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    Half-Elf Monk Plus
    Keeper (Ros lei Midden) (Ros lei)
    Keeper is a powerful necromancer and a servant of the Shadowlord Plus
    Rean Battleborn (Rean)
    Commander of the Siberys Sentinels Minus
    Legend has it that Rean was torn from his mothers womb during a battle, which is said to be the source of his legendary warrior spirit.

    Rean Battleborn is the Commander of the Company Syberys Sentinels, a veteran of the Last War and army of Aundair.

    He inspires great loyalty in his troops, and his military tactics and prowess with a broadsword is credited as winning a number of pivotal battles in the Aundair Thrane War.

    He was seen alive but in shackles, and lead away eastward by Keeper - a necromancer who has raised the bones of your fallen comrades to fight for the other side.

    The party stumbled across Rean in the ruins of Shadukar, and freed him from his cell. The party went on to flee from the ancient city, narrowly escaping the forces of the Shadowy Lord who ruled there.

    But it was clear the Rean had come under some dark enchantment or disease while imprisoned there, his mind and body wracked with torments.

    To that end, the party were sent into the depths of the Deadmoors, in search of an antidote for Rean's curse. However it later transpired that the party were tricked into the quest, and Rean's guardians turned out to be in league with the enemy.

    When last seen, Rean, much changed, tried to relieve the party of the Queen of Aundair - at first by guile, then by force. His two henchmen were quickly overwhelmed, but Rean escaped, walking between the dimensions as easily as a barghest.