Kakita Kasumi

"It's more than a blade. It's your very soul."
User: Zach
Race: Crane
Gender: Female
Class/Level: Kakita Bushi/1
Along the shores of the Crane lands resided a comparatively unwealthy man by the name Kakita Akio. He lived well, respectfully, and maintained the strictest code of honor and tradition. While he was far from a peasant, his means of living would not normally denote one of such respect amongst the Crane clan. Some even wondered if the man stashed his wealth away or secret gambled it. But in truth, he took only what was necessary to sustain life for his family and nothing more.

Akio was a strict student of the ways of the duel. He studied them daily, tried to master the techniques taught by ancestors past. His free time was spent reading and re-reading The Sword, searching for further enlightenment within the pages. This translated into him becoming not only an effective combatant during many border skirmishes, but also gaining notoriety as one of the greatest duelists of his time.

Early in his career he was giving a demonstration, but the audience was restless. They didn't want to be lectured, they wanted their go at challenging this supposed legend. For defeating him would bring great honor, and perhaps even a place in history as one of the very few who would ever defeat Kakita Akio. There were one-hundred and fifty Samurai present. Akio granted their wish, and allowed every single one of them to challenge him to a duel. One by one, he defeated them all with a simple stroke. Due to the educational nature of the course, they used practice weapons instead of blames. Some of the men used this as their excuse for losing. However, none could refute that for a man to defeat so many in a row, in a spectacle that continued through the night and into the next day, is a master of his style. That is, until the one-hundred and fiftieth duel.

Doji Ren was a beautiful woman, known for her way of negotiating in the worst of circumstances. She was not considered a great duelist by any means. She moved before him and entered an unfamiliar stance. Some say she whispered a question to Akio, but no one knows what was uttered. Akio was stunned by her words, and a hint of mischief was in Ren's eyes. She quickly drew her blade and disarmed him, to the applause of the crowd. Shortly thereafter, Ren and Akio were married.

Akio became an instructor at the Kakita Dueling School and taught many students, including Kakita Sakura. He rose to Head Sensei and instructed an entire generation of students. As devoted as he was to the art of the sword, he was also dedicated to his family. Together he and his wife had a child, born the day that a thick mist came in from the ocean. Thus their daughter was named Kasumi.

While Ren would instruct Kasumi in the ways of diplomacy and bureaucracy, Akio would teach his daughter the art of the sword. She would be taught the tenets of Bushido and have them instilled in her through her life. Her parents, knowing their station, anticipated that their daughter would become a great servant to the Empire and achieve wonderful things. And they prepared her fully for such a life.

Akio was growing older, however, and he felt the weariness that comes with age. He functioned as an Ameritus instructor at the school and spent more time with his family, and some traveling and giving general instruction on dueling. While on this travel, he ran into an old war friend who wanted him to relocated to Toshi Ranbo and become the Ruby Champion. He was hesitant about the decision.

Around this time, his daughter was about to attempt her gempukku, as she goes to participate in the Topaz Championship.