbanian Games
    a famous athletic competition held in Chessenta
  • monstersSpacer
    androsphinx (androsphinxes)
    a male sphinx Plus
    elemental (elementals)
    a sentient embodiment of one of the four primary elements
    gargoyle (gargoyles)
    a hideous, demon-like statue or a living monster of the same form Plus
    golem (golems)
    a magically empowered automaton
    gynosphinx (gynosphinxes)
    a female sphinx Plus
    hell hound (hell hounds)
    a magical canine native to the Nine Hells Plus
    an elemental creature with a thirst for knowledge Plus
    lamia (lamias) (lamiae)
    a half-humanoid/half-animal creature of the desert Plus
    mohrg (mohrgs)
    a powerful, skeletal undead humanoid creature Plus
    an elemental of snow and ice Plus
    remorhaz (polar worm) (polar worms)
    a huge centipede-like monstor able to generate intense heat Plus
    winter wolf (winter wolves)
    a giant-sized wolf with icy breath Plus
    worg (worgs)
    a large, intelligent wolf with magically glowing red eyes Plus
  • placesSpacer
    Conclave of Silverymoon (University of Silverymoon) (the Conclave)
    a great university of magic in the city of Silverymoon Plus
    the southeast gate to Silverymoon
    the district of Silverymoon located on the north side of the River Rauvin Plus
    the district of Silverymoon located on the south side of the River Rauvin Plus
    the Fork
    where the Adbar Road and Fork Road met Plus
  • places: bridgesSpacer
    Earls Bridge
    the eastern drawbridge to Castle Hartwick Plus
  • places: buildingsSpacer
    Castle Hartwick
    the royal castle of Hartsvale Plus
    Dobbin Manor
    the estate of Earl Ruther Dobbin Plus
    a snow dome
    Palace of the Emperors
    the palace from which the giant emperors of Jhothûn ruled
    River Citadel
    a keep along the Clear Whirl River
    Weary Giant Inn & Orphanage (Weary Giant Inn) (Weary Giant)
    the only inn in Stagwick Plus
    Wildlands Rest
    a wayside inn in the Silver Marches Plus
    Wynn Castle (Castle Wynn)
    the keep of Earl Wynn in Hartsvale Plus
  • places: buildings: CalimshanSpacer
    Altar of the Air
    a shrine to Akadi found in the ruins of Dashadjen Plus
    Friary of St. Amahl
    a monastery of Ilmater in the Calim Desert Plus
    Roving Rune
    an inn in Teshburl Plus
  • places: buildings: SilverymoonSpacer
    Everdusk Hall
    a famous elven temple and lorehouse in Silverymoon Plus
    Lady's College
    a school of wizardry and magic history in Silverymoon Plus
    Map House
    a storehouse of maps in Silverymoon Plus
    Miresk's School of Thaumaturgy
    a school of magic in Silverymoon Plus
  • places: citiesSpacer
    Citadel Adbar
    a dwarven fortress city in the Silver Marches Plus
    a city in the Silver Marches
    a city in the Silver Marches
    Myratma (Textiles City)
    a large city in Tethyr Plus
    the largest city of the Silver Marches Plus
    a city in the Silver Marches Plus
    a major port city of Lantan
    Thultanthar (City of Shade)
    a mysterious floating city of shadow that appeared in the Anauroch
    the capital of Ostoria
    Waterdeep (Waterdhavian) (Waterdhavians)
    one of the most famous cities in Faerûn
  • places: cities: CalimshanSpacer
    Memnon (city)
    the northernmost city in Calimshan Plus
    a large town in Calimshan Plus
    a town on the southwestern corner of Calimshan
  • places: countriesSpacer
    a country in southwestern Faerûn Plus
    a country near the Chondalwood
    the land at the western tip of the Chultan Peninsula Plus
    Cormyr (Cormyrian) (Cormyrians)
    a powerful human nation in Faerûn
    Evereska (Evereskans) (Fortress Home)
    a legendary hidden elven valley
    a fabled island of elves far to the west of Faerûn
    Hartsvale (Hartsvaler) (Hartsvalers)
    a small kingdom in northwest Faerûn Plus
    Icewind Dale
    an arctic region populated by humans Plus
    a country known for its advanced technology Plus
    Mulhorand (Mulhorandi)
    one of the Old Empires Plus
    Old Empires
    the nations of Chessenta, Mulhorand, and Unther Plus
    Old Empires
    the nations of Chessenta, Mulhorand, and Unther Plus
    an isolationist country on the south of Faerûn Plus
    Silver Marches
    a confederation of city-states in the North
    Tethyr (Tethyrian) (Tethyrians)
    a country in southwestern Faerûn Plus
    Vaasa (Vaasans)
    one of the Cold Lands in northeast Faerûn
  • places: countries: ancientSpacer
    Delzoun (Old Delzoun)
    an ancient dwarven kingdom of the North
    Jhothûn (Iseheim)
    an ancient frost giant empire Plus
