"I made some good friends... Literally"
User: Emmanuel
Campaign: How Time Flies
Race: Warforged
Gender: Male
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Artificer/5
Standing at 5'6" and 260 lb. This constructs is unlike any other due to it having 5 fingers rather than the usual 3. Created from a strange alloy and having Abyssal Inscriptions on its shoulders and chest this Warforged is indeed unique. Its alloy is a steel color with a mysterious jade colored tint. Its eyes glow a dark blue and has thick tubing behind its skull that seem like dreadlocks from a distance. To cover the Abyssal symbols it always wears some kind of cloak.
Being built by a single tinker loyal to Ioun, it was famous not for being built by a tinker but b/c it was a Mind Flayer. One who left his chaotic kin to further his knowledge of something that infatuated him during the Great War. Isilmorte' being his name was always curious of surface dwellers and observed many battles. He watched as surface dwellers build machines and as the years passed also noticed how these constructs became more advanced, more agile, more intelligent and most of all, sentient. This overwhelmed Isilmorte'. One night he infiltrated a human factory looking for food. Be it the will of the gods or shear luck, Isilmorte' found a prized jewel (not knowing). A man by the name of Whistler Grothwell. Whistler was a lead scientist in the Warforged Projects. Somehow eating this mans brain gave Isilmorte' full knowledge of the construction and mechanics of the warforged. Thinking that this was a gift from the gods, as well as a sign, Isilmorte' decided that night that his life goal was to create the perfect Warforged, so perfect that it itself may be a god one day and these warriors of steel man have a hero.

Over the years Isilmorte' spent day and night in isolation creating his dream. Over time he learned that it may also be possible to fuse his own entity to this steel beast. Making himself an immortal and finally ridding himself of the weakness of having the need for brain. Harvesting His own materials in deep water caves that normal surface dwellers never could, and creating his own parts. This Warforged was fully personalized and unique.

10 years Passed in the creation of the construct and Isilmorte' is beginning to realize his dream has a flaw. It cannot be an icon and hero to its kin, if its true entity is of illithid. As much as immortality would be grand, it would be for nothing if his one dream cannot be fulfilled. Needing an answer Isilmotre' turned to Ioun the god of Knowledge for guidance. In a quiet night of sleep he had a dream or prophacy some may say. Isilmorte' needed a spark of divinity to create life in the construct, this spark would be blessed by Ioan under the condition that Isilmorte' let it be and learn the world on its own. On the final day of construction, Isilmorte' began the ritual and before the sentiant could fully awaken he slipped away into the night knowing that one day faith will show him how his creation has surpassed man.

the Steel was born but confused. Born in a plain it had no sense of direction. beginning to walk it happened upon a camp of fleshbags and instantly subdued by a few waiting for it to get near enough. Being in chains was its first experience with fleshbags. Over time they realized that it was no ordinary Warforged and began to trust it. It learned that these fleshbags were a special strike unit for Cyre. One day the unit was attacked by a band of ogre, outnumbered and out matched the unit released the chains on the construct and watched as he single-handedly was able to take down an Ogre. When the battle ended this construct was commended and was released for its contribution. Instead of leaving it instead did something that shocked the unit. It enlisted under the condition that it may stay with the special strike unit who it considers its first family.

The Unit was curious of this creator, not only because it was a warforged but one who was unique and not created in a Cyre workshop. Its Ghulra being very similar to that of Ioun, soldiers gave it the name "16" after the 16 original Ioun stones. Over time this name grew close to 16 and it began to learn everything it could about anything and everything. through this path 16 became curious of its own mechanics and this is how it began its path of artificer.

When Cyre fell, 16 didn't understand why his unit was in mourning. But it knew that its family was sad, and whatever made its family sad, made him mad. it wants it family happy again and will punish those who shame them.
16 Loves to Play with new and curious objects, it wants to know how things work. This trait gives it the habit to observe its targets movements before attacking. It acts like everything has a mechanism and constantly wants to discover why these things happen (such as "why a person cries"). May of 16's comrades joke that it will be the first construct to construct its own kind and it agrees, but only after it plays its part in this war.

Male Warforged Artificer
Level 5
Unaligned (Lawful)
Representing Emmanuel