This is a list of people, places, things and events relevant to the campaign. Any time they appear in a blog post or wiki, it will automatically be linked to its definition.
  • The Moonshae IslesSpacer
    Llewyrr Capital of Synnoria Plus
    a location in Synnoria Plus
    The Llewyrr elven lands in the Moonshae Plus
  • ElvesSpacer
    An elven sub-race within the Forgotten Realms Plus
  • The Sea of Fallen StarsSpacer
    a region containing everything beneath the waves of the Sea of Fallen Stars Plus
  • SerôsSpacer
    A location in Coryselmal Plus
    Ruins at the mouth of the Selmal Basin. Plus
  • The Western HeartlandsSpacer
    A large city of the Western Heartlands (pop. 21,051) Minus
    Most have heard of fabled Evermeet, but the similarity of its name to that of Evereska has doomed the latter land to being overlooked by most who dwell far from it, or care not of elven doings. Moreover, the vigilance of the fair folk keeps Evereska cloaked in mystery - but I, of course, have been able to learn something of its trade with the wider world.

    Evereska's few imports are largely trade metals for the elves to shape and enchant into sword. Its fewer exports include beautiful flowering wood sculptures shaped by magic after the wood has died, rather than being carved; certain minor enchanted items such as potions, enspelled arrows, daggers, and the like; and, of course, the highly-prized ruby-hued liquor known as elverquisst. A word of advice: if you'd like to learn elven secrets as I've done here, empty your purse and ply some fair folk with elverquisst, whist drinking but a swallow yourself. It loosens elven tongues like nothing else!

    - by Volothamp Geddarm
    (Dragon Magazine Issue #267 page 81)

    The last remaining large elven city on the continent is as beautiful as it is mysterious. Elves are the only race allowed inside the city with very rare exceptions.
  • EvereskaSpacer
    A location in Evereska Plus
    Everskan Mythal
    A powerful shield of magic surrounding the city of Evereska Plus
    Leeke Towers
    An inn in Evereska Plus
    program guide (program guides)
    Festival of the Moon - Evereska - 1368 DR Plus
  • VelprintalarSpacer
    House of the Four Moons
    Temple to Selûne in Velprintalar Plus
    the Paladin Inn
    An inn in Velprintalar Plus
  • Relkath's FootSpacer
    The Green Man
    An inn in Relkath's Foot Plus
    The Royal Hall
    The main governmental building Plus
    The Taproot
    An inn in Relkath's Foot Plus
  • Forgotten RealmsSpacer
    Abeir-Toril (Ah-BEER Tor-RILL) (Toril)
    The main planet of Realmspace Plus
    Anchorome (Ang-kor-OH-may)
    The lost continent of Abeir-Toril Plus
    The continent of Aurune Plus
    The island of Evermeet Plus
    Faerûn (Fay-ROON) (Faerun) (Faerûn)
    The European subcontinent of Abeir-Toril Plus
    The Oriental subcontinent of Abeir-Toril Plus
    The African continent of Abeir-Toril Plus
    The month of Kythorn (June) Plus
    Leonawrr (Tabaxiland)
    The island of Leonawrr Plus
    Lopango (The Land of Fire)
    Subcontinent of Abeir-Toril Plus
    Maztica (The True World)
    The American continent of Abeir-Toril Plus
    Myrmidûne (Myrmidune)
    The island of Myrmidune Plus
    Nuberia (Numibia)
    The island of Nuberia Plus
    The Australian continent of Abeir-Toril Plus
    Realmspace (Sea of Night)
    The Forgotten Realms crystal sphere of the Prime Material Plane Plus
    The moon of Abeir-Toril Plus
    Shadowtop (shadowtops)
    A species of tree Plus
    a species of tree Plus
    an unknown location Plus
    The Arabian subcontinent of Abeir-Toril Plus
  • FaerûnSpacer
    The Moonshae Isles (Moonshae)
    An island chain off the western coast of Faerûn
    The Sea of Fallen Stars
    A large lake in the middle of Faerûn Plus
    The Unapproachable East
    A region comprised of roughly 6 kingdoms in eastern Faerûn Plus
    The Western Heartlands
    a region of independent city-states in western Faerûn Plus
  • The Unapproachable EastSpacer
    Aglarond (AHG-lah-rond) (Aglarond)
    A forested coastal nation of The Unapproachable East Plus
    Fire Wine
    A wine of the old empires Plus
    A tribal nation of the Unapproachable East Plus
    An arcane nation of the Unapproachable East Plus
    The Great Dale
    a druidic nation of the Unapproachable East Plus
    A mercantile nation of The Unapproachable East Plus
  • AglarondSpacer
    A large town of Aglarond (pop 3,500) Plus
    Relkath's Foot (Relkath)
    A small half-elven city of Aglarond (pop 5,080) Plus
    A location in Aglarond Plus
    A mountain range of Aglarond Plus
    Umber Marshes
    A wetland of Aglarond Plus
    The capitol of Aglarond (pop 36,100) Plus
    A forest of Aglarond Plus
  • TheskSpacer
    A large town of Thesk (pop 3,650) Plus
    A thieves guild of Telflamm Plus
    A large city of Thesk (pop 23,361) Plus
    Two Stars
    A large town of Thesk (pop 3,800) Plus
  • The Great DaleSpacer
    Mauberg's Oak
    Village of the Great Dale (pop 500) Plus
  • ThaySpacer
    A metropolis of Thay (pop 31,040) Plus
    Jesnoda Farm (Jesnoda)
    A hamlet of Thay (pop 82) Plus
    A small town of Thay (pop 1,872) Plus
    A large town of Thay (pop 3,200) Plus
  • DeitiesSpacer
    Labelas Enoreth (Labelas)
    Seldarine Pantheon - (LAH-bay-lahs EHN-or-eth) Plus
    Sarula Iliene (Sarula)
    Seldarine Pantheon - (sa-RUL-a il-I-ene) Plus
    Sehanine Moonbow (Sehanine)
    Seldarine Pantheon - (SEH-ha-neen MOON-bo) Plus
    The elven pantheon Plus