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  • ElvesSpacer
    A mythical elven sub-race within the Forgotten Realms Plus
    Alu-Tel-Quessir (sea elves) (aquatic elves)
    An elven sub-race in the Forgotten Realms Plus
    Ar-tel-quessir (sun elves) (gold elves)
    An elven sub-race in the Forgotten Realms Plus
    An elven sub-race in the Forgotten Realms Plus
    An elven sub-race within the Forgotten Realms Plus
    Ly-Tel-Quessir (Lythari) (silver shadow elves)
    An elven sub-race in the Forgotten Realms Plus
    Or-Tel-Quessir (wood elves) (copper elves)
    An elven sub-race in the Forgotten Realms Plus
    An elven sub-race in the Forgotten Realms Plus
    Ruar-Tel-Quessir (star elves) (mythril elves)
    An elven sub-race in the Forgotten Realms Plus
    An elven sub-race in the Forgotten Realms Plus
    Sy-Tel-Quessir (wild elves) (green elves)
    An elven sub-race in the Forgotten Realms Plus
    Teu-tel-quessir (moon elves) (silver elves)
    An elven sub-race in the Forgotten Realms Plus
  • The Sea of Fallen StarsSpacer
    a region containing everything beneath the waves of the Sea of Fallen Stars Plus
  • SerôsSpacer
    A location in Coryselmal Plus
    Ruins at the mouth of the Selmal Basin. Plus
  • The Western HeartlandsSpacer
    A large city of the Western Heartlands (pop 21,051) Plus
  • EvereskaSpacer
    A location in Evereska Plus
    Everskan Mythal
    A powerful shield of magic surrounding the city of Evereska Plus
    Leeke Towers
    An inn in Evereska Plus
    program guide (program guides)
    Festival of the Moon - Evereska - 1358 DR Minus
    Welcome to the (symbols) Celebration of
    The Festival of the Moon
    during the 1st winter of the 3rd pyesigeni of the 78th rysar of the founding of Evereska

    Program Guide
    • Uktar 30

    A performance of song and dance Sponsored by the followers of Melira Taralen will take place during thulsun in the Wind Chime Trees

    • Fest of the Moon

    o Dawn

    The rainbow mystics of Kirith Sotheril will depart Evereska at dawn for a two-day festival at the Silkmoon Stream. Reservations are 1 gold and space is limited.

    o Tharsun

    The opening ceremonies of Moonfest will commence in the meadow circle, during tharsun. The Hill Council will present their yearly state of Evereska address followed by the Bloodsong Ceremony performed by clergy of Corellon Larethian.

    o Nightfall

    The meadow circle celebration continues as we honor our fallen elven brethren and witness the dance of the bladesong at Nightfall performed by followers of Tethrin Veralde. Sponsored by the Hill Council.

    The rangers of Solonor Thelandira invite all comers to join them during Nightfall near the Hall of the High Hunt where the following competitions will take place: archery, axe-throwing, longbow judging, meat curing, hide tanning, and bone carving. Admission is 1 gold or 1 rare flora or fauna donation.

    The concert of the moon will be performed during Nightfall within the temple of Hanali Celani. Lead by high sister Hamalitia Everlove. Inquire at the temple for VIP seating inside the concert hall or listen from the gardens for a small donation.

    The welcoming home of the imperial fleet will commence at nightfall. It is recommended for those wishing to attend to show up before sunset at the Gilded Gate Teleport Entrance. Participation in this event costs 5 gold pieces or just come and watch free of charge.

    Come to the temple of Labelas Enoreth during at Nightfall and listen as a representative of our special guests, the Fellowship of the Circle, as they discuss the current state of affairs, followed by deserts and discourse. Stay as long as you'd like! A limited number of VIP tokens are available.

    Join the followers of Erevan Illesere as they celebrate the Midnight Gambol at Nightfall in the crystal caves. Prizes will be award for best prank. There will also be an ugly cloak contest. The entrance fee is one piece of art.

    The followers of Lurue will perform the Ruital of Remembrance on the departed at the cemetery near the shrine of Lurue. Don't forget to wear your heads!

    o Deepnight

    The night's revelries will culminate during the Mystic Rites of the Luminous Cloud at the circle in the meadow near the soaring towers for a deepnight meditation and communal trance where we honor our past. The ritual will conclude with a shared vision.