    an ancient stone giant kingdom
    Netheril (Netherese)
    an ancient human magocracy Plus
    Ostoria (Colossal Kingdom)
    the giant empire founded by Annam All-Father for his sons Plus
  • places: RealmspaceSpacer
    Rock of Bral (Bral)
    one of the Tears of Selûne Plus
    the world on which the continent of Faerûn is found Plus
  • places: roadsSpacer
    Adbar Road
    the road from Citadel Adbar to the Fork Plus
    Fork Road
    the road from the Fork to Sundabar
    the major north–south road of Silverymoon
  • places: ruinsSpacer
    a ruined dwarven port city Plus
    Choshein (Kvelskolonnas)
    an ancient giant city in the empire of Jhotûn Plus
    an ancient giant city in the empire of Jhotûn Plus
    Ghaurin's Hold
    the ruins of an old dwarven mansion Plus
    Harem Palace
    the massive harem of the djinni Calim in Teshyll Plus
    a fallen enclave of Netheril Plus
    an ancient giant city in the empire of Jhotûn Plus
    Myth Drannor
    an ancient elven and human city, now in ruins Plus
    the home of the terraseer Plus
  • places: townsSpacer
    Samber's hometown Plus
    a town in Hartsvale Plus
    a settlement in Hartsvale Plus
  • places: villagesSpacer
    a gnomish settlement in the Silver Marches Plus
    the home of Galgadayle the firbolg seer
    a small village in Hartsvale Plus
  • places: villages: the Great GalcierSpacer
    a small village in Alpuk Plus
    a small village in Alpuk Plus
    a small village in Alpuk Plus
    a large village in Alpuk
    a small village in Alpuk Plus
    a small village in Alpuk Plus
  • racesSpacer
    galeb duhr
    a strange sentient boulder-like creature Plus
    phaerimm (phaerimms)
    a bizarre magical creature of great power and intelligence Plus
    one of the five creator races Plus
    sharn (sharns)
    an ancient enemy of the phaerimms Plus
    treant (treants)
    a race of large, sentient, tree-like plants
  • races: dragonsSpacer
    blue dragon (blue dragons) (blues)
    a powerful dragon found in desert climates Plus
    brass dragon (brass dragon) (brasses)
    a metallic dragon found in desert climates Plus
    red dragon (red dragons)
    the most powerful of chromatic dragons Plus
    white dragon (white dragons) (whites)
    a chromatic dragon found in wintery climates Plus
    wywern (wyverns)
    a dragon-like creature with only two legs and a poisonous stinger on its tail
  • races: humanoidsSpacer
    demihuman (demihumans)
    a term referring to dwarves, elves, gnomes, and halflings
    a humanoid race seemingly created by Samber Plus
    gnoll (gnolls)
    a humanoid that resembles a hyena Plus
    a humanoid race from the Plane of Shadow Plus
    lycanthrope (lycanthropes)
    a creature with the curse of lycanthropy Plus
    minotaur (minotaurs)
    a large, bull-headed, hairy humanoid Plus
    orc (orcs)
    a warlike gray-skinned humanoid race Plus
    tanarukk (tanarukks)
    a planetouched orc Plus
    a white-furred humanoid found in arctic climates
    magical crossbreeds of snakes and humans Plus
  • races: humanoids: dwarvesSpacer
    arctic dwarf (arctic dwarves) (Inugaakalikurit)
    dwarves adapted to living in arctic conditions Plus
    wild dwarf (wild dwarves) (dur Authalar)
    a feral subrace of dwarves Plus
  • races: humanoids: elvesSpacer
    drow (dark elf) (dark elves)
    an evil elven subrace that lives in the Underdark Plus
    lythari (ly-tel-quessir)
    a race of lycanthropic elves Plus
    moon elf (moon elves) (silver elf)
    the most common subrace of elf in Faerûn Plus
    sun elf (sun elves) (gold elf)
    the noblest subrace of elves
    the elves' name for themselves
    wild elf (wild elves) (green elf)
    a feral elven subrace Plus
    wood elf (wood elves) (copper elf)
    one of the most common subraces of elf in Faerûn Plus
  • races: humanoids: giantsSpacer
    ogre (ogres)
    smelly, hairy humanoids related to giants Plus
    oni (ogre mage) (ogre mages)
    an inherently magical cousin of ogres Plus
    troll (trolls)
    a giant, ugly, monstrous humanoid with regenerative powers Plus
  • races: humanoids: giants: giant-kinSpacer
    firbolg (firbolgs)
    one of the races of giant-kin Plus
    fomorian (fomorians)
    one of the races of giant-kin Plus
    giant races descended from Othea and Ulutiu Plus
    verbeeg (verbeegs)
    one of the races of giant-kin Plus
  • races: humanoids: giants: true giantsSpacer
    cloud giant (cloud giants) (skyejotun)
    a breed of giant adapted to living among the clouds Plus
    ettin (ettins)
    a two-headed race of giants
    frost giant (isejotun) (isejotunen)
