This is a list of people, places, things and events relevant to the campaign. Any time they appear in a blog post or wiki, it will automatically be linked to its definition.
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    George Weyland
    CEO of St. George Du Lac, Inc. "Improving the world for humanity" Plus
    Ghost of Askuwheteau (Asku)
    ghost of an Algonquin Native American Warrior. "I watch and wait for my people" Minus
    The face of the Mount Royal Cemetery is a very old ghost of an Algonquin Native American Warrior named "Askuwheteau" (ask oo WEE tu). It translates to "he keeps watch".

    Some have shortened his name to Asku, as a kind of nick name.

    He predates the cemetery itself, and is attached to Mount Royal, but is most often seen in the cemetary, near the base of the Mount.

    He only speaks his native tongue, and broken french. If you do manage to speak to him, he will tell you that he keeps watch against french invaders, and guide his fleeing tribes people up over the hill to safety. If you press him about where it's safe, he will seem confused, but then decide it must be an area on the high ground that they have fortified for the night.

    If you talk to other native Americans in the area, they will tell you his job is to guide you to the next world, should you lose your way.

    And, if you do manage to see Askuwheteau, he will not talk to you if he believes you are french. In fact, he'll probably attack.

    Definitely do not call him Asku. "Fiend" will do in a pinch.

    Jeanette Dupree (Jeannette)
    Jeanette Dupree is the face of The Note, a jazz club and neutral ground. "Neutral for Life" Plus
    Monsignor Tom Hennessy (Mons. Tom) (Dr. Hennessy)
    Mons. Tom is the face of St. Joseph Oratory. "Faith will redeem you, body and soul." Plus
    Saint Laurent Gruff (Gruff)
    Summer Court Gruff who controls the Ley Line. "No Trolls on my beat" Plus
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    Tilda Raith (Tilda)
    Tilda Raith appears to be management for the White Court in Montreal Plus