Tarnus Kerthal

User: Sean
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Wizard/1
Tarnus Kerthal stands 5'9" with long hazel brown hair, usually in a loose ponytail. No facial hair to be seen, Deep green colored eyes, Thin, and his muscle tone is on the lighter side. Normally he wears a sleeveless duster, a larger belt that holds a couple potions of multiple colors, a few scroll tubes, and pouches containing spell components. A Bastard sword sheathed across his back and calve high leather boots.
Tarnus Kerthal was left as baby at The Elven School for wizards the Tower of Stars. The school is located in Celwynvian in the Mierani forest. Two things were left to him, his fathers Bastard Sword and a locket with a picture of his parents. Growing up at the school he was able to develop his skills as a wizard as well his crafting skills. While being there since he was a child hes never really felt at home and was never really close to anyone. Leaving the tower one day to acquire some herbs from the forest while being escorted by eleven rangers they were attacked. As the fight escalated and getting injured he ran as fast as he could then final tripping over a root falling unconscious after he hits the ground. Awakening to find himself in a caravan with a woman taking care of his wounds.