"Shael vuk..."
User: Katherine
Campaign: Orcus Rising
Race: Gnome
Gender: Female
Role: Controller
Class: Druid 16
Badger was born with black hair and nutty brown skin. After the time jump, she emerged from the portal with green hair and golden skin, adorned with tattoos on the face.
Badger's childhood [REDACTED] until she moved in with her aunt, Adelorna Evvie Scheppen. She lived with her aunt in her treehouse during the 25 years of her training.

After she finished she decided to travel the world in order to see all of nature's diversity.

Pookie is Badger's animal companion, Awakened and currently in charge of Badger's grove, Pookie is spending his time in deep contemplation of his life and his purpose. And keeping an eye on the chickens.

Badger has gone through many trials in the past year - from near death experiences, to watching companions die, and having her beliefs shaken by the revelation that Inan, a trusted companion, was a necromancer.

Suffering through Inan's death, learning the awful truth about Egino, and being slapped with the fact that her previously forgotten sister hated her enough to want to kill her has made a huge impact on her previously silly personality.