Lethamis Lyrkin

User: Josh
Campaign: Orcus Rising
Race: Half-Elf
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Ranger/15
A 5'11" half-elf with jet black hair and glaring red eyes. Slender like most of my kind, but agile and very graceful.
Having left his hometown of Highfolk with his father at the age of three I grew up on a farm. Often leaving the "confines"(as he seen it at the time) he would visit his mentor on the outskirts of Hardby forest he learn his trade of Ranger.
On one adventure my companions and I were traveling through the Misty Marsh. On one of the days on the week long trek to the archaeological site we were set upon by a tiger.( Yes a Tiger). As it happens it was a Were-Tiger. Not knowing this I was unknowingly acquired this disease. One month later under the full moon I then transformed into a white tiger with black stripes and red eyes sealing my fate as a Were-Tiger for the rest of my days.
On one of my many escapades I ran afoul of the Full moon and killed an innocent. Dreading this happening again Inan offered to remove my curse freeing me from the curse!
Has a stupid face.