  • RashemenSpacer
    Beacon Cairn
    A hamlet of Rashemen Plus
    Citadel Rashemar
    A large town of Rashemen (pop 2,101) Plus
    A tradition of Rashemen Plus
    mines of Tethkel (Tethekel)
    A village of Rashemen (pop 500) Plus
    A large town of Rashemen (pop 4,848) Plus
    A metropolis of Rashemen (pop 39,390) Plus
    A location in Rashemen Plus
    A large town of Rashemen (pop 2,150) Plus
    The Ashenwood
    A forest of Rashemen Plus
    Thekel Gap
    A geographic location in Rashemen Plus
    A village of Rashemen (pop 540) Plus
    Rashmi male spell-caster Plus
    Female spell-casters of Rashmen Plus
  • The Endless WastesSpacer
    A large town of The Endless Wastes Plus
  • The Moonshae IslesSpacer
    Llewyrr Capital of Synnoria Plus
    a location in Synnoria Plus
    The Llewyrr elven lands in the Moonshae Plus
  • VelprintalarSpacer
    House of the Four Moons
    Temple to Selûne in Velprintalar Plus
    the Paladin Inn
    An inn in Velprintalar Plus
  • Forgotten RealmsSpacer
    Abeir-Toril (Ah-BEER Tor-RILL) (Toril)
    The main planet of Realmspace Plus
    The month of Kythorn (June) Plus
    Realmspace (Sea of Night)
    The Forgotten Realms crystal sphere of the Prime Material Plane Plus
    The moon of Abeir-Toril Plus
    Shadowtop (shadowtops)
    A species of tree Plus
    a species of tree Plus
    an unknown location Plus
  • FaerûnSpacer
    The Cold Lands
    A region comprised of roughly 5 kingdoms in northeastern Faerûn Plus
    The Endless Wastes (Taan) (Hordelands)
    A geographic region in eastern Faerûn Plus
    the Golden Way
    A trade route of Faerûn Plus
    The Moonshae Isles (Moonshae)
    An island chain off the western coast of Faerûn
    The Sea of Fallen Stars
    A large lake in the middle of Faerûn Plus
    The Unapproachable East
    A region comprised of roughly 6 kingdoms in eastern Faerûn Plus
    The Western Heartlands
    a region of independent city-states in western Faerûn Plus
  • The Unapproachable EastSpacer
    Aglarond (AHG-lah-rond) (Aglarond)
    A forested coastal nation of The Unapproachable East Plus
    A geographic region in the Unapproachable East Plus
    Fire Wine
    A wine of the old empires Plus
    A tribal nation of the Unapproachable East Plus
    An arcane nation of the Unapproachable East Plus
    The Great Dale
    a druidic nation of the Unapproachable East Plus
    A mercantile nation of The Unapproachable East Plus
  • AglarondSpacer
    A large town of Aglarond (pop 3,500) Plus
    Relkath's Foot (Relkath)
    A small half-elven city of Aglarond (pop 5,080) Plus
    A location in Aglarond Plus
    A mountain range of Aglarond Plus
    Umber Marshes
    A wetland of Aglarond Plus
    The capitol of Aglarond (pop 36,100) Plus
    A forest of Aglarond Plus
  • TheskSpacer
    A large town of Thesk (pop 3,650) Plus
    A thieves guild of Telflamm Plus
    Ruins in the northeast corner of Thesk Plus
    A large city of Thesk (pop 23,361) Plus
    Two Stars
    A large town of Thesk (pop 3,800) Plus
    Xiang temple (Xiang)
    A temple in the Shou Town district of the city of Telflamm Plus
  • The Great DaleSpacer
    Mauberg's Oak
    Village of the Great Dale (pop 500) Plus
  • ThaySpacer
    A metropolis of Thay (pop 31,040) Plus
    Jesnoda Farm (Jesnoda)
    A hamlet of Thay (pop 82) Plus
    A small town of Thay (pop 1,872) Plus
    A large town of Thay (pop 3,200) Plus
  • DeitiesSpacer
    Labelas Enoreth (Labelas)
    Seldarine Pantheon - (LAH-bay-lahs EHN-or-eth) Plus
    Sarula Iliene (Sarula)
    Seldarine Pantheon - (sa-RUL-a il-I-ene) Plus
    Sehanine Moonbow (Sehanine)
    Seldarine Pantheon - (SEH-ha-neen MOON-bo) Plus
    The elven pantheon Plus
  • Relkath's FootSpacer
    The Green Man
    An inn in Relkath's Foot Plus
    The Royal Hall
    The main governmental building Plus
    The Taproot
    An inn in Relkath's Foot Plus
  • Abeir-TorilSpacer
    Anchorome (Ang-kor-OH-may)
    The lost continent of Abeir-Toril Plus
    The continent of Aurune Plus
    The island of Braaklosia Plus
    The island of Evermeet Plus
    Faerûn (Fay-ROON) (Faerun) (Faerûn)
    The European subcontinent of Abeir-Toril Plus
    The Oriental subcontinent of Abeir-Toril Plus
    The African continent of Abeir-Toril Plus
    Leonawrr (Tabaxiland)
    The island of Leonawrr Plus
    Lopango (The Land of Fire)
    Subcontinent of Abeir-Toril Plus
    Maztica (The True World)
    The American continent of Abeir-Toril Plus
    Myrmidûne (Myrmidune)
    The island of Myrmidune Plus
    Nuberia (Numibia)
    The island of Nuberia Plus
    The Australian continent of Abeir-Toril Plus
    The Arabian subcontinent of Abeir-Toril Plus