User: Tyler
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Liam was born into privilege on Londinium, where he attended medical school. During his time in school, he also trained and became a semi-professional boxer.

It turned south shortly before the war, when he openly defied orders from the higher ups at his medical center. He never talks about what exactly happened, or why it pissed the government off so much, but suffice to say he had to get out of the core.

He worked during the war patching up browncoats, and trying to keep his head down.
Attributes (48+2):
Strength 1d10
Agility 1d8
Vitality 1d8
Intelligence 1d10
Willpower 1d6
Alertness 1d8

Derived Attributes
Initiative 1d8+1d8
Lifepool 16
Endurance d8+d6
Resistance d8+d6

Skills (68):
Athletics- d6
  • Dodge- d8
Discipline- 1d4
Guns- 1d2
Knowledge- 1d4
Linguist- d6
Medical Expertise- 1d6
  • Surgery- d12
  • General Practice- d8
  • Pharmacology- d8
Melee Weapons- 1d6
  • Swords- d12
Perception- 1d6
  • Investigation- d8
Scientific Expertise- 1d6
  • Life Sciences- d8

Cortex Specter(Minor)
Fightin' Type(Major)
Tough As Nails(Minor)
Things Go Smooth(Minor)

Chip on the Shoulder(major)
Phobia- Heights(minor)

(See Loot Section)