    a breed of giant adapted to cold environments Plus
    hill giant (hill giants)
    a breed of giant adapted to living among hills and mountains
    jotunbrud (true giant) (true giants)
    the true giant races Plus
    stone giant (stone giants) (steinjotun)
    a breed of giant with an affinity for stone and rock
    storm giant (storm giants) (uvarjotun)
    a breed of giant adapted to living underwater or upon the tallest mountains Plus
    titan (titans) (voninen)
    the most powerful subrace of giant Plus
  • races: humanoids: goblinoidsSpacer
    goblin (goblins)
    a small, flat-faced humanoid with pointed ears Plus
    hobgoblin (hobgoblins)
    a human-sized goblinoid Plus
  • races: humanoids: humansSpacer
    Angulutiun (Angulutiuns)
    a race of humans living in the arctic regions of Toril
    Calishite (Calishites)
    the demonym for someone or something from Calimshan Plus
    Iulutiun (Iulutiuns)
    a race of humans living in the arctic regions of Toril Plus
    shade (shades)
    a race of humans infused with the stuff of shadow
    humans and shades from the Plane of Shadow
    tiefling (tieflings)
    a human with a fiendish bloodline
    Ulutiun (Ulutiuns)
    an ethnicity of humans living on the Great Glacier or the language they speak
    barbarian tribes living in the north of Faerûn Plus
  • races: outsidersSpacer
    dust mephit (dust mephits)
    a mephit from the Elemental Plane of Air or Earth or the Quasi-Elemental Plane of Dust Plus
    mephit (mephits)
    a small being from an elemental plane Plus
    a demon Plus
  • races: outsiders: celestialsSpacer
    angel (angels)
    a race of celestials
    archon (archons) (celestial archons)
    a race of celestials from Celestia
  • races: outsiders: fiends: devilsSpacer
    a devil from the Nine Hells of Baator
    barbazu (barbazus) (bearded devil)
    a lesser devil known for its tentacle-like "beard" Plus
    cornugon (cornugons) (horned devil)
    a greater baatezu
    devil (devils)
    a fiend with lawful tendencies
    gelugon (gelugons) (ice devil)
    a powerful devil with insectoid features and powers of cold Plus
    imp (imps)
    a minor devil Plus
    lemure (lemures)
    the lowest of baatezu devils Plus
    osyluth (osyluths) (bone devil)
    a powerful, emaciated devil with a scorpion-like tail Plus
  • races: outsiders: geniesSpacer
    djinni (djinn)
    a genie from the Elemental Plane of Air Plus
    efreeti (efreet) (fire genie)
    a genie from the Elemental Plane of Fire Plus
    an elemental being of great power Plus
    janni (jann)
    a genie native to the Material Plane Plus
    qorrashi (qorrash) (ice genie)
    a genie from the Para-Elemental Plane of Ice
  • special terms: IulutiunSpacer
    a type of fur-covered wizard unique to the Great Glacier Plus
    a meat closet
    singdown (singdowns) (huuk)
    an Iulutiun competition to settle disputes Plus
    an Iulutiun trade fair
    an honor murder
    a murder sanctioned by the elders of an Iultutiun village
  • shipsSpacer
    spelljammer (spelljamming vessel)
    a ship for traveling the Sea of Night
    The Daisy
    the sailing vessel captained by Ombert Stronghull Plus
    a large kayak-like craft for carrying cargo
  • timekeepingSpacer
    Calendar of Harptos
    the main calendar of Faerûn Plus
    Dale Reckoning (Dalereckoning) (DR)
    the most common method of counting years in Faerûn Plus
    one of the five yearly festival days
    noon or the month of Eleasias Plus
    moondark (night's heart)
    the watch of night following midnight
    pyesigen (pyesigeni)
    four years Plus
    tenday (tendays)
    a Faerûnian "week" Plus
  • timekeeping: monthsSpacer
    Eleasias (Eleasis)
    the 8th month of the year Plus
    Eleint (the Fading)
    the 9th month of the year Plus
    Hammer (Deepwinter)
    the 1st month of the year Plus
    the 6th month of the year Plus
    Marpenoth (Leafall)
    the 10th month of the year Plus
    Mirtul (the Melting)
    the 5th month of the year Plus
    the 12th (last) month of the year Plus
    Uktar (The Rotting)
    the 11th month of the year Plus
  • timekeeping: the roll of yearsSpacer
    Year of Rogue Dragons
    1373 DR, the second year of the campaign Plus
    Year of the Gauntlet
    1369 DR Plus
    Year of the Staff
    1366 DR Plus
    Year of Wild Magic (Wild Magic)
    1372 DR, the first year of the campaign Plus
  • titlesSpacer
    a frost giant chieftain
    paramount (paramounts)
    a storm giant title
    satrap (satraps)
    a provincial governor
    stormazîn (High Priest of Annam)
    the high priest of Annam for all giants