Michaela Dunleavy

User: Julia
Gender: Other
Role: Other
Michaela is short, just 4'8" tall, with the dark black hair and eyes of her mother. She has a dark brown skin tone that most in the Isles would think came from being outdoors all the time. However, it's not a tan, but her Aegyrian mother's skin tone blending in with her father's pale one.

She tends to be unnoticed, being short and quiet, but when there is a need to be vocal, she becomes quite commanding and insistent.
Born in Telart to Conlon Dunleavy and Elspeth Nazari, Kaela had a cosmopolitan upbringing until she was 12, whereupon her father left her mother and whisked her back to the Tanyth Raoc (aka the Pirate Isles), to be raised in what he considered a "proper" environment. Elspeth freely let them go, as she was never the "mothering" type, and had been disappointed when Kaela showed more of a clerical bent rather than following her mother's sorceress ways.

Kaela can be a diplomat when called for, as she got a lot of practice while watching her parents fight, and stepping in right before it got too serious, interrupting them and mediating a settlement.

Her calling to be a cleric of the Grey Mage started early, during her time spent in Telart. She was about to start apprenticing at the temple when her father removed her from the city, but she maintained studies via correspondence with the temple divines and pouring over any books she could find about magic and divinity in the keep.