This is a list of people, places, things and events relevant to the campaign. Any time they appear in a blog post or wiki, it will automatically be linked to its definition.
  • animal companions, familiars, & mountsSpacer
    Leokas' horse Plus
    Szordrin Dundragon's magical weasel familiar Plus
    Kamïl (Kamil)
    Belvin's camel Plus
    the name Belvin has given Hakam's pack camel Plus
    Malick of Darromar's magical weasel familiar Plus
    Oma al Catahras's magical black cat familiar
    Shrodinjer Btn_edit
    Mythlos' magical toad familiar Plus
  • antagonistsSpacer
    Samber (the Maker)
    an enigmatic magician the gods wish the party to stop Plus
  • companionsSpacer
    a bard and companion of the adventurers Plus
    Nargroth Kilmander (Nargroth) (Kilmander)
    a half-orc and companion of the adventurers Minus
    Nargroth Kilmander is a seven-foot-tall, 300-lb., dark-haired half-orc who adventured with Szordrin Dundragon and companions for a time.

    Nargroth Kilmander grew up in the Savage Frontier. Unlike most half-orcs, he was raised in a loving family. His father, an Uthgardt barbarian of the Black Lion tribe, fell in love with his mother, an orc, and she came to live among the humans. For this, his father was ostracized.

    The Black Lion tribe is one of the least traditional of the Uthgardt tribes, worshiping members of the Faerûnian pantheon as opposed to aspects of Uthgard. Nargroth, like his father, has chosen Ilmater, the god of long-suffering, as his patron, because of the suffering he has endured from racism against his kind.

    His mother had taught him to read, and from a young age, he delighted in books about dungeoneers and adventurers in the Planes. She gifted her own father's magical double axe to her son.

    His father had taught him how to cook, and for this skill, he was hired aboard The Daisy, a merchant ship captained by the halfling Ombert Stronghull. It was on board The Daisy that he first met Szordrin and later the other adventurers, joining them in their adventure through the jungles of Chult and to Samber's island.

    When most of the party were exiled by Samber, Nargroth remained on the island with Jayce and Oma, as he had been helping to repair the damaged Daisy.

    Later, when the crew of The Daisy transferred to crew the Frihet, Nargroth transferred with them, anxious to travel to the stars.
    Oma el Catahras (Oma) (Oma yr Raisa el Catahras)
    a teen-aged Calishite woman who was hired by Jayce Plus
  • oraclesSpacer
    a druidic oracle formerly living in the jungles of Chult Plus
  • sailors: FrihetSpacer
    Ombert Stronghull (Ombert) (Captain Stronghull)
    the halfling captain of The Daisy and the Frihet Plus