This is a list of people, places, things and events relevant to the campaign. Any time they appear in a blog post or wiki, it will automatically be linked to its definition.
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    George Weyland
    CEO of St. George Du Lac, Inc. "Improving the world for humanity" Plus
    Ghost of Askuwheteau (Asku)
    ghost of an Algonquin Native American Warrior. "I watch and wait for my people" Plus
    Jeanette Dupree (Jeannette)
    Jeanette Dupree is the face of The Note, a jazz club and neutral ground. "Neutral for Life" Plus
    Monsignor Tom Hennessy (Mons. Tom) (Dr. Hennessy)
    Mons. Tom is the face of St. Joseph Oratory. "Faith will redeem you, body and soul." Minus
    Mons. Tom is also Dr. Hennessy, with a PHD in Theological studies, and is a Scholar of Divinity. As a Jesuit, and teaches classes part time at a local college.

    He's also from a local Irish Mob family. There are rumors that he support his family's activities through the church which is why the Jesuits haven't sent him off to South Asia. There are also rumors that he's ashamed of his family, and only his belief in redemption keeps him from disowning them entirely. Whatever the truth, it's a complicated relationship. But all agree: either way, his Mother is still proud.

    What makes Mons. Tom a person of interest is that he's the Face for St. Joseph Oratory. This church has piles of durable medical equipment such as walkers, canes, oxygen masks and the like, on either side of the main entrance. They are from pilgrims that have come, praying to be healed.

    Mons. Tom has been with St. Joseph's for 30 years, and while these miracles started occurring long before his tenure there, he is usually present at these healings today. Rumors say he is the current representation or channel of divine will. And if this is true, some wonder who God will honor with that position after he's gone... Of course, Mons. Tom emphatically claims no credit, and no special participation, and all glory belongs to God.

    Saint Laurent Gruff (Gruff)
    Summer Court Gruff who controls the Ley Line. "No Trolls on my beat" Plus
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    Tilda Raith (Tilda)
    Tilda Raith appears to be management for the White Court in Montreal Plus