User: Ricky
Campaign: Orcus Rising
Race: Mountain Dwarf
Gender: Male
Role: Controller
Class: Sorcerer 19
Before committing himself to Bahamut and undertaking the Rite of Rebirth, Vrak was a mountain dwarf named Inan Shadowforger, a life and identity he left behind.

He has brown scaled skin and in the place of head hair, he possesses semi-flexible, cartilage-based scalp crests. His eyes are an unnaturally bright green. He weighs 192 pounds and stands at 4'2".

He calls himself "Vrak Kaegro" for the Draconic words for "child" and "undead" because of his natural ability to harness and manipulate negative energy.
Born and raised far to the west in the dwarven city of Uruz, Vrak was stripped of name and clan after displaying a natural magical talent centered around necromancy, accidentally animating his sister after she was killed by a bugbear. Though his magic saved him and his family, his reputation was forever tainted. Soon after he was banished, his name erased from Dwarven records.

He set on on his own, traveling and honing his natural magical gifts for some time before finally settling in Hardby nearly a decade ago. Most of his time has been spent working on the docks doing odd jobs, until some months ago he started working for a powerful wizard and scholar, Maester Augi of the Royal University in Rel Mord. It was this work relationship that eventually lead to his meeting the Order of Stone. While not an official member, he's been traveling and helping them for several months.

His relationship with his comrades-in-arms has been strained for some time after the revelation of his necromatic abilities, especially with the gnome druid, Badger. Over time most of the group seemed to regard his gifts as helpful tools.

Surprisingly, he even entered into a romantic relationship with Badger.

New wedges have been driven between he and his teammates. First, he was killed just before the others were taken into the past by Drawmij, forcing them to leave him behind. Their relationships survived the changes in the timeline, but upon their return discovered Vrak had very different memories of history. Further, the Arch Duke Dis of Baator has apparently taken ownership of his soul after being forced into a devil's contract, the ramifications of which are completely unknown.
Raised with the underground dwarven clans, Inan has little concept of privacy, and the idea of modesty is about as foreign to him as speaking Infernal.

Inan believes strongly in personal freedom, believing that anything is acceptable as long as it doesn't harm or take away the freedom of others. He has little time or respect for laws, especially those that would impose restrictions for the sake of so-called societal norms. He believes strongly in the idea of choice, judging others based on the actions they take, holding them up against their own so-called belief system. He has little care of patience for those that expect blind obedience, as it's something that's never done him anything but harm.

He especially measures his own necromancy by this notion, believing the act itself not to be any more evil than possessing a sword, as it's the acts you perform with the blade that can be considered good or evil, not the blade itself. Necromancy is but a tool, one he wields well.

He is fiercely loyal, but not blindly so. He believes in good and mercy, but also believes in swift justice against those that wrong the innocent.