This is a list of people, places, things and events relevant to the campaign. Any time they appear in a blog post or wiki, it will automatically be linked to its definition.
  • Notable ContactsSpacer
    Ariadnez Tamovar (Ariadnez) (Adi)
    Tiefling paladin of Achiel, the God of Law. The two "greats" in her life are her sword and her girlfriend, Kembi.
    Caloren Tamovar (Caloren) (Cal)
    Human scout from Galmran. He is an excellent marksman and an excellent twin.
    Deldrek Lumpmaker (Deldrek)
    Gnome businessman who the party met in Etir. Does some kind of business with Ilia in the lower slums.
    Lgvc't Mgwr
    Cansin barbarian who helped you rescue Miletia in the Feywild. Has a thing against golems for some reason.
    Musasi Dragonshare (Musasi)
    Nedian dragonborn samurai met by the party in the badlands of Drasek. Carries the severed arm of his estranged brother. Helped the party defeat the Null Army in Tyre.
    Zaric Valerio (Zaric)
    Tiefling warlock of the Queen of Air and Darkness. Met the F.I.A to help escort Wykeera to the fey queen.
    Zazhanni Palor (Zazhanni)
    Middle-aged member of the Null Army. Helped the party fight off undead monstrosities and other members of the Null Army at The Battle of Tyre.
  • Historical FiguresSpacer
    Dracolich that plagued Janav soon after The Arrival. Had a cult of followers who helped him rise to power. Was defeated by a group of heroes about 75 years ago.
  • Factions, Organizations and GroupsSpacer
    Second-largest gang in Yalba. Known for the red hoods that their members wear. Decimated in the final conflict against Auntie Ashheart in Yalba.
    Cobalt Company
    Adventuring party funded by Thaddeus Terroc I.
    Desert Thorns
    Smallest gang in Yalba by far. Tends to be thought of as a joke by other Yalban gangs.
    Name of the adventuring party that our heroes chose for themselves after the events of Deliverance.
    Coalition of allied dragonborn clans that occupy the Frostjaw Forest between Galmran and Kelkenheim. Mostly known for being the largest faction of bandits in all of Aldion. Rumored to be responsible for the attack on Kemarq in 75 P.A.
    Fazil's Fighters
    Gladiator stable led by Fazil al-Wiya. Rashad is definitely jealous about it.
    Organization that strives to end slavery in Yalba. They have enough influence to not be immediately killed for their unpopular views, and follow the teachings of Ikhael, the Goddess of Justice.
    Group of individuals who survey magic users. Responsible for Thane's kidnapping in Etir. Known as an archaeological group in Yalba, where they are responsible for exploring Zeharian ruins beneath the city and in the Great Expanse.
    Jade Dragons
    Formerly the largest gang in Yalba, despite a seeming loss of influence that happened in 71 P.A. Known for certain members who are adorned in glowing jade tattoos. Was led by Bana-Kye before its dissolution in 77 P.A.
    Null Army
    Remnants of the Drasekian army who feel disenfranchised by new races presented after The Arrival. Acted as bandits in Drasek following the fall of Kemarq in 75 P.A. Mostly dissolved after the events of Deliverance.
    Pit Vipers
    Largest gang in Yalba. Contest territory in Bloodfall Row with the Bloodbroods. Known for using poison on their blades.
    Surai's Slashers
    Gladiator stable owned by Teoshi al-Surai. They wear shades of green cotton over their leather armor, and attack with bows and scimitars.
    The Iron Circle
    Felsira's ramshackle pirate organization. Overseen by the Captain's Council.
    Ancient society of Janavians who occupied the Great Expanse thousands of years ago. Their ruins are scattered across the Great Expanse and beneath Yalba.
  • Feywild PlacesSpacer
    The city with the densest population of elves in all the multiverse. Elves believe that this city lies at the center of the universe.
    Penumbra Grove
    Small myconid colony in the Feydark.
  • Elemental Plane of Air PlacesSpacer
    Moroden's Domain
    Moroden's sizable home on the Elemental Plane of Air. Was left in ruins by Eldamas, and is currently undergoing repair.
  • Janavian PlacesSpacer
    Great Expanse
    The desert that surrounds Yalba and occupies most of Janav.
    Greenbough Oasis
    Oasis where Wykeera was raised. Was destroyed around 71 P.A.
    Palace of Pleasure
    Massive, ancient ziggurat in the middle of the Great Expanse. Hidden by a supernatural sandstorm. Was ruled by a lamia named Siaval.
    Port Qamsa
    Port city linking the Janavian mainland to the Sea of Teeth.
    Capital of Janav. Known as "The Bloody City" for its gladiatorial combat and general corruption.
  • Kelkan PlacesSpacer
    Frostjaw Forest
    Massive forest that separates Galmran from Kelkenheim. Technically inside Kelkenheim, but it is mostly inhabited by bandit tribes of Fang.
    Seat of power of Clan Ragthroknaar.
    Capital of Kelkenheim, and home of dragonborn Scale clans. Many dragonborn believe that their people originated from the land this city was founded on.
  • Drasekian PlacesSpacer
    Large city in Drasek known as "The Broken Jewel." Acts more as a refugee camp than a city since the fall of Kemarq.
    Garden of Deliverance
    Region of Drasek where 250 farmers had been promised debt forgiveness and a new start in exchange for labor. These farmers were actually being held against their will by the Null Army and a mysterious plague.
    Iron Hills
    Southernmost region of Drasek. Site of several border conflicts between Galmran and Drasek over the last century, hence its namesake.
    Capital of Drasek. Site of a major magical catastrophe that happened in 75 P.A, killing hundreds of people and sending the country into a tailspin that kicked off the events of Deliverance.
    Spirekeep Mountains
    Mountain range rife with archalium. The Garden of Deliverance is nestled in its foothills.
  • Nedian PlacesSpacer
    Capital of Nedai. Known as the City of Flower Petals. Battlefield for wealthy merchant families.
  • Sidunian PlacesSpacer
    Fia's home village. Comprised mostly of poor and kind changelings.
    Eralo Bay
    Sidunian bay where Wykeera became a druid.
    Capital of Sidun, and wellspring of knowledge and philosophical thought.
  • Vallsan PlacesSpacer
    Capital of Vallsa and pirate haven.
  • Galmranian PlacesSpacer
    Capital of Galmran and seat of the Galmranian Empire.
    Grand Axis
    Large stone building in Attessal that houses a system of teleportion circles that link together allied Galmranian forts and capitals.
    Midzaynov's home village in Galmran (formerly Drasek). Full of kind, hardworking people.