This is a list of people, places, things and events relevant to the campaign. Any time they appear in a blog post or wiki, it will automatically be linked to its definition.
  • animal companions, familiars, & mountsSpacer
    Leokas' horse Plus
    Szordrin Dundragon's magical weasel familiar Plus
    Kamïl (Kamil)
    Belvin's camel Plus
    the name Belvin has given Hakam's pack camel Plus
    Malick of Darromar's magical weasel familiar Plus
    Oma al Catahras's magical black cat familiar
    Shrodinjer Btn_edit
    Mythlos' magical toad familiar Plus
  • antagonistsSpacer
    Samber (the Maker)
    an enigmatic magician the gods wish the party to stop Plus
  • companionsSpacer
    a bard and companion of the adventurers Plus
    Nargroth Kilmander (Nargroth) (Kilmander)
    a half-orc and companion of the adventurers Plus
    Oma el Catahras (Oma) (Oma yr Raisa el Catahras)
    a teen-aged Calishite woman who was hired by Jayce Plus
  • oraclesSpacer
    a druidic oracle formerly living in the jungles of Chult Minus
    Yasheira is an enigmatic druidess formerly living alone in the jungles of Chult with strong divinatory powers.

    She provided prophecies to the adventurers in exchange for an uncut diamond, which she later returned to Belvin.

    Yasheira's age and race were not at first clear to the adventurers. She mostly appeared human, but she had extra-long fingers, with additional joins, and extra, transparent eyelids. She had wild, untended coppery hair. Her clothes were dirty, worn, and threadbare. Her muddy skin was pale with a subtle red tint. Her accent and the decorum of her house were very Calishite in nature.

    In her shack in Chult, Yasheira kept a few dinosaurs as pets, using magic to reduce them to more manageable sizes.

    Shortly before their journey to the Rock of Bral, Belvin received a letter from Yashiera by feather token in which she announced that she had had a daughter and that Belvin was the father, which he admitted was true. They exchanged letters, and she provided directions to the hidden city of Ul'sahab, the City of Seers, on Mount Abbalayat.

    When they visited her, Belvin named his new daughter Beliera.

    Yashiera explained to them that she was one of the Gifted, one chosen by her people once every 20 years to travel into the world for the purpose of continuing the line of her people, the Abbalayar. (Solisar explained to his companions that one of the Abbalayar, the Nar'ysr, was responsible for the legendary Phoenix Prophecies, of which his grandmother was a scholar.)

    Before they left her house on Mount Abbalayat, she granted each of them a prophecy, as she had done before.
  • sailors: FrihetSpacer
    Ombert Stronghull (Ombert) (Captain Stronghull)
    the halfling captain of The Daisy and the Frihet Plus